James Elmash: the purpose of education is to filter (#500words)

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The final post of what’s been a fantastic Purpos/ed #500words campaign today is James Elmash who writes:

So it all comes back to the purpose of education being a filtering system. You see even though I’d never get a job without GCSE maths, I wouldn’t need to be able to express the square root of 18 in surd form while cutting hair. When I worked in a restaurant making desserts, I didn’t need any skills beyond year 9 food technology lessons.

I asked two friends and a teacher what they thought the purpose of education was, and they gave me a four word answer; “To get a job”. The teacher actually said “get the skills to gain employment”, which when translated from jargon reads; “to get a job”. And really, I think that is as deep as it goes. You get an education to get the qualifications that stop employers disregarding your CV.

You can continue reading James’ contribution at: http://billericayschool.net/speakup/2012/05/nothing-much-38/ (please do leave comments for him!)

The list of all contributors during this campaign is at: http://bit.ly/purposedu500

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