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Microsoft Reader for Desktop and Laptop PC

Updated: May 19, 2005

Full Installation

MSReaderSetupUSA.exe Download
3.58 MB File
17 min @ 28.8 kbps


1.74 MB File
8 min @ 28.8 kbps

Download a Great Escape

Download Microsoft Reader today and youll instantly enjoy the freedom of reading any of the thousands of available Microsoft Reader eBooks on an unmatched variety of devices!

Microsoft Reader is compatible with most Windows-based PCs and laptops.

With Microsoft Reader for desktop and laptop computers you get:

  • Remarkable content support: Enjoy thousands of Owner Exclusive eBooks on any Microsoft Reader 2.0 or higher enabled device.
  • Great on-screen readability: ClearType® display technology that makes text on screen crisper and easier to read than ever before.
  • Dynamic reading features: Enhance your texts with highlighting, bookmarks, notes, and drawings. Plus, you can view your annotations and rename or erase any of them at any time.
  • Great portability: Activate Microsoft Reader on your desktop and mobile devices and take your eReading library wherever you go. And because they require less space than the same titles in other formats, you can carry more Microsoft Reader eBooks!
  • One-click eBook creation. Create your own eBooks from Microsoft Word documents using the Read in Microsoft Reader add-in for Microsoft Word 2000 and higher.

Visit the Features page to learn about all the features in Microsoft Reader.

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Download Microsoft Reader for Windows-based desktop and laptop PCs FREE today! Use the update file if you already have Microsoft Reader installed. Install the full installation file if you dont have Microsoft Reader installed.

If you already have an older version of Microsoft Reader installed, uninstall your old version using the Add/Remove Programs control panel, then download the latest installation file.

Note: To use Text-to-Speech features, please download the Microsoft Reader Text-to-Speech Package 1.0 .

Microsoft Reader for desktop and laptop PCs is offered in five languages. All versions maintain the same system requirements, but the download sizes vary slightly as follows:

Microsoft Reader 2.1.1 ( English) - 3.58 MB
Microsoft Reader 2.1.1 ( French) - 3.63 MB
Microsoft Reader 2.1.1 ( German) - 3.64 MB
Microsoft Reader 2.1.1 ( Italian) - 3.63 MB
Microsoft Reader 2.1.1 ( Spanish) - 3.64 MB

System requirements

Processor   Pentium 75 or higher microprocessor
Memory   16 MB RAM
Hard disk   Approximately 19 MB free hard drive space (Microsoft Reader is 3.6 MB, but additional hard disk space is required for installation)
Operating system   Operating System-Microsoft Windows® 98 platforms, Microsoft Windows NT4 SP6, Microsoft Windows 2000 platforms, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows Me.
Display   VGA or higher resolution monitor and video card capable of displaying 16 bit color
Other devices   Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 with Service Pack 1 or higher

Important Download Instructions

  1. Click the download link.

  2. In the File Download box, select Save this program to disk.

  3. Save the file named "MSReaderSetupUSA.exe" to your hard drive.

  4. When the download is completed, locate MSReaderSetupUSA.exe on your hard drive and double-click the file to begin installation.
    Note: If you are running Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, a dialog box will appear when the download is completed, and you will be prompted to begin installation.

  5. You'll be prompted to activate your copy of Microsoft Reader. This important step is required to purchase premium eBook titles that have been encrypted for distribution through the activation process.
    Note: If you currently have an activated version of Microsoft Reader 1.5 or 1.51 on your laptop or desktop computer, make sure that you use the same Passport or Hotmail account to re-activate the new version after downloading it. (You must use the same account information to open and read the Owner Exclusive content that you have already purchased.)

  6. When installation is complete, you may be prompted to restart your PC. After the restart, the installation will continue. We strongly recommend activating your device at time of installation so you can purchase and open the Owner Exclusive premium content you may already have.