Quick Hits

  • Founded in 1978, now have 60 active club members
  • 15 National Championships, including the 2012 National Rugby 15s Champions
  • Founding member of the Women's Premier League - 2009
  • 46 National Team Players, including 7 players in the current National Team pool

    Mission Statement

    The Berkeley All Blues Women's Rugby Club is committed to excellence in rugby as part of a larger pledge to develop and promote both women's rugby and youth rugby, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender expression, in the Bay Area and greater United States.

    Who are the Berkeley All Blues?

    Women. Of every shape, size, color, age, make, and model. We are medical school students, teachers, engineers, artists, and community organizers. Diverse in almost every possible way, there is one thing that bonds us together: our love and dedication to the sport of rugby.

    Rugby is the third-fastest growing sport in the United States, with women making up the fastest growing segment, including over 400 college teams. Reflecting this growth, rugby was recently added to the 2016 Summer Olympics.

    Currently, the All Blues compete in the Women’s Premier League (WPL), comprised of the top eight teams in the United States. Founded in 2009, the WPL is designed to increase the number of high-level competitive matches by women’s club teams. Through their outstanding performance at this level, rugby players are sought out for the national team.

    With outstanding coaching, competitive matches, and a focus on player development, the All Blues have a unique ability to cultivate premier women rugby players.

    Berkeley All Blues’ National Championship Appearances

    Year Result
    1983 First Nationals appearance
    *missing data*
    1989 4th Place
    *missing data*
    19922nd Place
    1994National Champions
    1995 2nd Place
    19962nd Place
    1997National Champions
    1998National Champions
    1999National Champions
    2000National Champions
    2001National Champions
    2002 National Champions
    2003 National Champions
    2004 National Champions
    2005 National Champions
    2006 2nd Place
    2007 National Champions
    2008 National Champions
    20092nd Place
    20103rd Place
    2011National Champions
    2012National Champions

    Total: 15 National Championships, 5 2nd Place finishes

    Capped All Blues

    The All Blues are proud to include hundreds of strong, athletic women in our ranks of current and former players.  46 of these women have represented their country internationally, for 15s and/or 7s.  Congratulations to our internationally capped All Blues:

    United States England Japan
    Shalanda Baker (15s) Emma Mitchell (15s) Chihiro Koga (15s)
    Sue Brooks (15s) Jane Mitchell (15s)  
    Stephanie Bruce (15s and 7s)    
    Carol Burdick (15s) Canada New Zealand
    Jamie Burke (15s) Kat Todd (15s) Tia Paasi (15s)
    Lisa Butts (15s) Sarah Ulmer (15s)  
    Laura Cabrera (15s and 7s)    
    Erin Carter (15s)    
    Jen Crawford (15s)    
    Jen Crouse (15s)    
    Cat Darrow (15s)    
    Stacey Davis (15s)    
    Deb Dennis (15s)    
    TJ Eckert (15s)    
    Ashley English (15s)    
    Kathy Flores (15s)    
    Victoria Folayan (15s and 7s)    
    Kim Greene (15s)    
    Blair Groefsma (15s)    
    Allyson Hemstreet (15s)    
    Tyshawn Henry (15s and 7s)    
    Sue Landsittel (15s)    
    Jen Lucas (7s)    
    Nathalie Marchino (15s)    
    Amanda Micheli (15s)    
    Jane Mitchell (7s)    
    Tina Nesberg (15s and 7s)    
    Jess Olive (15s)    
    Naima Reddick (15s)    
    Diane Schnapp (15s and 7s)    
    Melissa Smit (15s)    
    Katie Stewart (15s)    
    Chris Trucano (15s)    
    Jossy Tseng (15s)    
    Mari Wallace (15s)    
    Courtney Warner (7s)    
    Rose Whitmore (15s)    
    Alex Williams (15s)