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Whether building a home, a dock or a deck you'll find all our sites use the same shopping cart.   Transferring between our four sites is transparent so you can buy all your stainless fasteners with just one transaction.

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The widest range of hand-driven and collated stainless steel fasteners on the internet.  For boat building and repairs plus framing, decking, roofing, siding and finishing. All the stainless bolts, nails, screws, hinges and staples are in stock & ready to ship.

We've made our site as fast as possible by avoiding slow loading graphics and fancy javascript.

The multiple navigation systems, which are simple to use, and the fast loading pages should make your shopping trip enjoyable and rewarding.

If you are not familiar with the different grades of stainless steel, before you shop you might click "Which Stainless?" in the right navigation column to determine the grade you need.

Every fastener on our sites has the grade of stainless displayed, unlike some other sites who do not let you know what you are ordering.

Collated Deck Screws in Strips. 
To fit
the following automatic screw guns 
Pam P13KDE, 
Senco DS300-AC, 
Makita 6834
Milwauki Straightshooter
Grabber SuperDrive 75

Retailers and large contractors note that our shopping cart will automatically calculate and recalculate your discount as you add items and your order grows.

The only Stainless Fastener website where Deck or Home Builders can buy ALL their stainless needs in one place.. 
Stainless steel Nails Stainless steel Bolts
Stainless steel Screws Stainless steel Staples
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Stainless steel joist hangers

Stainless steel Hinges

The shopping software will show any discount due and the options of shipping.  When you get to the point of placing your order you can select how you want it shipped.   All our shipping is calculated at cost - no handling charges.

Latest News on change to ACQ pressure treated lumber

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Stainless steel Hinges
Strip Collated deck screws

EB-TY The Invisible Deck Fastening System
Click here to read more

Buy Qty
EB-TY original175$91
Big EB-TY175$91
L.C. EB-TY175$91
L.C. JR EB-TY175$96
JR EB-TY175$91

Collated gun Nails

You can find our wide range of collated stainless fasteners to fit over 40 pneumatic (air) tool manufacturers and 400 plus models of nailers and staplers, at:Stainless-nails-brads-staples

Hurricane shutters
We have put together a kit for mounting hurricane shutters.  All you need for a permanent solution in Stainless steel.
Tapcons Regular
We have been asked so often to offer these popular concrete anchors that we finally broke down and added non-stainless tapcons
Self Drilling Screws
We have recently added a good selection of phillips flat head stainless self drilling screws to our already extensive range of self drilling fasteners