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SPECIAL NOTE:due to technical issues, the old postings from Ankhabar News have been moved to this page. The old blog is down and will be replaced soon. Enjoy reading past news from Ankhabar. The Webmaster, 12-22-10.

Anyone who is frequenting this site may notice some changes. It's time for change. YES WE CAN! lol...Well I've never blogged on here really but I think I might start to..Like water passing down a stream, relative to the things it affects, time seems to stand still. It is always "now".Everyday is "today". This moment we exist in, is the only moment we will ever really know. And we really don't know anything about it. All the world's geniuses and scientists still can't tell you what the meaning of life is, why we are all here, or what it all means... Maybe that isn't the answer though. Maybe the answer is in the question itself.Embrace that darkness. Treasure the mystery. Enjoy the human experience as it is...I want to tell you that I am done looking, I've given up, surrendered, and am going to just go on and live my life the best I can, so so should you. But that would be a lie... I'm never going to give up, and neither should you!peace,anx'

"'Tis the last rose of summer..." - Sir John Stevenson

Today is the first day of autumn. The autumnal equinox, to be precise. Astronomically-speaking, the equinox is more than just a box marked on a calendar or the start to fall. Astronomers define the autumnal (fall) equinox as the moment when the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator, heading from the north to the south. And what is the Celestial Equator? Its just the projection of the Earths equator onto the heavens. As the Earth rotates, the Celestial Equator appears as the midpoint of the skys motion...
So, I feel it's time to celebrate. Summer is over. September swept in and whisked me away with it's seemingly endless dry, cool days. Times are changing. I have to remain hopeful that they are changing for the better. Progress has been made; and I can seem to see a bit of light shining through at the edge of the woods.I'm have uploaded the release of "canfour" onto itunes-should show up on the store between now and November 30th.. It is a collection of odds and ends that have not made it onto any major release, but are tracks I enjoy and I hope everyone else will too. It should be available on itunes, Rhapsody, and eMusic within the next few weeks.Peace, Love, and Happiness!-anx

AMAZON MP3 and has been released on iTunes MP3. Compact Discs are now available - order form on the right. ---------------->More music on the way from RPD- a new 6 song EP has been recorded in Madison (at Madison Media Institue) and is scheduled to be mixed in January. Anthony Whitehead is the engineer and co-producer and he also helps out on some bass tracks. Anthony Brown plays drums AND guitar on this, changing it up a bit.All is well out here in space, it is quiet as usual. I hope everyone in every walk of life enjoys the merriment of this cold and wretched yet somehow heart-warming season.Stay warm, folks!-

'Rose Pedal Division Announcement''Currently, the Rose Pedal Division EP is in Hollywood at Capital Mastering / Capitol Records being mastered. I am hoping to have a full scale release in December.Rose Pedal Division - Sinking Ship EP was recorded in October of 2008 and April of 2009 at The Pocket Studios recorded & engineered by Mike "Dullboy" Langford and Lucas Johnson.Anthony Brown plays drums on the five song EP - I recorded guitars, vocals, & synthesizers.I am very excited about this release. Here is the track listing (some of these songs may be a bit familiar to fans of ALCHEMY as I played them in that band years ago):1. When You2. Tecumseth3. Embrace4. Tell Her to Go5. Call to ArmsKeep an eye on the website for more updates!p.s. I apologize for not getting CDs of canfour in the mail yet - havin' trubbs with my CD Buer. I might just link a free download on the site if I get a chance.Universal Peace!-anx'

'Illinois Earthquake and Doomsday Dreams' Around 4am CST last night there was a 4.3 (updated to 3.8 ) magnitude earthquake about 50 miles west-northwest of Chicago. That is quite far from me (in Milwaukee, WI) however I think it woke me up this morning. A similar earthquake took place in April of 2008, which has got me questioning the media calling it "rare".I vaguely remember waking from a dream in which I was having the back of my head drilled into. That is a rather uncomfortable thought. Perhaps it was a small bout with sleep paralysis, something I have suffered from since as early as I can remember. I do not remember waking up afraid and going back to sleep, but I do remember seeing where the foot of my bed should be - there were white walls. I do have white walls in my apartment so maybe my brain was just mixing up images in my proximity, but at any rate it is all very strange. I also remember a voice speaking to me within the dream, inside my head. It told me things, things I have heard before - at the time it all made sense.The usual "you are one of a select few chosen to convey the messages of your world's demise" routine. Of course, this could all be suggestive thinking. There was that drill in "The Fourth Kind" movie... And I've been reading a lot of Project Camelot stuff and Alex Collier. Maybe I should take a break, hehe. Also last night a local TV station aired a Star Trek: TNG episode where Geordi gets abducted by Romulans and is mind-controlled through his optical-cortex implants. Damn Romulans. So no wonder why alien abduction and mind control were subconsciously spinning around in my mind whilst I slept.Then, I was reading the news this morning online regarding the IL quake, and I came across a comment on a local news site, story, which was in all caps and which I see now has curiously been taken offline.I will have to recap from memory - Basically the commenter said that she woke up at 6:30am because she had a class at 8am and looked at her phone and saw three missed calls from her mother around 4am - she knew something was wrong so she called her mom. She had just awakened from a dream in which the world was ending. (I think she spelled it "endid" hehe.) But anyways... she also mentioned it was strange the quake did not wake her: it woke everyone else in the house up but not her. "The dream must have felt it: maybe that is why I had a dream about the world ending."Strangeness. I wonder.. Mind Control, HAARP, 12th-dimensional beings peering down through all the lower densities? What's going on here? Is it all coincidence? There is something happening either to me or to this world (or my world, my reality) that demands a really good explanation.I want answers. I probably won't get them until I die but I want them now!In other news, musical releases (rock!) are coming soon from Rose Pedal Division... Keep an eye on this site for new announcements.-anx'

rose pedal division - sinking ship EP rose pedal division - sinking ship EP Now available for purchase on AMAZON MP3 and itunesrose pedal division - sinking ship EPNow available for purchase on AMAZON MP3 and itunes
1. When You
2. Tecumseth
3. Embrace
4. Tell Her to Go
5. Call to ArmsEnjoy!
WHEN YOU when you were beside me did you ever realize i had become the monster i set out to destroy? when you walked beside me, hand in hand you were so sure i was the one as if you never really had a doubt those days are long gone and you've found someone new and i've moved on at least.. a few times by now but baby darling doll can you still hear me call? i lost most of my life when i lost you when you were beside me i was twice the man i am today + negative 2 what you were inside of me is like a pretty picture in a sheltered room where no light gets in .. gets in that room but baby darling doll can you still hear me call? i lost most of my life when i lost you but baby darling doll do you still think of me at all? i lost most of my life when i lost you did you ever think i'd call? can you hear me at all? did you ever think you'd hear my name? (on the radio, I'm on your radio) but baby darling doll can you still hear me call? i lost most of my life when i lost you but baby darling doll if it means anything at all i lost most of my life when i lost you when i lost you
TECUMSETH tecumseh, tacoma i wanted to know ya' now i'm stripping and strapping everything i got a whole lot to show ya a whole world to show you now tecumseh tacoma, everything hey, we don't need anybody! hey, we don't need anyone to show us how! got seeds to sow here i wanted to throw up now i'm stripping and scrawling as i go i did not mean to throw ya' i wanted to know ya' now tecumseh, tacoma everyday chorus you wake up in your make up "i think we should break up" now i'm scrawling and scratching everything a whole lot to sow here and i wanted to know ya' now tecumseh, tacoma, everything chorus
EMBRACE in the sunlight i can see a thousand shining sun rays in your eyes in my mind's eye i see you smile as you pick up the phone and i... want to stay here for the rest of my life in this naked embrace since i kissed you since i kissed you i haven't been able to get you out of my mind in the starlight i can see a million tiny embers in your eyes sparks to light a fire so bright to burn in eternity and i... want to stay here for the rest of my days in this naked embrace chorus
TELL HER TO GO i will tell you this once.. don't do anything you don't want to things get out of control i wouldn't swallow your soul if it didn't make me feel good my problem is that i cannot let it go my problem "you gotta tell her to.." my problem is that we're on a sinking ship my problem "you gotta get her to.." Go! Go! Go! Oh.... i will drain the soap! all i do is - i'm shuffling paper? i gotta feeling as though you gotta tell her to go Go! Go! Go! Oh.... hold me down just this once i could feel sane again cause i don't want to think about the end my problem Is are we on a sinking ship? my problem "you gotta tell her to.." Go! Go! Go! Oh....
CALL TO ARMS i've got some advice for you, world quit drinking, fighting, stabbing your girl mother nature's not as forgiving as your sun god diety they're going to take all your freedumbs away i've got some advice for you girls quit drinking, smoking, beating your world they're going to take all your powers away leave no life fear fret the hours today we'll bring it back from canada ranada manada we'll drag it down from canada planet earth manada music heart cage rattle now rolled up on the floor danny danny danny tanner's not here anymore my heart glass spilled pouring blood on the floor danny danny danny tanner's not here anymore heart music cage rattle now rolled up on the floor danny danny danny tanner's not here anymore steph, do you think together we can save the world? danny danny danny tanner's not here anymore-Anx

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'The new EP is titled "Into the Grey" and has a semi-UFO-conspiracy theme WATCH THIS WEBSITE because we will be giving away 100% FREE downloads for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. :)

1. Roll
2. Gunz N Rozez
3. Into the Grey
4. Fly#9
5. In the Astronaut's Pocket (Conspiracy Theory Version)
6. Perfect Resolution
We're hoping to release this online around December of 2010. No idea yet when we will have the funds available for the physical CD's to bemanufactured...Here are some smartphone apps (you can download this to your droid & android phones, not sure if it will work on an iPhone)
Roll Smartphone App
Gunz N' Rozez Smartphone App
Into the Grey Smartphone App;