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Newsletter Archives

The Pew Forum publishes a weekly newsletter highlighting new, original content. It also includes the week's top headlines related to religion and public life, plus information on public opinion reports and other resources. The newsletter is published on Thursday mornings.

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July 25: "Utah Mormons Celebrate Pioneer Day" 

July 18: "Brazil's Changing Religious Landscape" 

July 11: "Most Muslims Say They Fast During Ramadan" 

July 3: "Growth of the Nonreligious: Many Say Trend is Bad for American Society" 

June 27: "High Court Strikes Down DOMA but Leaves Fate of Proposition 8 Uncertain" 

June 20: "Arab Spring Adds to Global Restrictions on Religion" 

June 13: "Iranians' Views Mixed on Political Role for Religious Figures" 

June 6: "Changing Attitudes and State Policies on Same-Sex Marriage" 

May 31: "Among Muslims, Internet Use Linked to Views of Western Culture" 

May 23: "Federal Appeals Case Brings Contraception Coverage Mandate Back Into Spotlight" 

May 17: "The Religious Affiliation of U.S. Immigrants" 

May 10: "Pakistani Views on Religion and Politics as Election Nears" 

May 2: "The World's Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society" 

April 25: "Concerns About Religious Extremism in Boston Bombings Suspects' Homelands" 

April 18: "Gay Marriage Around the World"  

April 11: "Applying God's Law: Religious Courts and Mediation in the U.S." 

April 4: "U.S. Catholics Express Favorable View of Pope Francis" 

March 28: "U.S. Christians' Views on the Return of Christ" 

March 21: "High Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases" 

March 14: "Conclave Elects Pope Francis" 

March 7: "Views of the Catholic Church Today" 

Feb. 28: "U.S. Catholics: Key Data from Pew Research" 

Feb. 21: "U.S. Catholics Divided On Church's Direction Under New Pope" 

Feb. 14: "Illinois Senate to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Bill" 

Feb. 7: "The Contraception Mandate and Religious Liberty" 

Jan. 31: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

Jan. 24: "Public Opinion on Abortion and Roe v. Wade" 

Jan. 17: "Roe v. Wade at 40: Most Oppose Overturning Abortion Decision" 

Jan. 10: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

Jan. 4: "The Religious Composition of the Newly Sworn-in Congress" 

Dec. 20: "The Global Religious Landscape" 

Dec. 14: "Impact of America's "Mormon Moment" 

Dec. 7 (Special Edition):  "U.S. Supreme Court to Review Gay Marriage Cases" 

Dec. 7: "Election 2012 Post Mortem: White Evangelicals and Support for Romney"  

Nov. 29: "Laws Penalizing Blasphemy, Apostasy and Defamation of Religion are Widespread" 

Nov. 16: "Faith on the Hill: The Religious Composition of the 113th Congress"  

Nov. 8: "How the Faithful Voted in 2012" 

Nov. 1: "Political Discussion From the Pulpit"  

Oct. 25: "Annual Pilgrimage to Mecca Underway" 

Oct. 18: "Latinos, Religion and Campaign 2012" 

Oct. 11: "The Catholic 'Swing' Vote"  

Oct. 4: "Preaching Politics From the Pulpit"  

Sept. 27: "Interactive Map: Controversies Over Mosques and Islamic Centers Across the U.S." 

Sept. 20: "Rising Tide of Restrictions on Religion; Election 2012: Trends in Voter Preference Among Religious Groups" 

Sept. 13: "Paul Ryan's Religious Biography; Catholics in Lebanon" 

Sept. 6: "New Slideshow: Religion and the Political Parties" 

Aug. 30: "Romney and Ryan's Religious Biographies"  

Aug. 23: "The Complicated Politics of Abortion"  

Aug. 16: "2012 Candidates' Religious Biographies"  

Aug. 9: "The World's Muslims: Unity and Diversity"  

Aug. 2: "Catholics Share Bishops' Concerns about Religious Liberty; Two-Thirds of Democrats Now Support Gay Marriage" 

July 26: "New Survey: Little Voter Discomfort with Romney's Mormon Religion; Only About Half Identify Obama as Christian" 

July 19: "New Survey Report: Asian Americans: A Mosaic of Faiths" 

July 12: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week"  

July 5: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

June 28: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

June 21: "June Poll: Candidate Preference by Religious Group" 

June 14: "Prayer and School Graduations"  

June 7: "Candidate Preference by Religious Group

May 31: "Same-Sex Marriage Debate Continues Across U.S."  

May 24: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

May 17: "Half Say View of Obama Not Affected by Gay Marriage Decision" 

May 10: "The Same-Sex Marriage Debate: Pew Forum Resources"  

May 3: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

April 26: "Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage" 

April 19: "General Election Preferences by Religious Group" 

April 12: "Religion in Prisons: Event Transcript" 

April 5: "Religion and the 2012 Republican Primaries: Maryland and Wisconsin" 

March 29: "Religion and the 2012 Louisiana Republican Primary"  

March 22: "Watch the LIVE Webcast Release: Religion in Prisons: A 50-State Survey of Prison Chaplains"  

March 15: "Religion and the 2012 Republican Primaries: Alabama and Mississippi" 

March 8: "Faith on the Move: The Religious Affiliation of International Migrants" 

March 1: "Catholics in Mexico and Cuba; Religion and the GOP Primaries in Arizona and Michigan" 

Feb. 23: "Religion in the News: Islam and Politics Dominate Religion Coverage in 2011" 

Feb. 16: "Religion and the Presidential Campaign: February Update" 

Feb. 9: "Religion and Attitudes Toward Same-Sex Marriage" 

Feb. 2: "Religion and the 2012 Florida Republican Primary" 

Jan. 26: "Religion and the 2012 South Carolina Republican Primary" 

Jan. 19: "Religion and the Presidential Campaign: January Update" 

Jan. 12: "Mormons in America: Certain in Their Beliefs, Uncertain of Their Place in Society" 

Jan. 5: "Religion and the 2012 Iowa Republican Caucuses" 

Dec. 21: "Global Christianity"  

Dec. 15: "Religious Holiday Displays and the Courts" 

Dec. 8: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

Dec. 1: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

Nov. 23: "Romney's Mormon Faith Likely a Factor in Primaries, Not in General Election" 

Nov. 17: "The American-Western European Values Gap" 

Nov.10: "Religion & Politics 2012: Candidate Profiles and Early Polling" 

Nov. 3: "Generation Gap in Religious Affiliation, Views on Same-Sex Marriage" 

Oct. 27: "Resources on Mormonism and the LDS Church in America" 

Oct. 20: "Top Religion Headlines This Week" 

Oct. 13: "Top Religion Headlines This Week" 

Oct. 6: "Post-9/11 Veterans More Likely to be Unaffiliated Than Older Veterans, General Public" 

Sept. 29: "Top Religion Headlines This Week" 

Sept. 22: "Supreme Court Takes Up Church Employment Disputes; Views of Capital Punishment" 

Sept. 15: "Being Muslim in the U.S.: More difficult since 9/11" 

Sept. 8: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

Sept. 1: "Muslim American Attitudes: No Signs of More Alienation, Or Support for Extremism" 

Aug. 25: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

Aug. 18: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

Aug. 11: "Rising Restrictions on Religion" 

Aug. 4: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

July 28: "How many Americans know what Ramadan is?" 

July 21: "Vatican appoints new Philadelphia archbishop" 

July 14: "How many Americans know the Dalai Lama's religion?" 

July 7: "Top Religion Headlines This Week" 

June 30: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

June 23: "Global Survey of Evangelical Protestant Leaders"  

June 16: "Pew Forum Senior Researcher Testifies on International Religious Restrictions" 

June 9: "Graphics Slideshow: Ten Years of Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage" 

June 2: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

May 26: "Obama's Challenge in the Muslim World" 

May 19: "Most Say Homosexuality Should Be Accepted By Society" 

May 12: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week"  

May 5: "National Day of Prayer" 

April 28: "Egyptians' Views on Fundamentalism, Support for Religious-Based Laws" 

April 21: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

April 14: "Top 10 Religion Headlines This Week" 

April 7: "Supreme Court Ruling in Arizona Voucher Cases" 

March 31: "The Legal Status of Religious Organizations in Civil Lawsuits"  

March 24: "Top Ten Religion Headlines This Week" 

March 17: "Tensions Between Rights of Conscience and Civil Rights" 

March 10: "Continuing Divide in Views of Islam and Violence"  

March 4: "Resources on the Future of the Global Muslim Population" 

Feb. 24: "The Tea Party and Religion" 

Feb. 17: "How Many Christians Are There in Egypt?" 

Feb. 10: "Event Transcript: New Pew Forum Report Projects Global Muslim Population to 2030" 

Feb. 3: "Pew Research Center Resources on Egypt" 

Jan. 27: "NEW REPORT: The Future of the Global Muslim Population"

Jan. 20: "Views of Gun Control: A Detailed Demographic Breakdown" 

Jan. 13: "Religion Headlines and More" 

Jan. 6: "Religious Composition of the 112th Congress" 

Dec. 16: "Religion Headlines and More" 

Dec. 9: "Religion News and More" 

Dec. 3: "New Poll: Most Americans Continue to Favor Gays Serving Openly in Military" 

Nov. 24: "Prop. 8 on Trial; Midterm Elections Renew Same-Sex Marriage Debate" 

Nov. 18: "Did Religion-Related Campaign Ad Backfire in Kentucky U.S. Senate Race?" 

Nov. 11: "Post-Election Analysis: Politics in the Pulpit" 

Nov. 4: "Religion in the 2010 Election: A Preliminary Analysis" 

Oct. 29: "Can Civilization Survive Without God? A Conversation with Christopher and Peter Hitchens" 

Oct. 21: "Pre-Election Analysis: Politics in the Pulpit" 

Oct. 14: "Most Amercians Say Lawmakers Should Be Religious" 

Oct. 7: "New Poll: Support For Same-Sex Marriage Edges Upward" 

Sept. 30: "New Survey: How Much Do Americans Know About Religion?" 

Sept. 24: "Interactive Map: Controversies Over Mosques and Islamic Centers in the U.S." 

Sept. 17: "New Report: Muslim Networks and Movements in Western Europe" 

Sept. 9: "Arizona Politics Get 'Dirty': Ben Quayle's Website Controversy"  

Sept. 2: "Obama's Middle East Negotiations" 

Aug. 26: "Public Remains Conflicted Over Islam" 

Aug. 19: "Growing Number of Americans Say Obama is a Muslim" 

Aug. 12: "New Pew Forum Resource Page: Religion & Politics 2010" 

Aug. 5: "Federal Court Strikes Down Calif. Same-Sex Marriage Ban" 

July 29: "Religion Headlines and More"  

July 22: "Religion Headlines and More" 

July 15: "Widespread Support For Banning Full Islamic Veil in France; Pew Forum Resources on Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal" 

July 8: "Religion Headlines and More" 

July 1: "High Court Rules Against Campus Christian Group" 

June 24: "The Future of Religion in America" 

June 17: "Media Coverage of the Clergy Abuse Scandal; Limited Support for Extremism Among Muslims Worldwide" 

June 10: "Religion Headlines and More" 

June 3: "Tensions Between Rights of Conscience and Civil Rights; Resources on Pope Benedict XVI" 

May 27: "Religion Headlines and More" 

May 20: "Religion Headlines and More" 

May 13: "A Conversation With Tariq Ramadan; Cross Stolen From Mojave Desert" 

May 7: "Prayer and School Graduations" 

April 29: "High Court Decision in Salazar v. Buono" 

April 22: "Prayer in America; Journalists and Pew Forum Experts Probe New Survey Findings"    

April 15: "Tolerance and Tension: Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa"   

April 8: "Christian Legal Society v. Martinez; Criticism of Pope's Handling of Sex Abuse Scandal" 

April 1: "Religion Headlines and More" 

March 25: "Religion in the News: 2009" 

March 19: "Religion Headlines and More" 

March 11: "Religion Headlines and More"  

March 4: "Not Enough Religion News Coverage, Americans Say"  

Feb. 25: "Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change."  

Feb. 18: "Religion Among Millennials"  

Feb. 12: "Religion Headlines and More" 

Feb. 4: "Most Americans Favor Gays Serving Openly in the Military" 

Jan. 28: "A Brief History of Religion and the U.S. Census" 

Jan. 21: "Pew Forum Resources on Abortion Debate" 

Jan. 14: "Pew Forum Resources on Gay Marriage Debate" 

Jan. 7: "Global Restrictions on Religion Event Transcript" 

Dec. 17: "Global Restrictions on Religion" 

Dec. 10: "Many Americans Mix Multiple Faiths" 

Dec. 3: "GOP Seen as Friendlier to Religion Than Democrats" 

Nov. 12: "Religion Headlines and More" 

Nov. 5: "Special Report: Religion and Science" 

Oct. 29: "The 'Zeal of the Convert': Is It the Real Deal?" 

Oct. 22: "Religion Headlines and More" 

Oct. 15: "Majority Continues To Support Civil Unions" 

Oct. 8: "Mapping the Global Muslim Population" 

Oct. 2: "Pew Forum Poll: Support for Abortion Slips" 

Sept. 24: "The Supreme Court and Government-Sponsored Religious Displays" 

Sept. 17: "Religion Headlines and More" 

Sept. 10: "Muslims Widely Seen as Facing Discrimination" 

Sept. 3: "Faith Healing and the Law" 

Aug. 27: "Religion Headlines and More" 

Aug. 20: "The President's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships" 

Aug. 13: "Media Coverage of the Faith-Based Initiative" 

Aug. 6: "Top Religion Headlines" 

July 30: "Religion Headlines and More" 

July 24: "A Religious Portrait of Mormons in the U.S." 

July 16: "Resources on Mormonism" 

July 9: "Obama Chooses Francis Collins To Head NIH: Resources on Faith and Science" 

July 2: "Resources on Pope Benedict XVI and Catholicism"  

June 25: "Government Partnerships With Faith-Based Organizations: Looking Back, Moving Forward" 

June 18: "Religion and Science: Conflict or Harmony?" 

June 11: "Taking Stock of the Faith-Based Initiative" 

June 4: "Obama Reaches Out to Muslim Countries" 

May 28: "Resources on the Gay Marriage Debate" 

May 21: "Gay Marriage and the Free Exercise of Religion" 

May 14: "New Report Explores Government Funding of Religion" 

May 7: "Religion Headlines and More" 

April 30: "New Poll: Obama, Catholics and Notre Dame" 

April 23: "Religion in South Africa 15 Years After Apartheid" 

April 16: "Religious Groups' Views on Global Warming"  

April 9: "Christians' Views on the Return of Christ"  

April 2: "Only 24% of Nonbelievers Call Themselves Atheists"  

March 26: "Archbishop Outlines Political Obligations of Catholics"  

March 19: "Pope's Visit No. 1 Religion Story of 2008"  

March 12: "Are Bad Times Good for Churches?"  

March 6: "Could the Stimulus Package Restrict Religious Activity on Campus?" 

Feb. 26: "Spiritually Speaking, Women Are the Stronger Sex"  

Feb. 19: "Religion Headlines and More"  

Feb. 12: "Cupid's Arrow Often Hits People of Different Faiths" 

Feb. 4: "Faith-Based Hiring and the Obama Administration" 

Jan. 30: "A Religious Portrait of African-Americans" 

Jan. 22: "Roe v. Wade: 36 Years of Controversy" 

Jan. 15: "Religion and the Presidency" 

Jan. 8: "America and Islam After Bush" 

Dec. 19: "The Religious Makeup of the New Congress"  

Dec. 11: "Being Good for Goodness' Sake?"  

Dec. 4: "American Muslims and Pilgrimage"  

Nov. 20: "How the News Media Covered Religion in the General Election"  

Nov. 13: "Churches Less Active in '08 Elections"  

Nov. 6: "How the Faithful Voted" 

Oct. 31: "Will Obama Win the White Catholic Vote?"  

Oct. 23: "Tracking the Religious Vote"  

Oct. 16: "Promoting Religious Freedom Through Foreign Policy"  

Oct. 9: "Will the Culture War Matter on Election Day?"  

Oct. 2: "Americans Wary of Church Involvement in Partisan Politics" 

Sept. 26: "The Faith-Based Initiative After Bush"  

Sept. 19: "Slight, Steady Majority Favors Keeping Abortion Legal" 

Sept. 12: "Palin Nomination Puts Spotlight on Pentecostals"  

Sept. 5: "Sarah Palin: Religious Bio, Issues, More" 

Aug. 28: "Joe Biden: Religious Bio, Issues, More"  

Aug. 21: "New Survey: More Americans Question Religion's Role in Politics"  

Aug. 15: "The Purpose Driven Campaign: The Candidates' Forum With Rick Warren"  

Aug. 7: "New Candidate Bios and State Profiles"  

July 31: "Religion & Politics '08 Updates"  

July 24: "The Blaine Game: Controversy Over Public Funding of Religion"  

July 17: "McCain’s Lead Among Evangelicals Smaller Than Bush’s in ’04" 

July 10: "Media Coverage of Religion in the '08 Campaign" 

July 3: "Accommodating Faith in the Military" 

June 26: "Survey: Religious Beliefs and Practices in America"  

June 20: "Anglicanism at a Crossroads" 

June 12: "Courts Will Decide Church Property Disputes" 

June 5: "Assessing a More Prominent 'Religious Left'"  

May 29: "The New American Evangelicalism" 

May 22: "How Our Brains Are Wired for Belief" 

May 15: "The Plight of Iraq's Religious Minorities" 

May 8: "Pope's Image Improves Following U.S. Visit"  

May 1: "Religion and Progressive Politics in 2008" 

April 25: "Does Obama Have a Problem Among Catholic Voters?" 

April 17: "The 'Evidence for Belief': A Q&A with Francis Collins" 

April 11: "Special Report: The Same-Sex Marriage Debate" 

April 4: "Pope Largely Unknown to Many Americans" 

March 27: "A Survey-Based Portrait of U.S. Catholics" 

March 20: "The United Church of Christ - A Demographic Portrait" 

March 13: "Bridging the 'God Gap' in 2008" 

March 7: "Q&A: Religion and the Remaining Primaries" 

Feb. 28: "Explore Religion in America with New Online Tools" 

Feb. 21: "Major U.S. Religion Survey to be Released Monday" 

Feb. 14: "Q&A: Religion and Spirituality of College Students" 

Feb. 08: "Does McCain Need Evangelical Voters?" 

Jan. 31: "The Impact of Personal Faith on Candidate Image" 

Jan. 24: "Will Evangelical Voters Rally Around a Single Candidate in 2008? 

Jan. 17: "Religion and Politics in Nevada and South Carolina" 

Jan. 10: "The Religion Factor in the 2008 Election" 

Dec. 20: "Special Report: Reconsidering the Death Penalty" 

Dec.13: "Religion and the Election: 11 Key States" 

Dec. 6: "How the Public Perceives Romney, Mormons" 

Nov. 29: "Video: Michael Gerson on 'Heroic Conservatism'" 

Nov. 15: "Resources for Pope's Visit to U.S." 

Nov. 8: "John Kerry Discusses Faith and Politics"  

Nov. 1: "What's Eating Turkey?" 

Oct. 25: "Evangelicals and the Public Square" 

Oct. 18: "Survey Analysis: GOP Social-Issue Voters" 

Oct. 11: "New Analysis: Ten Years of ‘Death with Dignity’" 

Oct. 4: "Young White Evangelicals Move Away from GOP" 

Sept. 27: "New Poll: Views on Mormonism, Islam, Pope" 

Sept. 20: "Religion Headlines" 

Sept.13: "Fifty Years With 'God' on U.S. Dollars" 

Sept. 6: "New Poll Finds Religion Not Proving to Be a Clear-Cut Positive in '08 Campaign" 

Aug. 30: "How the Public Resolves Conflicts Between Faith and Science" 

July 26: "Support for Suicide Bombing Drops in Five Muslim Countries" 

July 19: "Gay Marriage Around the World" 

July 12: "How Muslims Compare With Other Religious Americans" 

July 5: "New Religion & Politics ’08 Profiles: Chris Dodd and Fred Thompson" 

June 28: "Legal Backgrounder: Religious Displays and the Courts" 

June 21: "New Analysis of Candidates' Support Among Religious Groups" 

June 14: "A Conversation with Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee" 

June 7: "¡Here Come 'Los Evangélicos'!"