Where can I get games for PPSSPP?

To legally turn your PSP games into .ISO files, you need to install "Custom Firmware" on your PSP. Google for that. Then follow these steps:

  • Insert the UMD into your PSP.
  • Connect your PSP to your PC with a USB cable.
  • At the PSP menu, press Select. In the menu that pops up (only on Custom Firmware), choose to UMD as USB Device.
  • Still in the PSP menu, choose USB Connection in the Settings menu (to the left).
  • On your PC, a folder will pop up, containing a virtual ISO file. To copy the game to your PC, simply drag this to somewhere on your harddrive and the copy will start. Done!

There are also tools to turn ISO files into CSO (compressed ISO) files to save space.

If you have digital downloads on your PSP, they can be converted for use on PPSSPP. It's a little involved, but here's a quick description courtesy of chaosblade:

  • Connect the PSP to the PC and go into USB mode. Go to the PSP/GAME folder and you should have a folder in there for each of your games with names like ULUS12345.
  • Download the latest version of PSN Decrypter (Looks like 1.71) and you can just drag and drop the EBOOT file for the game and it will give you an ISO file that works with PPSSPP.

Where can I get PPSSPP for iOS?

You need a jailbroken iOS device, running iOS 6. See the Downloads page for more info.

PPSSPP is awesome! How do I donate to the project?

Buy PPSSPP Gold! Available for Windows and Android.

It's the same as the regular version functionally (see Why Gold?), but by buying it you support the development of PPSSPP.

What is the JIT?

To emulate advanced systems like the PSP fast, the emulator needs to translate the machine code language of the PSP to the machine code language of your PC or mobile device at runtime. This is done with a "Just-In-Time recompiler" or JIT, also known as a Dynarec. PPSSPP has JITs for x86 and ARM.

For a JIT to function, an app needs to have the ability to generate machine code at runtime. This is allowed on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, while it is completely disallowed on non-jailbroken iOS and on App Store Mac apps, and on Windows Phone 9.

How do I install game DLC?

Install it exactly the same way as you would on a PSP, that is, copy the files to PSP/GAME or PSP/SAVEDATA (depending on the DLC) on the memory stick. In the Android version of PPSSPP, the memory stick is simply the SD card or USB storage of your phone, create a PSP folder in the root of that. On all other versions, the memory stick is the "memstick" subdirectory in the PPSSPP folder.

Why is PPSSPP so fast?

You're probably a Windows user. Because x86 CPUs are damn fast, PC GPU drivers are good, we have a fairly advanced x86 JIT, it's written in C++ and I rock.

Why is PPSSPP so slow?

You probably run PPSSPP on a mobile device. The ARM JIT is basic and needs improvement, and these devices simply are not very strong yet, no matter what marketing tells you, or their graphics drivers SUCK. An example of the latter would be the Nexus S.

Why is the emulator called PPSSPP?

Why not?

The Windows version doesn't start!

You may need to install the VC2010 redist (some DLL files). Also, if it still doesn't work, try installing the latest DirectX and OpenGL drivers for your graphics card.

Can I use my gamepad to control PPSSPP?

PPSSPP has built-in XInput support on Windows so it will "just work" with any Xbox 360 pad that you plug into your PC. On Android the gamepad situation is not very good yet, the Xperia Play buttons will work but not the touch sticks, for example.

However, things are improving. If you try the git builds, you'll see that we have now added full input mapping, which mostly works, expect it to be improved further in 0.9.

How do I unzip the git builds?

Unzip these builds using 7-zip.

What are the PC CPU and GPU requirements?

Any reasonably modern CPU will be just fine, and any GPU that can handle OpenGL 2.1 should have no issues. You should make sure to install the latest graphics drivers available though. Windows XP or later is required, Windows 7 or 8 is recommended.

Where are the "pre-0.9" versions everyone is talking about in the forum?


What are CSO files?

CSO are compressed ISO files that can be played directly, decompressing on the fly. Very useful to save space on your Android device, for example. There are a large number of programs around the web that can create CSO files from ISOs, just Google for it. PPSSPP might get a built-in ISO compressor later.

I've managed to fix a bug, how do I get the fix into PPSSPP?

If you know GitHub, you know the drill - just make a pull request with the changes, in a clone of the PPSSPP repository. If you don't know Git(Hub), feel free to ask for help.

My favorite game doesn't work in PPSSPP. What can I do?

You can either help out with fixing it, or wait until someone does.

The Windows version won't run, missing XInput.dll

Install DirectX.

Where's the MacOSX build?

Nobody has volunteered to prepare and package one yet. Contact me if you're interested.

Will PPSSPP be available for Windows Phone 8?

Not possible. Windows Phone 8 forbids apps from mapping memory as both writable and executable, preventing us from JIT-compiling MIPS into ARM (that's the dynarec). With only the interpreter working, the speed we can get just isn't good enough.