Bart Feder

CEO, FeedRoom

Web Talk
38 minutes, 17.5mb, recorded 2005-05-04
Bart Feder
Rob Greenlee, host of Web Talk, speaks with Bart Feder, President and CEO of FeedRoom. Feder tells us about the current FeedRoom operations and the changes the company has gone through since it began five years ago.

The FeedRoom is one of the Internet's largest profitable streamer with over 1 million streams per day. Bart explains the FeedRoom vision for future major media video distribution platforms via download and streaming to PCs and mobile devices. Bart also explains how the FeedRoom works with a growing list of major corporations and media networks like NBC to take video online and make money from the content. He also talks about how he sees digital video changing the way we consume TV-like content and how spot advertising is sold against the millions of streams the FeedRoom delivers every day.

The FeedRoom was co-founded by Jon Klein, who is now the President of CNN North America. Klein turned over the company to longtime FeedRoom Executive Bart Feder after four years of operation.

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Bart Feder, President and CEO of has been a media executive for many years and prior to joining The FeedRoom in June 2000, Mr. Feder served as the News Director for WABC-TV in New York. With over 25 years of experience in broadcast management and production, Bart received numerous local and national journalism awards including the prestigious DuPont-Columbia Silver Baton in 1998. Previously, Bart served as News Director for network-affiliated stations in Boston, Sacramento and Jacksonville.

Before entering news management in 1986, Bart was a newscast and specials producer in New York and Boston and received several Emmy and Associated Press Awards and an International Film and Television Festival of New York Gold Medal for Newscast Production.

FeedRoom clients include Wal-Mart, General Motors, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, NBC Universal, USA Today, Reuters, McGraw-Hill, and The Pentagon Channel already use The FeedRoom's broadband video products to communicate with the media, consumers, partners, investors, and other key stakeholders.

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