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Bloons TD5 Deluxe – Now live!

14. August 2012


Today is a big day for Ninja Kiwi as we finally let Bloons TD5 Deluxe loose. The world will ring loud with the sound of collective jaw dropping and eyebrow raising and little gasps as – those who pre-ordered, and those who simply cannot click BUY NOW fast enough open this lovely little digital package. [...]

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Cursed Treasure Anyone? On iPad Now!

10. December 2011


We like great tower defense whether we make it or not, so when we had a chance to work with Iriysoft to make the definitive version of Cursed Treasure for iPad, we were happy to do it. We’ve been working with them for several months and now Cursed Treasure iPad is now available on the [...]

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Ninja Kiwi’s latest for your iPhone/iPod – Exteme Tilt Snowboarding

6. December 2011


Ready for winter snow holidays? Ready to carve some fresh powder and catch some air? Live nowhere near snow or can’t afford all the crap you have to buy to go snowboarding? Well the best answer to all those questions is right here: Extreme Tilt Snowboarding for iPhone and iPod Touch! This is snowboarding Ninja [...]

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New Game – Brilliant Crystals Punches Up Puzzlers

9. October 2011


While we love making and playing our Tower Defense and Zombie games, for the house that Bloons built puzzlers are always going to be near and dear to our hearts. But in true Ninja Kiwi style we want more from our puzzlers. We want the skill-based, predictive play expected from any good puzzle game, but [...]

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Bloons Tower Defense 4 – New Tower #2

11. September 2011


The Spike Factory is the 2nd new tower added for this year’s updates to the game. The tower works by generating road spikes (or ‘tacks’ as some call them) on the track nearby the tower. This tower is unique in that it isn’t controlled by you – like the mortar tower or the dartling gun, [...]

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Game Slam 2011 Game 3 – Hunt or Die

16. August 2011


Time for the third installment from Game Slam 2011 – Hunt or Die!, by Lee Grey and Simon Armstrong. This little package of pixel-art adventure exploration awesomeness stayed very true to Lee and Simon’s original vision for a tight, clean run-jump-shoot game about a prehistoric hunter gathering food. Prehistory was hard times, and in Hunt [...]

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Game Slam 2011 Game 2 – Battle Blocks

9. August 2011


Revealing the second of the four games created during Ninja Kiwi’s Game Slam 2011 – Battle Blocks, by Tosh Baird and Warwick Urquhart. This idea had been simmering in Tosh’s brain for some time, and Game Slam provided the outlet – creating a hybrid of classic puzzle-piece gameplay with hold-the-line tower defense mechanics. Puzzle pieces [...]

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BioGems – a new awesome puzzle game!

7. August 2011


Yeah we know, match -3 games have been done to death. Or have they? That’s what we thought before we checked this game out. It’s kind of like Puzzle Quest or Montezuma only with a more contemporary and fun theme. Lots of abilities, upgrades, gear to get. We highly recommend playing this game.

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Game Slam 2011 Game 1 – Flur

1. August 2011


This weeks Game Slam release is Flur, by Chad Edwards and Derek Wu. In their words “Flur aims to be a progressive casual adventure with engaging and nonthreatening gameplay.” Flur is an original arcadey/sandy-boxy floaty sort of dream game. You control a fairy of the same name floating through a boundless space collecting spritelings that [...]

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Aetheron RPG

22. December 2010


Explore the world of Aetheron! For the first time the game is publicly available to all players. You could read my post about the game below, or you could just jump into our Free RPG Game now! The Game Aetheron is a free to play browser-based role playing game with collectible card game play. You [...]

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