Lab Activities
Lab Activity 4: Audience and Purpose
Objective: To write with a purpose for an audience.

Step 3: Read the paragraphs that follow and answer the questions that follow each.

      1.          Hey, man, I need to borrow twenty bucks. Okay? I have to buy this stupid book for my music class. It's about lullabies or something. I can't believe a book of lullabies is so expensive. And I can't believe my instructor is making us buy this book. I know. I should've used the twenty bucks I had yesterday to buy the book, but I forgot about it, and, besides, I really wanted that new CD. So, come on, be cool and lend me the money. I'll pay you back on my next payday.

Who is the audience? 


      2. What is the purpose of the previous paragraph? 


      3.          As I prepared to send you my payment, I noticed an error in my monthly statement. You listed a charge against my credit card (account number 1234-5678-9123-4567) in the amount of $23.56 for a purchase at Wal-Mart twice. I made only one purchase at Wal-Mart for that amount not two. Please correct this error immediately by crediting my account in the amount of $23.56. Thank you.

Who is the audience? 


      4. What is the purpose of the previous paragraph? 


      5.          My neighborhood, Tranquil Village, is a wonderful place. It is a clean and safe place to raise children. The only thing missing is a neighborhood park. Our children need a place to play that is not only clean and safe but also close to home. Parents are busy peoplethey work, they take their children to school, and they vote. The parents of Tranquil Village ask you, as their City Council representative, to vote in favor of establishing a park in Tranquil Village.

Who is the audience? 


      6. What is the purpose of the preceding paragraph? 


      7.          FOR SALE: a cozy, two-bedroom, one-bath home on a quiet, tree-lined street in the new Happy Seniors Retirement Estates development. This home is perfect for the retired couple or single who wants an extra room for a visiting grandchild or for sewing and crafts. It has all the modern conveniences and no stairs to climb. This home is pleasant and affordable, even for those on a fixed income.

Who is the audience? 


      8. What is the purpose of the preceding paragraph? 


      9.          Single, white female, 25 years of age, in search of a single male, 2530 years of age, who likes romantic movies, quiet walks on the beach and chili-cheese fries. I love junk food, hate working out, and want to date someone with similar tastes. You be the same.

Who is the audience? 


      10. What is the purpose of the preceding paragraph? 


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