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Why Reviews Matter

Studies show that today we have grown more accustomed to trusting the advice of strangers on the Internet- for some, perhaps even more than the advice of some of our own family members!

In previous posts we have explained the importance of reviews but we really haven’t talked about the importance of reviews and reputation in the overall big picture. Sites like “EBay, Amazon and Trip Advisor are just three sites that have built their own reputation on encouraging third party reviews and now almost every e-commerce site you can think of will have some kind of review or rating system”.

How important are reviews to your business overall?

An article from B2C explains that many small businesses are ignoring the impact their online reputation is having on their offline business. In fact “if past clients have gone online to complain about poor service publicly on a third party website some business owners are taking the attitude of ‘out of sight, out of mind’”.  Remember, these reviews are there for every one to see and social media has taught us that once you put something on the internet, it’s there for good. –It’s like a report card that anyone can grade and everyone can see.

Here’s a few points we’ve gathered from the article:

  • 75% of reviews posted on review websites are positive
  • 82% of consumers considered user generated reviews extremely valuable
  • 90% of unhappy clients will not do business with the same company again
  • 63% of consumers will purchase from a website that has reviews or ratings.
  • 41% of survey respondents say they read four to seven reviews before they felt comfortable with a purchase.
  • 57% of shoppers trust customer reviews as a research source

As you can see there is a bigger picture to all of this; Reviews can equal more clients and bigger business.  The key is to figure out how your reputation is online.

Do you know what your online reputation looks like? You can get a free online reputation report for your business.

If you currently don’t have a five star business rating, FetchLocalCustomers can help! We can help monitor your online reputation and build your business the Five star rating that you deserve! Please give us call at 888.505.6162 today.

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