Joel Garreau

Journalist, The Garreau Group

Human Nature
49 minutes, 22.6mb, recorded 2004-10-21
Joel Garreau
"Are we fundamentally changing human nature in our lifetime?" Joel Garreau thinks that yes we will be...over the next twenty years. What's driving this? He goes into great depth on Moore's Law and later on, Metcalfe's Law, which he received brownie points from Bob at the end of his session. He talks about technologies, how they are now aimed inward and gives a number of s curve examples. [Renee Blodgett]

Joel Garreau blasted into national prominence in 1981 with the publication of his first book, The Nine Nations of North America. The book became a best seller and still is used today as the benchmark work on regional distinctions in North America. Nine Nations marked the start of what for Joel has become a lifelong obsession: To learn about Americans � who they are, how they got that way and what makes them tick.

Edge City: Life on the New Frontier, which redefines modern cities, so radically different from the old downtowns, was published to international acclaim ten years later. With this work, Joel found himself propelled into the world of scenario planning. Aligned with the prestigious Global Business Network, Joel has made a career out of defining Americans and anticipating their future � and that of all citizens of the world.

Now working on his new book, Joel offers his keen eye and unique perspective in Our New Selves: The Future of Human Nature.

Joel has made more than 1,000 television and radio appearances internationally. He has established a solid reputation as a compelling public speaker who prods his listeners into seeing world events and trends in a whole new light.

Joel Garreau is a writer for The Washington Post in Washington DC, president of his company, The Garreau Group, a member of the Global Business Network and senior fellow in the graduate schools of George Mason University and the University of California, Berkeley. He writes and consults from his Virginia home, which he shares with his wife and two daughters.

This recording also includes the Q&A for the presentations by Malcolm Gladwell and Frans de Waal.

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This presentation is one of many from the IT Conversations archives of Pop!Tech 2004 held in Camden, Maine, October 21-23, 2004.

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