UFO Sightings Maps:   North America and Europe in the 1970s

UFO Sightings Map: North America 1970s From 435 pre-1940 listings, *U* registers 1048 in the 1940s, 4900 in the roaring 1950s, 3512 in the 1960s, and a sudden rise to 4370 events in the 1970s.   Of those, nearly 1600 were in North America, almost all showing here.

The peak of activity in North America remains 1973 with 403 events, 370 in the USA alone, mostly in the Eastern States. See North America 1973 .. the accompanying histogram: 1973 .. and a comparative map of 3 waves Layered Together

Comparing "averaged" coordinates for the decades, we find a strong Eastward shift from 43:32 degrees West Longitude in the 1960s to 22:12 degrees in the 1970s.   There is also a Northward shift from 28:28N in the 1960s to 33:28N in the 1970s.   This results from a 264% increase in European reports, while South American sightings dropped from 449 to only 249.   (Numbers change as new data is entered.)

UFO Sightings Map: Europe 1970s <=   European UFOs in the 1970s.

The busiest years here were 1973 to 1978 inclusive, a total of 3250 or 74.3% of the decade total 4370 sightings.   1978 was the big year in Europe, with 260 listings.   Of those, Italy came in first (125) while France had only 44, British Isles 46, the rest scattered in 1978.

For the entire decade, this map shows strong activity in Italy, France, England and Belgium especially where an intense and localized wave surprised everyone.   Some spillover into the northern departments of France shows.

Scandanavia and Finland are notable not for any large number of sightings shown, but their wide and even distribution, even over thinly populated arctic regions.

The Mediterranian islands of Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia finally show good activity in the 1970s.
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