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Evo Bluestein Multi-instrumentalist & singer Evo Bluestein brings to his music a rich legacy of American folk tradition, brilliant interpretation and original composition. Considered one of this country's most accomplished Appalachian-style autoharpists, Bluestein is equally known as a performer and teacher of oldtime fiddle, button accordion, guitar and banjo. His repertoire includes songs derived from Appalachian, Cajun, zydeco, blues and other styles of music.
School Assembly & Residency American Folk Rhythm and Dance Residency by Evo Bluestein is a folk dance week that has been popular in California schools since1996. The American folk rhythm and dance residency is geared toward primary or secondary students. Folk dancing is age-old community building.This dance week, with a culminating "barn dance" will be one of the best things your school does to achieve a sense of community.Any school can be a school of the arts if you book the right programs!
Evoharp & Sparrowharp The Evoharp is a handmade autoharp or chord harp, also known as a chorded zither. The Sparrowharp has similar characteristics but it is narrower in width for smaller bodies and shorter arms. Designed as a 15-bar autoharp, The Evoharp may also be ordered in a 21-bar configuration or as a diatonic autoharp. People with bursitis and arthritis take pleasure in this harp because of its weight, size and action. Our new case features additional backpack option with larger music book storage.
Lyquid Amber Lyquid Amber is the musical collaboration created by Evo Bluestein and Hans York and includes Eva Scow, Kevin Hill and sometimes a larger ensemble. Lyquid Amber music draws from the members’ collective experience in jazz, rock, classical, Brazilian, and Southern Appalachia, to create inspiring new landscapes in music. The music could be called progressive acoustic.  
Bad Boys Zydeco Evo Bluestein leads the California based zydeco and blues band Bad Boys Zydeco. Evo plays button accordions and fiddle, having learned his craft from visits with master Cajun and zydeco performers in Louisiana. Dirty Linen Magazine reviewer says ". . . more original than most of the current crop of zydeco groups from Louisiana and half of the songs are in French to boot ...better, more distinctive, and even more in keeping with the tradition than much of what is currently being released in the genre."


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dance residency
Sixth grade CA. PE standard 1.7   
Perform folk and line dances.

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