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Takeaway: The Where 2.0 Application
32 minutes, 14.7mb, recorded 2005-06-29
Tim O'Reilly
Innovation on the Internet is being driven from by its leading hackers - or "Alpha Geeks" as Tim O'Reilly calls them. A new user-evolved, collaborative platform is emerging. The power of this new "Web 2.0" derives from many small pieces loosely coupled together.

Tim suggests that the combination of Google Maps and craigslist is the first true Web 2.0 application. Built from two cooperating web sites, an independent developer has created original functionality that improves on the individual components.

The focus of this talk, in keeping with the rest of the Where 2.0 conference organized by O'Reilly Media, is on the "Where 2.0 subsystem of the Web 2.0 operating system." Users are creating a wide range of potentially useful applications from geo-enabled web services and this bubbling creativity is energizing the development of the new Web 2.0 platform.

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Tim O'Reilly is founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, Inc., thought by many to be the world's best computer book publisher. In addition to publishing pioneering books like Ed Krol's The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog (selected by the New York Public Library as one of the most significant books of the twentieth century), O'Reilly has also been a pioneer in the popularization of the Internet. O'Reilly's Global Network Navigator site (GNN, which was sold to America Online in September 1995) was the first Web portal and the first true commercial site on the World Wide Web.


This presentation is one of a series from the Where 2.0 Event held in Westin St. Francis, San Francisco, June 29-30, 2005.

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