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A monthly contribution from inspiring and therefore, influential individuals from around the globe - with admirable passion, dedication and an intrinsic motivation to honour the world we dwell in, in some way or another. We are thankful that here, they take time to share their candid insights about the journey towards certified sustainable palm oil – including its lack, its glory and the hope that lies ahead .

Don Grubba, Managing Partner of Sustainable Development Initiatives
“Climate Change?’

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  World Wise

“10 years of driving sustainability – a business model for the future” the annual roundtable on sustainable palm oil, RT 10 draws increasing attention

It is with great honour we announce the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Singapore, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, as Guest of Honour at RT10. A well-respected figure in international financial circles, Mr Tharman was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in the Singapore Cabinet in May 2011. He has served as Minister for Finance since December 2007. In March 2011, he was appointed Chairman of the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC), the policy steering committee of the IMF, becoming the first Asian to take on the role. He was also admitted to the Group of Thirty, also known as "The Consultative Group on International Economic and Monetary Affairs", in June 2008. Mr Tharman spent much of his earlier professional life at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore’s central bank and integrated financial regulator, where he was previously chief executive. In May 2011, he was appointed Chairman of MAS. Mr Tharman will deliver the Official Address at the Opening Ceremony on 31 October 2012.

The RSPO is also delighted to have Professor Tommy Koh, Ambassador-at-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore, as Keynote Speaker at RT10.Prof Koh is a well-respected and highly sought after speaker at many international events and a senior diplomat, having represented Singapore at the United Nations and served as Singapore’s Ambassador to the United States of America. Also lined to speak are thought leaders representing the industry, financial institutions and NGO’s who will share and debate on palm oil and sustainability. This year, some of the most influential multi-stakeholders will be present at a forum to share their thoughts on helming such initiatives.

The 10th Annual Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT10) will be held at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, from October 30 – November 1 2012. Organised by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the RT is the world’s largest sustainable palm oil conference and a leading industry event for palm oil stakeholders worldwide. Last year’s edition of the roundtable meeting in Sabah, RT9, attracted a record high of over 1,000 delegates from 34 countries. It is your opportunity to be involved in the global dialogue surrounding sustainable palm oil. Whether and how we address global crises is not a question of science; it's a question of values. We welcome you at RT10. Please register at www.rt10.rspo.org

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RSPO Members Report on Progress Made towards Sustainable Palm Oil

Members of the RSPO are now in the process of submitting their Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) which includes Time Bound Plans for members to demonstrate their support towards the production and use of certified sustainable palm oil. Submission of the ACOP is compulsory for RSPO Ordinary Members and the reports will be uploaded on the website for the public to view.
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Update on Inaugural Review of RSPO Principles & Criteria

The RSPO is currently undergoing the first review of its Principles & Criteria (P&C) after five years of implementation since 2008. The third meeting of the P&C Review Taskforce was held in Kuala Lumpur from the 28th to 30th August 2012. The key outcome of the meeting was the development of a document by members of the Task Force for a second round of scheduled public consultation. This document is a result of comments generated from the first public consultation period; discussions from the P&C Review Task Force meetings; combined with the findings of earlier meetings by other RSPO Task Forces and Working Groups; including also analysis of other multi-stakeholder initiatives. More…


RSPO Africa Roadshow full steam ahead
An effort to raise awareness and build capacity on sustainable palm oil in Africa has kicked off with a series of workshops in Ghana, Gabon, Cameroon and Liberia in May, June and July 2012.



CSR Asia Summit 2012
RSPO is pleased to announce that it is a Supporting Partner of the CSR Asia Summit 2012. The Summit, which will be held on the 18th and 19th September in Beijing, will bring together over 500 delegates to explore CSR challenges, opportunities and solutions aimed at China, Asia and beyond. Guest speakers include senior government officials, corporate leaders and well known public intellectuals from China and Asia. The CSR Asia Summit is a valuable networking opportunity for meeting local stakeholders in the region. RSPO members can enjoy a 15% discount on conference fees and a 30% discount for group participants. For more information please see the following link: http://www.csr-asia.com/summit2012/


Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil to hold info sessions RSPO certification in Belgium in October
In October, the Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil will hold info sessions (in both Dutch and French) to inform Belgian companies of the benefits and practical considerations of becoming RSPO-certified. The Dutch session will be held on October 2nd in Nazareth, and will feature speeches by Ann Nachtergaele of FEVIA and Caroline Sikking of Cargill, as well as case studies from Vandemoortele and Cargill. The French session will be held on October 9th in Gembloux, and will include speeches from Patricia Ghyoros of APIM, Aurelie Laurent of WWF and Yves Augrandjean of IOI, as well as case studies from Aigremont and Fuji Oil Europe. For more information, please contact RSPO.Communications@hkstrategies.com.


“Asian Agri - One of the world’s largest scheme smallholders to be RSPO certified” Jakarta, September 5, 2012
certification scheme and multi-stakeholder organization for sustainable palm oil, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), recently certified another two schemed smallholder plantations in Indonesia under Asian Agri. These latest two plantations combined with its previous two plantations, which are all located in Sumatra, were certified in 2010 and 2011, contributing to a total Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) production volume of 211,953 metric tonnes - carving Asian Agri as one of the world’s largest scheme smallholder in Indonesia. Full article...


Shell and Patum Oil driving sustainable palm oil production in Thailand
Shell Thailand and Patum Vegetable Oil Co. Ltd (Patum), a Thai producer of cooking palm oil and biodiesel, today announced a joint project aimed at driving sustainable palm oil production in Thailand. The project involves preparing eight palm oil crushing mills and over 1000 smallholder farmers for Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification. RSPO is an international voluntary organization aimed at promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil products through credible global standards and engagement of multiple stakeholders. RSPO certification is a means of monitoring and evaluating the social, environmental and economic impacts of the uptake of sustainable palm oil in the market. It is the intention that through this project, all smallholders and mills involved will achieve RSPO certification.
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    Date : 23 August 2012
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RT 10 – Annual Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Palm Oil
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