Network as-a-Service

Consistent, optimized performance for the enterprise WAN without the high cost of MPLS.

Aryaka’s Network as-a-Service solution uses the same underlying architecture as our award-winning WAN Optimization as-a-Service offering. It combines our multi-segment TCP Optimization technology with enterprise-grade connectivity utilizing a dedicated reliable core network based on globally distributed POPs, and centralized end-to-end WAN visibility. Network as-a-Service delivers reliable, predictable performance for your enterprise WAN without the high cost and low performance of MPLS.

Diagram illustrating the relationship and interconnection between Aryaka’s managed network services

Network as-a-Service

With our managed network services, you connect your locations to the Aryaka network over existing Internet links (or using direct L2 connections) to one or more of our POPs, and can be up and running in minutes, not weeks or months.

Our global core network with built-in diversity and redundancy provides reliability and stable, predictable latency connectivity across the globe between your sites, as well as for accessing Internet-based SaaS and Cloud services, avoiding the “middle mile” congestion problems that Internet-based connectivity solutions face. With POPs close to end user locations, our multi-segment TCP Optimization solution minimizes the impact of packet loss on the first mile/last mile when it does occur, delivering optimized, predictable performance.

Our web-based MyAryaka managed network services portal delivers network-wide visibility for both network connectivity and application usage of the network. And as a fully managed service, we do all of the management, providing 24/7 support via NOCs located on opposite sides of the world.

And upgrading your network to full-fledged WAN Optimization as-a-Service capability, with its additional bandwidth scaling and application acceleration benefits, is as easy as a single phone call.

Network as-a-Service

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Told that it couldn't be done, the Aryaka team figured out how to move almost everything in a WAN optimization box to the cloud - the first & so far only team to do so." Debbie Gage, Dow Jones