The Gillmor Gang

May 14, 2004
50 minutes, 17.5mb, recorded 2004-05-14

Steve Gillmor

Contributing Editor, eWeek
Editor, eWeek's Messaging and Collaboration Center

Doc Searls

Senior Editor, Linux Journal
Co-Author, The Cluetrain Manifesto

Michael Vizard

Editor-in-Chief, CRN Magazine

Dana Gardner

Senior Analyst, Applications Infrastructire and Software Platforms, The Yankee Group

Jon Udell

Lead Analyst, InfoWorld Test Center
Columnist, The O'Reilly Network

Some of the topics discussed in this premiere edition of The Gillmor Gang:

  • Mesh networks: What are the applications? (Doc has a "mess" network at home.)
  • Can IBM survive their second 100 years?
  • How has JBoss affected the application-server market?
  • Must IT be strategic for every company?
  • How does open source support do-it-yourself (DIY) IT?
  • Web services: success or disappointment?
  • How are Internet businesses changing IT?
    • Amazon's web services generate more revenue than expected.
    • Google reinvented search and advertising, but what's their real business?
    • How do these companies leverage their customers?
  • How do the strategies of one company force strategic changes by their competitors?
    • pricing? componentization? licensing?
  • Sun and Microsoft: an alliance or just d√©tente?

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