Videos & Presentations

The videos of SDNC12 First Day presentations are available.
Please, check the following links:

Laura Keller and Lisa Woodley, NTT Data
Cybelle Buursink, Future Service Design
Ben Reason, live|work
Giuseppe Attoma, Attoma
Shelley Evenson, Fjord
Robin Chase, Buzzcar
Nabeel Hamdi
Birgit Mager, SDN

Enjoy once more!


The RATP customer journey map contest! Check it out here!

SDNC12 Tickets sold out!

Soon we all will experience the Global Service Design Conference together with a thriving community. Thanks to your interest, we are also happy to announce that the tickets for the SDNC12 are sold out. Once more we are able to create an exciting Service Design conference!

First Day Only Tickets

Due to the high demand, we are offering a special ticket for only a few more participants to attend the first day of the conference at the La Poste amphitheatre on the 29th. These tickets are First Day Only, and are available here.

Conference theme: “Cultural Change by Design“.

At this year‘s conference we will be investigating how positive economic, social & cultural change can be assisted by the use of design. We will be looking at how Service Design promotes successful inter- and transdisciplinary projects, how it can transform internal working cultures and how service cultures vary in different countries and the implications of that. The theme will be “Cultural Change by Design“.

The Global Service Design Network Conference 2012


The conference will take place in Paris, day 1 on October 29th will be hosted by le groupe La Poste, day 2 will be hosted by design schools. On the 28th of October, before the conference, meetings with the members will be organized.


Orange McDonalds

Partners and Hosts

La Poste EnsAD

Paris College of Art – PCA Fjord Paris
La Cantine

Press Partners and Networks

Designers Interactifs Girlzinweb


SDN SDN France
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Agence pour la promotion de la création industrielle / Attoma / Nekoe / Utilisacteur