Wendy Wright

Wendy Wright

Wendy Wright is the founder and voice behind Arizona Moms Network. She is a wife and mother of two boys, ages 9 and 6 years old.

She is nearly a native of Arizona who has lived in our great state for over 30 years. She learned to walk and talk in Arizona and really only knows how to drive in straight, one mile increments that are standard in the Valley of the Sun. Driving in snow really freaks her out, but she tries to put on a brave face for her children.

Although she received her Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from Arizona State University, as a family they decided homeschooling was best for them.

When not busy teaching, writing, or behind the camera lens, she is often found drinking a Vanilla Coke, increasing her Xbox 360 gamer score, and dreaming of writing her own book.

She is a featured contributor to 30 Second Mom, featured reviewer for SheStreamsTV, and contributor to The Arizona Republic.

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