Julia Skinner: the purpose of education is to burn brightly (#500words)

A snapshot of Julia Skinner's blog post about the purpose of education.

Moving on strongly into week four of the Purpos/ed #500words campaign today is Julia Skinner, who writes:

…I think I was stuck in the ‘school is where most education occurs’ way of thinking.

As a retired headteacher I suppose that was a natural position to take. However, the learning I have achieved and the ‘education’ I have received in the past two years has added another layer to my definition and that is about the longevity of learning.

Thinking about it, it links well with an event that is happening in the country at the moment – that of the Olympic torch relay and the lighting of the flame. Now you may ask how on earth that is anything to do with education and its purpose. Well there are a number of similarities.


You can continue reading Julia’s contribution at: http://www.theheadsoffice.co.uk/the-purpose-of-education-is-to-burn-brightly (please do leave comments for her!)

The list of all contributors during this campaign is at: http://bit.ly/purposedu500

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