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How to Set Background Image or Wallpaper in USB Pen Drive?

pendrive background image

If you set a background image or wallpaper image in your Pen Drive, it certainly enhances the appearance of your USB Flash Drive. To set a background image for your Pen Drive or any USB hardware, you need plug it in. The below mentioned method has been successfully tested with two operating systems – Windows XP and Vista and I ... Read More »

Top 20 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords of 2013

adwords keywords 2013

Making money through Google AdSense and playing with highest paying keywords is not a very new and ultra-ninja way for bloggers. Every bloggers know that a legit way to make real money through blogging is signing up for Google AdSense and utilizing it in a proper way. I am not here to give lecture about AdSense and how it works. ... Read More »

Google Introduces New AdSense Ad Unit – 970×90 pixels


Google recently announced that Google AdSense will support the brand new ad size – 970×90 pixels. Now your visitors just cannot ignore this super wide ad unit. The problem is that I just can’t add the new ad unit (970 x 90 pixels) in my blog since the blog layout doesn’t support it. So it is not possible to show ... Read More »

How to enable New Facebook News feed for Your Account

new facebook news feed

Do you know that Facebook has recently launched a brand new Facebook news feed? It appears to set the user experience to a new height. As the competitors are being innovative, Facebook is also trying very hard to keep existing users happy. Introducing new news feed is another step by Facebook to improve the level of connectivity among Facebook users ... Read More »

Picture of the Popular Websites When They Was Launched

Google earlier version

Today I was having a little bit headache and thought of surfing Facebook for a while in my office. I noticed that I am tagged in a pic and facebook wants me to review it for publishing it in my wall. I thought like– “It will be another stunning picture of Sunny Leon”:|. But it was actually a picture of ... Read More »

Google Added New Animated Image Search Feature

google-animated-image-search feature

Well if you are obsessed with animated picture, you must know that it is very hard to get animated pictures of your choice. Don’t worry guys. Google added a new feature in its image search section so that you can get animated pictures of your choice without any hassles. Many of you guys may already know about this, but the ... Read More »

What is C class IP address and its Importance in SEO?

tech tips portal c class ip seo

Almost each and every experienced webmaster and SEO executive is aware of C class IP address .With the growing popularity of C class IP addresses more and more hosting providers are popping out with services like “SEO hosting” , “ Dedicated IP address” etc. So what exactly is C class IPs? Let me tell you why it is so popular ... Read More »

How to Secretly Hide Your Files Behind an Image


Sometimes you need to hide your folders or files for security reasons. Well of course I am not going to ask you, why you want to hide your files I am here to share with you a trick by which you can hide your files or folder behind an Image. Cool ehh ? Some people might prefer software to do ... Read More »

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