Broadband Life

55 minutes, 19.1mb, recorded 2004-06-25
There are now more than 25 million high-speed Internet subscribers in the US. Millions of customers in Asia enjoy broadband connections at 10 megabits or greater. Yet the promise of the broadband home as a networked hub for compelling media and computing experiences remains elusive. What are the killer applications, devices, standards, and interfaces that will make broadband more than just a faster way to surf the Web? And once it arrives, how will the broadband home shift industry dynamics and user behavior? The panel includes:

Shawn Hardin, SeniorVP, Broadband, America Online,Inc.
Joanna Rees Gallanter, Managing Partner, Venture Strategy Partners
Rob Reid, VP Strategic Development, Real Networks
Keith Teare, CEO, Santa Cruz Networks

This panel presentation and others were recorded at Supernova 2004.

This free podcast is from our Supernova series.