Apple Stores - 2001-2003

These are stores that held their grand openings in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Read about future stores.

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Of course, before public retail stores, Apple had a company store to sell its employees all sorts of logo merchandise. That store still exists today at the company's Cupertion headquarters, and is open to the public. It's a must-see place for any Apple enthusiast.

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  1. Tysons Corner - McLean, VA - (May 19) - An indoor mall, with the store in an 8,000 s.f. space. Technically the first store to open, with 7,700 first-day visitors. Closed Oct. 13-Nov. 17, 2003 for floor change-out and column removal. Closed Nov. 2-20, 2009 for remodel to remove front POS counter, move Genius Bar from side wall to rear wall and three times longer, Genius Room updates, more tables and 30 more computers on display. The interior design is white-painted walls and not stainless steel, reportedly because of structural limitations of the mall. On the chain's 10th anniversary, Day 1 employee John McDonald was on-duty at the store to greet visitors. [store lease story] [Apple press release, pdf]
  2. Glendale Galleria - Glendale, CA - (May 19) - An indoor mall, and because of it's west coast location, the second store to open, although it was Project #001 for Apple's retail team. Closed July 16-18, 2007 to create a small-store while renovations are completed through October, 2007. The renovations included strengthening the walls so interior columns could be removed, giving the store a more open look and feel. The interior was upgraded to V2.0 with back-lit wall graphics. [store lease story] [Apple's photos] [10th anniversary recollections of grand opening]
  3. Willow Bend - Plano, TX - (Aug. 3) - indoor mall. In mid-2006 the theater was removed, and the Genius Bar was moved to take its place and upgraded to five positions.
  4. Mall of America - Bloomington, MN - (Aug. 11) - indoor mall, 6,000 square feet, Tiffany & Joel FIL at 2 a.m. Closed Oct. 11-Nov. 11, 2003 for a floor change-out and theater renovation. [story/photos]
  5. Woodfield (Mall) - Schaumburg, IL - (Aug. 23) - indoor mall, Mike was FIL. The original wood flooring was replaced about two years after opening. Construction in late July 2006 removed theater and moved the Genius Bar from right-side to the rear space vacated by the theater. Renovated May 4-15, 2009. [photos]
  6. Northshore Mall - Peabody, MA - (Sept. 1) indoor mall
  7. Easton Town Center - Columbus, OH - (Sept. 7) - 1/2 indoor mall, 1/2 open-air; Apple store is in the open. Remodeled Sept. 2-17, 2009, and security grating instaled April 2011. In June 2012 plans were revealed for a move into the former The Limited space at the north end of the mall. The expanded store opened Nov. 10, 2012. [2012 mall move] [2012 expanded store]
  8. International Plaza - Tampa, FL - (Sept. 18) - indoor mall. Remodeled Aug. 24 to Sept. 17, 2009. [remodel #1 / #2 #3] [post-2009 remodel gallery]
  9. Palo Alto - Palo Alto, CA - (Oct. 10) - free standing, and the first street-level Apple store. Building designed by Birge Clark in the 1930s. Swain's House of Music from 1963 to Oct. 1995, which accounts for the lyre design in the sidewalk in front of the store. Also housed the HomeChef store that suffered a fire in Dec. 1999. Apple re-built the store interior, but retained the original exterior, and built on a 2nd floor additional at rear of structure for more 6,500 6,500 sf. The store is just 3,802 feet from the Stanford mini-store. Sachin was first in line at the grand opening, at 1:30 p.m. on Friday before the Sat. opening. In Aug. 2005 the warped wooden flooring was replaced with new wood, theater removed and replaced with Studio, software shelves moved to store back, replaced with counters/shelves for iPods and accessories. In early 2010 Apple submitted building plans for a replacement store at 340 University, about 2 blocks west. The new store opened Oct. 27, 2012. See the 2012 page for more details. [historical photo] [grand opening] [photos] [make-over]
  10. Crossgates - Albany, NY - (Oct. 13) - indoor mall. Remodeled Aug. 31 to Sept. 17, 2009.
  11. Saddle Creek - Germantown, TN - (Oct. 13) - outdoor street, 6,400 square feet [movie]. Remodel Aug. 17 - Sept. 3, 2009.
  12. Northridge (Mall) - Northridge, CA - (Oct. 13) - indoor mall. Renovated May 18-29, 2009.
  13. Westfarms - Farmington, CT - (Oct. 27) - indoor mall. Closed May 18 - June 4, 2009 for extensive renovation to latest interior design, including remove front POS, replace original white Corian kidneys and black shelving, install wall product shelving, replace wood floor, install One to One training table.
  14. Chandler Fashion Center - Chandler, AZ - (Oct. 27) - indoor mall
  15. Tice's Corner - Woodcliff Lake, NJ - (Nov. 3) - outdoor strip shopping center with 20 stores, and a "Main St." theme. In late 2006 construction will start to remove the store's theater, enlarge the Genius Bar and install a Creative Bar.
  16. Kenwood Towne Centre - Cincinnati, OH - (Nov. 3) - indoor mall, 6,500 square feet. Closed June 1-11, 2009 for renovation, including refinishing the wood floor. The store closed late May 2012 and moved to a temporary store near Dillards during a 4-6 month expansion of the original store. The original store was 45-feet wide, and the new store will be 62 feet wide with 7,020 s.f.. [2012 move plan] updated
  17. Aspen Grove - Littleton, CO - (Nov. 10) - outdoor strip mall, 6,200 square feet. Renovated April 6-23, 2009.
  18. Fashion Island - Newport Beach, CA - (Nov. 10) - open-air mall. Closed for remodel Oct. 4-9, 2009. On August 20, 2011 the original store closed, and operations were moved around the corner to new, larger space near the Forever 21 store. The larger space will include the first west coast Briefing Room, a glass skylight in the center of the store, and a green roof. [2011 move diagram]
  19. Walden Galleria - Buffalo, NY - (Nov. 23) - indoor mall [photo]. Remodeled Aug. 17-27, 2009.
  20. The Falls - Miami, FL - (Nov. 23) - indoor mall, 8,300 square feet. Carmen was FIL. Closed July 16-20, 2007 to create mini-store, while the full store undergoes renovation and floor plan change. [story and photos]
  21. Fashion Valley - San Diego, CA - (Nov. 23) - outdoor mall. "Creative" job position appeared for the store on Aug. 29, 2004, indicating the store will eventually have a "Studio" bar. Renovated and slightly enlarged March-June 16, 2007. [mall info]
  22. Valley Fair - Santa Clara, CA - (Nov. 23) - indoor mall. "Creative" job position appeared for the store on Aug. 29, 2004, indicating the store will eventually have a "Studio" bar. In Sept. 2006 the store was renovated to remove the theater and place the Genius Bar in its place. The former Genius Bar is now the Studio bar. The store closed entirely July 16-20, 2007 to create a mini-store, while the full store undergoes renovation and floor plan change. Re-opened Nov. 17th.
  23. Clarendon - Arlington, VA - (Dec. 1) - open-air strip mall. Renovated in early 2007 to remove the rear theater, move Genius Bar to rear, and create iPod accessory area at former Genius Bar location.
  24. South Coast Plaza - Costa Mesa, CA - (Dec. 1) - indoor mall [photo by Tuan]. Rear theater will be replaced by Studio bar during December 2005. Closed in Oct. 2007 for floor plan change and renovation.
  25. Rockingham Park - Salem, NH - (Dec. 8) - indoor mall. In mid-2006 the store underwent a rennovation: new stone floor, removed the rear theater and replaced it with an expanded Genius Bar. The former Genius Bar is now iPod accessories and laptop cases. The store closed for a week in early April 2009 for a second renovation.
  26. Palisades - West Nyack, NY - (Dec. 8) - indoor mall. Closed June 15 to July 2, 2009 for renovation. [photos] [photos]
  27. Cambridgeside - Cambridge, MA - (Dec. 15) - indoor mall - Underwent conversion from rear theater to rear Genius Bar in Sept. 2006. Underwent renovations May 10-21, 2009 to remove front POS, Corian display tables and black-painted shelving, and to install current-version furnishings.


  1. The Street at Southpoint - Durham, NC - (March 9) - store located in the outdoor expansion area of the indoor mall; unusual two-tone, red-brick storefront. Simon and Kieran first in line. Grand opening T-shirt sold Aug. 1, 2004 for a record-setting $200 on eBay. Close April 12-24, 2009 for renovation.
  2. Biltmore (Fashion Park) - Phoenix, AZ - (March 30) - uncovered mall, Dan and Jessica (Denver) were FIL at 6 a.m. In July, 2008 construction next door raised speculation of an expansion, with a re-openign date of Sept. 6th.
  3. Lenox Square - Atlanta, GA - (May 11) - indoor mall with 200 shops with 1.4 million square-feet of retail space. The mall is lated for a 35,000 s.f. expansion consisting of a second level, to open in the Fall 2007. Apple will reportedly occupy some of that space with a two-level store. Renovated in March-June, 2007.
  4. Short Hills - Short Hills, NJ - (June 22) - indoor mall. "Creative" job position appeared for the store on Aug. 29, 2004, indicating the store will eventually have a "Studio" bar. Store closed Oct. 29 - Nov. 16, 2007 for a complete update and floor plan change that included eliminate cashwrap, moving Genius Bar to rear, removing wood floor and replacing with stone, and doing a V2.0 interior conversion. [reopening photos]
  5. SoHo - New York, NY - (July 18) - high-profile, free standing, 2-story, glass staircase and bridge,Steve at SoHo skylight, 46-seat theater,18,000 square feet. Opening manager was Steve Cano, who went on to manage several other stores and later became Sr. Dir. of International Retail. Followed by manager Paul Fradin. Celebrated its two millionth visitor at 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 6, 2004, and its 5 millionth visitor on April 25, 2006 at 11:30 a.m. At one point it had the only Genius Bar open from 6 a.m. to midnight. The theater was closed From Feb. 21 through April 21, 2006 to, "make it bigger and better than ever." The store closed in July 2011 for a complete reconstruction and expansion, with a temporary store open at 72 Greene Street. Grand re-opening July 14, 2012 with expanded lower level, current glass tech for stairs, upgraded theater facilities. [pre-open story & photo] [Steve & Ron Johnson at opening] [building permits] [architect's comments] [design & construction team] [2 millionth visitor] [expansion news story]
  6. Roosevelt Field - Garden City, NY - (July 20) - indoor mall. In June 2009 tipsters confirmed a scheduled to move from the upper level, into the former Restoration Hardware space on the ground floor, more than doubling the square-footage. By Aug. 1, 2009 Restoration Hardware had vacated, and new location opened Dec. 10, 2009. [store move diagram]
  7. The Grove - Los Angeles, CA - (July 26) - high-profile store, main-street mall, 2-story, dramatic glass staircase. Remodeled May-July 2004 to convert floor from wood to stone, furniture to wood, expand rear ground floor, change to theater seats upstairs, and reconfigure some sections. [before opening] [Deb's grand opening photos] [Apple photos] [Japan photos] [remodel 2004] [remodel #1 finished] [remodel #2, Oct. 2006] [remodel #2 finished]
  8. Wellington Green - Wellington, FL -(Aug. 17) - indoor mall. Closed for renovation June 1-25, 2009.
  9. Twelve Oaks - Novi, MI - (Aug. 31) - indoor mall. Remodeled Aug. 17 - Sept. 4, 2009.
  10. Mayfair - Wauwatosa, WI - (Aug. 31) - indoor mall [photos]. Remodeled Aug. 10-28, 2009.
  11. The Westchester - White Plains, NY - (Sept. 7) - indoor mall. In April 2005 construction began to create a much larger 45-foot store, by taking over the adjacent KB Toys and Body Shop spaces, and then closing the current store. The larger store will include a double-sized Genius Bar and a new Studio bar. Larger store opened July 16, 2005. Apple announced the move only through e-mail to local Mac users. Renovation scheduled for April 27-May 9, 2009.
  12. West County - St. Louiss, MO - (Sept. 21) - indoor mall (photo by Dane). Renovation scheduled for August 31 - Sept. 18, 2009. Originally opened as being in "Des Peres," location changed in 2012.
  13. Houston Galleria - Houston, TX - (Sept. 21) - indoor mall. Store renovated in March-June, 2007. Closed for remodeling Oct. 12-16, 2009.
  14. Towson Town Center - Towson, MD - (Oct. 5) - indoor mall, store is on the 4th level, near Nordstrom's and next to Sharper Image. Closed July 20-August 7, 2009 for renovation. In early 2012 tipsters said the store would move to a larger space (4,247 to 8,331 s.f.) on the second level of the mall next to Swarovski during 2012. The larger store opened Sept. 29, 2012. [2012 expansion plan]
  15. Somerset - Troy, MI - (Oct. 12) - indoor mall with 1.3 million s.f. and 180 shops located in an affluent north suburb of Detroit. Store on second level was 3,290 s.f., but enlarged in summer 2006 to 4,843 s.f. Closed March 3, 2007 for construction, then re-opened March 10th as a mini-store while stone floor, wood tables and stainless steel walls are installed. Re-opened June 2, 2007. Closed Aug. 8, 2011 during expansion into adjacent Puma space, with mini-store open on upper level during construction. [video] [2007 remodel photos]
  16. Millenia - Orlando, FL - (Oct. 19) - indoor mall. Reduced to "mini-store" in early March, 2007 to allow for renovation. On May 29, 2012 the store closed and moved to space #206 former Z-Gallerie store while the original store expands into the adjacent Kenneth Cole space. The construction includes installing additional steel to eliminate interior support columns, and that steel work prevented a new restaurant from opening in an exteior space, since Apple's work needed a path for the steel beams. The new store will include a Briefing Room, larger Genius Bar and training/set-up areas. The expanded store could open Nov. 17, 2012. [expansion story]
  17. Keystone (at the Crossing) - Indianapolis, IN - (Nov. 2) - indoor mall, narrow. Reportedly has the smallest back-of-office space in the chain. Remodel scheduled to start Sept. 7, 2009. [photo]
  18. Southdale Center - Edina, MN - (Nov. 2) - indoor mall southwest of Minneapolis. An unlikely city for a store, but it's Sr. V-P Retail Ron Johnson's home town (he lived a 10-minute bike ride away). Remodeled Aug. 10-28, 2009. In May 2012 tipsters said the store will move to an 8,700 s.f., 55-foot wide space next to Sephora in 2013. The expanded store opened April 20, 2013. [expansion news story / mall plan] [expanded store opening #1 / #2]
  19. Fashion Show - Las Vegas, NV - (Nov. 2) - indoor mall. Renovated June 15 to July 9, 2009. In June 2013 tipsters said that by July 1st the store will temporarily move to the former J Jill space (#2750) on the upper level while the original space is expanded into the former Steve Madden and Tommy Bahama spaces. The temp store is about 4,700 s.f., and the final store will be 10,000 s.f. The store could open by mid-Sept. 2013. [post-remodel photo gallery] [store before expansion] updated
  20. Menlo Park - Edison, NJ - (Nov. 9) - indoor mall. Closed June 1-25, 2009 for a major renovation, including removing wood floors and glass partitions, and relocate side-mounted Genius Bar.
  21. King of Prussia - King of Prussia, PA - (Nov. 9) - indoor mall. Closed Oct. 2007 for remodel. Moved into an expanded space, the former Wanamakers 2-level space that was demolished by the mall developer and rebuilt. New location opened Dec. 8, 2012. [photos]
  22. Cherry Creek - Denver, CO - (Nov. 23) - indoor mall, full-size.
  23. Bay Street - Emeryville, CA - (Nov. 23) - In a main-street type mall in this small town that used to be nothing but factories. Devin was first-in-line at original grand opening, arriving at 3:30 p.m. Friday. In 2007 Apple built a new and larger store in a space to the right of the existing store. The store then closed from Oct. 1-3, 2007 to move into that new store with V2.0 interior design features. In April 2013 tipsters reported Apple is looking for a third, even larger location for the store, possibly the nearby Abercrombie space. [2007 expansion photo] [opening video]
  24. Oakbrook - Oak Brook, IL - (Nov. 29) - outdoor mall, Mike was first-in-line. Scheduled to be closed Oct. 22 - Nov. 9, 2007 for renovation and floor plan change. In April 2013 tipster says a renovation and expansion is planned for 2013.


  1. Pasadena (CA) - (Jan. 7) - A free-standing, historic building built in 1924 that retained the original façade. Old-style black metal entrance with twin Apple logos were removed in 2006 to widen and modernize the entrance. A matching pillar was also added to create symmetry in the storefront. In Feb. 2011 Apple applied for permit to demolish rear 1-story portion and replace with a 2-story structure of 3,164 s.f., part of plan to expand the store to two levels of retail space. Store closed in April 2011 for expansion construction, and temporary store opened at 42 Colorado Blvd. The remodeled store re-opened on Feb. 4, 2012. [building heritage info / photo][photos] [photo 2006] [Rose Parade protection] [temporary store]
  2. Knox Street - Dallas, TX - (Jan. 25) - downtown, free standing. Closed Jan. 30, 2011 and moved to 4525 McKinney Ave., a smaller nearby, temporary space while original store was demolished and expanded into adjacent west and south spaces. The red brick walls were not be retained. The remodeled store re-opened on Black Friday, Nov, 25, 2011. Originally listed as being in "Highland Park," changed in 2011. [photos] [ thrown out of store video] [2011 expansion news story #1 / #2] [expanded store Oct. 8 #1] [remodel views #1 / #2] / #3 / #4]
  3. Walt Whitman (Mall) - Huntington Station, NY - (May 10) - indoor mall located on mid-Long Island. Closed June 29 to July 7, 2009 for major renovation. In early 2012 tipsters said the store is moving to another location within the mall by mid-2012. In late May 2012 the store closed and moved to a temporary store near Macy's during expansion of the original store. Grand re-opening Dec. 1, 2012 of the 10,350 s.f. store, with two 360-degree Genius Bars, largest accessory walls worldwide. [expansion news story] [expansion photos #1 / #2 / #3] [expanded store]
  4. Bellevue Square - Bellevue, WA - (May 10) - indoor mall, 30-foot wide, 4,600 square feet. In early 2012 the original store closed and moved to a temporary store on the second level. Meanwhile, the original store was expanded into the former Talbots and Bailey, Biddle, Banks spaces, reportedly making it the second largest mall store in the United States at 4,600 s.f. The new store has a central skylight, which lengthened the construction time. The expansion was probably sparked by the arrival of a Microsoft store nearby during the summer 2012. Grand re-opening Sept. 1, 2012. [photos] [expansion news] [expansion photo #1 / #2 / #3 / #4] [news story] [move location, position of ground-floor Microsoft store in yellow tint]
  5. Arden Fair - Sacramento, CA - (May 17) - indoor mall, 3,600 square feet previously occupied by the jeweler Bailey, Banks & Biddle. Updated furniture installed in early 2009. Closed July 13-August 6, 2009 for V2.0 interior renovation, but still includes wood floor and glass partitions. In April 2012 tipsters said the store will move from its 30-foot wide space on the upper level, to a larger space. In March 2013 tipsters identified the new spaces as the Pottery Barn Kids and Sephora stores on the lower level. No timeline for the move is known. [expansion spaces]
  6. Ala Moana (Center) - Honolulu, HI - (May 17) - uncovered mall, 4,600 square foot store. Closed Nov. 5-9, 2007 for floorplan renovation. Closed July-Nov. 2011 for expansion into adjacent space and remodel. New store opened Nov. 17, 2011. [2011 expansion news story / barricade / temp mini-store]
  7. Chestnut Hill - Chestnut Hill, MA - (June 14) - indoor mall. Closed June 10-15, 2007 for floor plan change.
  8. North Michigan Avenue - Chicago, IL - (June 27) - high-profile - A free standing 28,000 s.f. store on a city street, with a lot size of 110' wide and 142' deep. The 3-story design includes an Indiana limestone exterior, glass staircase, skylight, large Apple logo-shaped front window cut in the stone, a 2,400 s.f. rooftop garden by GreenGrid (not grass, but rather the stonecrop Sedum kamtschaticum in 200 plastic pans with no dirt). For several years it was the highest-trafficked store in the chain, with 30,000 weekly visitors. The building includes a 2-story retail space at the front, and a partial 3rd-story training facility at the rear overlooking the green roof garden, equipped with a podium, rear projection screen and kitchen. Installed 12-foot Studio Bar in early 2005, and it was later expanded to 45-feet. Changed theater seats from red fabric to black in Aug. 2005. [Apple logo cut-out] [photos] [photos] [construction details] [design award] [cute photo] [Feb. 2006 photos]
  9. Boca Raton - Boca Raton, FL - (July 4) - indoor mall. Closed Nov. 5-16, 2007 for renovation. In early 2012 tipsters said the store would expand into the former Forever 21 store space across the hallway, allowing space for public restrooms, several set-up and personal training tables. The current back-of-house space was retained for off-site storage. The expanded store opened Nov. 10, 2012 with a 60-foot storefront and 16,000 s.f., the largest store in Florida.
  10. Third Street Promenade - Santa Monica, CA - (July 11) - main-street public pedestrian mall store with 7,500 s.f. and 45' wide storefront. In June, 2008 reports surfaced of a major renovation, including closing the store for one year, moving employees to other stores, and enlarging the store substantially. In Aug. 2011 plans were submitted to the city for a new store at 1415 Third St., with a tall glass roof like the Upper West Side store, and about 12,464 on the ground floor and partial basement. The original store closed on Dec. 14, 2012 and the new, expanded store opened on Dec. 15, 2012. [movie] [2011 news]
  11. South Main Street - Walnut Creek, CA - (July 12) - downtown, free standing on a city street, wide. Thomas was FIL at 9 a.m. Fri. [grand opening report] [video]. Remodeled Aug. 6-21, 2009.
  12. Burlingame Avenue - Burlingame, CA - (July 26) - downtown, free standing city street, wide. Devin was FIL at 8:30 a.m. Friday. Closed Aug. 7-10, 2007 for floor plan change. [grand opening report] [opening video]
  13. Short Pump Town Center - Richmond, VA - (Sept. 4) - open-air mall, Jeff & David were FIL at 7 a.m. in a light rain. Closed June 1-11, 2009 for renovation.
  14. University Village - Seattle, WA - (Sept. 26) - open-air mall. Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Opened 6 p.m. on September 26, 2003 in space formerly occupied by Fiorini Sports; Mary Ann was FIL at 7 a.m. Scheduled to be closed Oct. 22 - Nov. 9, 2007 for renovation, but pushed back for Leopard released. In August, 2008 the store was down-sized during construction of a mezzanine level. Store closed again Oct. 6-24, 2008 for final work before opening the mezzanine. Store totally remodeled in late 2011. [photos] [story] [remodeling plan]
  • Legacy Village, - Lyndhurst, OH - (Oct. 24) - new mall. Closed July 30-Aug. 10, 2007 for renovation and floor plan change. Closed for four days in Aug. 2011 for installation of security grating. In early 2013 a tipster said the store would leave this mall and relocate to the Eton Chagrin Boulevard mall, about 4 miles from the current store. By June 2013, construction way underway at Eton. This store permanently closed at 9 p.m. on June 28, 2013. The Eton replacement store opened at 10 a.m. the next day, June 29, 2013. [photos] [after renovation] [2013 "goodbye" Web page] [store closed] updated
  1. University Town Center - San Diego, CA - (Oct. 24) - Closed May 14-18, 2007 for floor plan change.
  2. (The Promenade at) Sagemore - Marlton, NJ - (Nov. 1) - new open-air mall, 300-400 in line at 10 a.m. for grand opening
  3. Corte Madera - Corte Madera, CA - (Nov. 1) - open-air mall, narrow.
  4. Old Orchard (Shopping Center) - Skokie, IL - (Nov. 7) - open-air mall
  5. Washington Square - Tigard, OR - (Nov. 15) - indoor mall, narrow. First in the state; Merritt and Ken were FIL at 6:30 a.m. Renovated to remove rear cashwrap, move Genius Bar (?? date). Renovation scheduled for April 27-May 9, 2009. [photos] [photos & video] [photos & video]
  6. Ginza - high-profile - Tokyo (Japan) - (Nov. 30) - street-level store in Tokyo's major shopping district. Devin was FIL at 6 a.m. Saturday. [grand opening]
  7. North Point (Mall) - Alpharetta, GA - (Dec. 6) - indoor mall. Apple reportedly paid $1 million to renovate the mall space. Opening delayed, and stone flooring diverted to Ginza (Tokyo) store. [Vortech's photos]