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Havana.  February 8, 2013

612 National Assembly of People's Power deputies and 1,269 Provincial Assemblies of People's Power delegates elected
• Universal, free, democratic suffrage with 7,877,906 electors voting, 89.68% of those eligible • Of votes cast, 94.17% were valid, 4.63% were returned blank, and 1.2 % were spoiled

Susana Lee

THE 612 candidates for deputies to the National Assembly of People's Power and the 1,269 candidates for delegates to the 15 Provincial Assemblies of People's Power, were elected on February 3, according to information given by Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez, president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), in a press conference.

Once again, Cubans exercised their universal, free and democratic right to elect their representatives, she affirmed.

Gutiérrez announced the preliminary figures, given that some votes still are to be validated over the next few days, stating that 7,877,906 people voted, 89.68% of those eligible.

Of the votes cast, 7,418,522 were valid, (94.17%); 364,576 were blank (4.63%) and 94,808 (1.20%) were spoiled.

With reference to the elected deputies, she noted that their average age is 48; 48.86% are female and 46.4% are members of Municipal Assemblies of People's Power.

Regarding the provincial delegates, their average age is 45; 50.5% are female and 46.4% are municipal delegates.

Balseiro highlighted that election day activities went according to plan: the 29,957 polling stations opened at 7:00am; those staffing the tables ensured transparency in the voting; electoral authorities undertook their responsibility ethically in accordance with the law; the communications and information functioned as intended; and the rest of the arrangements went ahead as expected.

Finally, on behalf of the CEN, she thanked all those who voted for their participation, electoral authorities and commissions for their dedication, and the support staff, state bodies and other mass organizations for their contributions. "In summary, we wish to express our appreciation to all our people for the success of this process.

The CEN president was accompanied by vice president Rubén Pérez Rodríguez; Tomás Amarán Díaz, secretary; and members Julio Torres García, Raúl Van Troi Navarro and Heriberto Rosabal Espinosa.

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