Science Video Vignettes

Super Proteins and the Power of Self-Assembly
This video describes the Montclare lab research efforts to fabricate nano-scaled self-assembling proteins as materials. It focuses on the use of bacteria as the synthetic powerhouse for soft materials synthesis and features the self-assembly behavior of these biologically-inspired materials for potential use in therapeutic delivery and regenerative medicine.

Exploring the BioBus
Come explore the BioBus! The BioBus is a mobile laboratory that travels all over New York City and around the country, bringing hands-on science eduation to the students that need it most.

This video also features MRSEC Investigator, Professor Jasna Brujic. Can you guess how many gumballs are in the jar? Professor Brujic shows how the physics of particles and packing can tell us exactly how many!

Fun with Photonics
Physicists Professors David Grier and Dr. Paul Chaikin explain how photonics work -- and why physics is better than magic!