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Karen Kelly

I practice shamanic healing including soul and power animal retrieval and extraction work. I also do divinatory journeys for people. Connection to oneself,to others and to the world we live in is both sacred and vital for our well-being. One of the beliefs that shamanic societies all over the world share is that everything is alive,sacred and connected. A lot of my work is focused around issues of restoring a sense of that connection.


Acton W3

Shenoah Taylor

I have been working with shamanism as a spiritual path since 1990. It has helped me to be in the world in a more present,fulfilled and focussed way and with the help of the spirits I support others to find their own way to empowerment,connection and healing.

Within my work I offer many aspects of shamanism including shamanic healing,shamanic counselling,journeying skills,power and soul retrieval,extraction,compassionate deposession,curse unravelling,death and life work (sometimes called psychopomp work),blessings,journeys for others,distance work,ceremonies,groups,and seidr (working with staff and song). I have a strong relationship with shamanic song which is used in much of my work. I also teach basic and advanced workshops.

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Kensal Green NW10 / Islington EC1

Zoë Bran PhD

Zoë discovered Core Shamanism in 1998 after a lifetime of avoiding ‘spiritual shopping’. She now teaches shamanism one-to-one and is an educator,offering talks,courses and workshops of and about shamanism in centres and universities. Zoë trained in Core Shamanism with Jonathan Horwitz of the (Scandinavian) Centre for Shamanic Studies. Core Shamanism has proved vitally important in many aspects of Zoë’s life,from personal healing to a vastly expanded awareness of Nature and the cosmos beyond. Zoë offers healing and shamanic counselling,soul-retrieval and psychopomping – bringing peace to the deceased. She also works shamanically with professional performers to enhance confidence and creativity and with organisations to produce a corporate vision and workplace harmony.

Zoë is currently researching the relation between shamanic consciousness and cognition and exploring contemporary physics and shamanism. An author of seven books and a former Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund,Zoë’s shamanic is a leading Core Shamanic resource and has a worldwide readership.

Telephone:07847 894453

Hampton Hill,Middlesex,TW12

Dhriti Mehra

I found Shamanism in 2003 and I have been working with Shamanism ever since. It has changed my life for the better and continues to do so. Shamanism taught and teaches me more about life and living,about being present in the here and now,about forgiveness and joy,and about how I am connected and part of all Life. I find Shamanism very empowering and trust that those that come to me also feel empowered.

I offer Shamanic Counselling,Soul Retrieval and teach journeying skills on a one to one basis. If there is an area I do not mention that you are interested and would like to discuss,feel free to give me a call.



Telephone:+44 (0)7779228206



Joanna Shipley

“After a widely wandering spiritual journey I found shamanism,and it felt like coming home! I have worked shamanically for over 8 years and offer shamanic healing,soul retrieval,counselling and journeying –or any other way my spirits ask me to work with people! With the CSPC I have recently undertaken research work into shamanism and homoeopathy –understanding and experiencing plant,animal and mineral spirit remedies in a deeper and more connected way. This work continues and I now teach homoeopaths how to work shamanically with remedies,as well as teaching occasional workshops for all. I like to work in a very grounded way,with regular practice in nature,as for me the whole power of shamanism is found in bringing the advice,healing and information given into our ordinary lives in order to live more extraordinarily and with a deeper connection with our Universe.”


Telephone:07811 398642



Macca McCabe

I have been following my shamanic path for the last 15 years,doing most of my training with Jonathan Horwitz. In that time I have been fortunate to have met and worked with Native American and Mongolian Shamans in their respective homelands. I work with the spirits and the knowledge that all is connected. I offer shamanic healing,including soul and power retrieval and shamanic counselling.

Telephone 01606 784018


Scarborough,North Yorkshire

Christine Mark

Shamans hold balance and connection between our “ordinary” reality world and the worlds of the spirits. I attempt to help hold that balance,too. I offer the shamanic skills of power and soul retrieval,extraction work,which includes the removal of pent up emotions;and I am often asked to work with the souls of the dead;sometimes called psychopomping. I am a shamanic counsellor. Much of my work is with land spirits,which often takes the form of working with unhappy spirits found in houses,offices,shops and also in gardens and in other places outside of buildings,such as woods,mountains and streams. I see clients for healing work,for one to one work and I also teach small groups. With my partner,Jane Shutt,author of the book “The Spirits are Always with Me” we run workshops from our home. We are also available to give talks.

Telephone:01723 375849

Scarborough,North Yorkshire

Jane Shutt

The shaman’s job is to balance. Without balance we become ill,mentally,physically,emotionally –but overall,spiritually. This applies not only to human beings but also to animals and places.

Shamans maintain or restore balance with the help of their spirit friends and helpers. The shaman’s task is to negotiate between the humans in the local community and the spirits of the area,of illness,of the dead;communicating with each and representing the interests of humans to the spirits and the interests of spirits to the humans. The role of healer is part of this wider picture.

Together with my partner,Christine Mark,I run North Yorkshire Shamanism. We are based in Scarborough,on the Yorkshire coast and,as well as healing and counselling,we run training courses. For further details please contact me on

North Yorkshire

Jennifer Brown

I have been practising Shamanism in North Yorkshire for 10 years. Most of my training has been with the North Yorkshire Shamanic Centre and I remain committed to ongoing training and self-development. I believe everything is sacred and connected to the Cosmic Web.

Working closely with my spirit helpers I can offer power retrieval,soul retrieval,energy re-alignment,extraction work,and psychopomping. Whilst a lot of my clients are people,my particular speciality remains working with animals. Where necessary distance work can be undertaken.

Telephone:01653 658520

North Yorkshire

Jean North

I am a practitioner with 10 years of experience;I have done most of my training with the North Yorkshire Shamanic Centre. I create spirit led art including paintings and sculpture. Working with my spirits,I offer personal and environmental healing including,extractions,power retrievals,soul retrievals and house spirit issues. I also offer occasional workshops and divination.





Julia Elliott

I find that shamanic work is practical,enlightening and direct,and I offer basic shamanic skills training for those wishing to develop their abilities,and counseling and guidance for those needing to explore and understand their personal,emotional and spiritual difficulties. Shamanic work offers comfort for the bereaved and help for those beyond the veil of physical reality. Personal empowerment discovers your spirit helpers,strengthens your ability to heal,and seeks information,advice and help. Soul retrieval or extraction healing may be part of this work. Beyond the Body aspects of my work include past-life enquiry,ancestral healing,bereavement rites,dealing with unfinished business,and de-possession. Buddhist and Shamanic traditions combine in my help for lost souls,restless spirits,mediation in the liminal period (coma-trauma-near-death) and soul rescue and pathfinding. On the 2nd Sunday of each month 12 noon -5pm I organize the Suffolk-based 3 Rivers Shamanic Group.