Audio from #purposedpsi – 2 – Julia Skinner’s 3×3

John Johnston, co-founder of is kindly helping us chop up the audio from the first Purpos/ed Summit for Educators into manageable sections.

At the event, instigators were randomly selected to present a (pre-prepared) set of three slides in the space of three minutes (hence 3×3). This was Julia Skinner’s contribution:×3

Audio from #purposedpsi – 1 – Doug Belshaw’s intro

Purpos/ed Instigators

Thanks again to Steve Boneham who captured the audio at the inaugural Purpos/ed Summit for educators. We’re fortunate to have roped in John Johnston, co-founder of to help us chop up the audio into manageable sections.

The first of these, Doug Belshaw‘s introduction, is now available at:

June 2011′s campaign (which you’ll be able to sign up for soon) will be audio-based, so start thinking of people to interview!

Bonus: some more feedback from the event

Feedback from #purposedpsi


We’ve had some great, honest feedback from our first Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators. We can’t list all of it, but below are some snapshots. Many mentioned how they enjoyed meeting people face-to-face that they’d only previously interacted with online, coupled with a wish that the afternoon could have been all-day instead.

Oh, and we’ll make sure that we include an attendee list next time, although we’re pleased with the number of people who have joined the Facebook group for the event!

I enjoyed listening to everyone’s talks and thought the 3×3 format was really effective.

Less formal structure (I didn’t like the lecture theatre and alternative classroom) where lots of different things can happen at once – everything can be captured and shared later.

The organisation was very good – clear directions, clear programme which was kept to, clear focus on the tasks.

Provide a notional framework or expected outputs from barcamp-type dicussions. Ours degenerated a little and got off-task…

Having never worked in education I found it very enlightening to have a discussion with people who have ideas on how to improve or change how people are educated.

The wifi was crap.

I enjoyed the camaraderie (thank goodness for spell check) of the people gathered. I felt that there was a spirit amongst the participants due to the networking that had been facilitated prior to the event via the Purpos/ed team’s efforts.

I think the link between 3x3s and discussions could be made more meaningful – though I’m not sure how. The presentations and the discussions were both worthwhile and interesting, but they felt a bit like different events.

[I liked] the opportunity to discuss the big questions with open minded and informed people.

[I would like] a broader intake than those that work in schools (the echo chamber)

Many thanks to those who gave feedback – we look forward to being bigger and better next time!

Image CC BY-NC-SA ClareS76

Order (more) #500words books!

Purpos/ed - 500words

At the Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators last Saturday, instigators were given a book containing all of the (scheduled) #500words blog posts written as part of a recent campaign. This was courtesy of Chris Ratcliffe of Scholastic UK using their easy-to-use We Are Writers! website.

There’s been demand since the event both from those who were there (who want more than one copy) and those who weren’t there (who want to get their hands on one). Using his initative, Ian Guest got in touch with Chris and has found a way in which those who want to get hold of some can do.

More details at:

Image CC BY-NC-SA Andy Stew

Blog posts about #purposedpsi

Instigators at #purposedpsi

Some of the instigators at last weekend’s Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators have written up their experiences:

Have we missed yours? Add a comment below!

#purposedpsi videos

As well as images and presentations there were a number of videos taken at last weeks #purposedpsi event. We owe a huge thank you to both Leon Cych and Steve Boneham for their skills in capturing these.

Purpos/ed YouTube Channel:

We’ll continue to add new videos as and when they appear. Bookmark the playlist for future reference and we’ll highlight any new videos via twitter :-)

Alec Patton’s 3×3 for #purposedpsi

Alec Patton didn’t get the chance to present his 3×3 (3 slides in 3 minutes) at the Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators. He took the initiative and recorded audio to go with his slides and uploaded the resulting screencast to his work blog. We like his style!

(Can’t see the video? View it on YouTube)

3×3 presentations from #purposedpsi

Steve Bunce presenting his 3x3

Last Saturday’s Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators featured three 3×3 sessions. Instigators had three slides and three minutes to explain what they believed to be the purpose(s) of education. There were many more people wanting to present that we had time for, but you can view their slides over at:

We recorded the audio from those who presented and will eventually add that to the slides. For those who didn’t get the chance – why not send us 3 minutes of audio?

Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators

What a day! We had a great time yesterday at Sheffield Hallam University’s Conference21 venue discussing, debating and planning. There were people from all tiers of education, third sector organisations, and those just interested in changing education for the better.

Follow the #purposedpsi hashtag on Twitter for the latest multimedia (like this video) to come out of the event. We’re collecting photos on Flickr here! (any added will appear in the slideshow above)

There was a real buzz during and after the event, so watch this (and other online) space(s) for activism happening sooner rather than later!

Many, many thanks to our sponsors – Systems and Education, Scholastic, Tribal and Careers Info. It wouldn’t have been possible without them!

#3×5 – Education should disrupt

Education should disrupt

CC BY-NC-SA Josie Fraser

Quotation taken from David White’s #500words post:¬†

Get involved and view upcoming contributions here

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