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The 512 Podcast was a weekly talk show about technology, journalism and design. It was co-hosted by Myke Hurley and I on the 70Decibels from February 2012 until June 2013.

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066 – You Get It Every Week

Live from San Francisco, Myke and I discuss WWDC and wrap up the 512 Podcast for the final time.

Show Notes:

- A lot of nerds in one room

- OS X Mavericks White Paper

- Riposte for


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065 – Many Shades of Powerful

This week — on the penultimate episode of the 512 Podcast — Myke and Stephen are joined by Federico Viticci to discuss iOS 7 predictions and their new show.

Show Notes:

- CMD+Space 46

- Macstories: iOS7 Wishlist

- Apple Turning to Select Retail Store Employees to Help Improve Maps for iOS 6

- Macstories: Dispatch: A New Email Client for iOS with App Actions and Snippets

- The Prompt Artwork

- 512 Pixels: Welcome To The Prompt

- The Prompt on Twitter and

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064 – I Like Hot Dogs On Everything

063 – An Industry Expert

062 – A Lava Monster

061 – A Post-Modern Nerd

With the sun at his back and the wind in his hair, Stephen returns from Florida to discuss WWDC, the latest Apple rumors and Google Now.

Show Notes:

- 512px: Wish Granted

- Lego Nasa

- Stephen <3 Lego Batman

- Stephen’s Lego Mac

- Powerpig Lego


- Enough Ep 199: That’s All I Have To Say To You

 - The Verge: OS X 10.9

- MacRumors: Ive’s Flat Design

- Bloomberg: iOS7 Delay

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060 – A Whole Bunch of First Blind Dates

With Stephen on vacation this week, Myke is joined by Shawn Blanc. They discuss WWDC and how 2013 could pan out for Apple.

Show Notes:


- Stephen on a Speeder Bike

- 512px: On Apple’s Q2 2013 Earnings

- 512px: Why I stopped caring about the numbers

- Camera Review: The Olympus E-PL5

- Branch: Apple to Begin iPhone Production This Quarter

- Moves for iPhone

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059 – Han Solo: Tokyo Drift

This week, Stephen is re-joined by Myke, and they discuss the media coverage of the Boston bombing, Facebook’s updated app, Star Wars and WWDC.

Show Notes:

- Bionic: 038 – A Sensory Boat Tour

- Legoland Hotel

- Lego Stress Machine

- The Atlantic: Photos of the Boston Marathon

- The Verge: Explosions at the Boston Marathon

- NYT: In grisly image, a father sees his son

- TechHive: The Best Boston Marathon Videos Were Shot By Amateurs

- MG: Rule #1: Don’t Be A Profiteering Asshole

- Screenshot of CNN Tweets

- Statement from the FBI

- Forbes: The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky Defends Boston Bombing Coverage

- Support 512 Pixels

- The Verge: New ‘Star Wars’ films to be released every summer, beginning with ‘Episode VII’ in 2015

- Dan Counsell’s Tweet

- Mike Matas’ Tweet

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058 – A Car That Does Math

With Myke licking his wounds from the Revolutionary War, Stephen talks with Brad Dowdy, Aaron Mahnke and Bradley Chambers about technology and nerd culture, how we got here, and where we’re going.

Show Notes:

- The Pen Addict

- The Pen Addict Podcast

- Wet Frog Studios

- Frictionless

- Out of School

- Chambers Daily

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057 – Skufamorpharisms

056 – I’m Delicate Like a Flower

Stephen and Myke discuss Apple’s iPad marketing, the Retina MacBook Pro, Stephen’s impressions of his Pebble smartwatch and the rumored Facebook phone.

Show Notes:

- The 512 Podcast: 013 – The World’s Oldest Profession

- Why iPad?

- CMD+SPACE: 034 – A Man of the Internet, with John Siracusa

- Apple Power Adapters TS1713

- 512 Pixels: The Pebble: Is the Time Right for a Smartwatch?

- Pebble Watch

- 512 Pixels: iPod nano Watch Review

- The Verge: Pebble Review

- LG Phone Watch

- Myke’s Watch

- Stephen’s Watch

- Techcrunch: Facebook Phone Invite 

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055 – No One Cares About You and You’re Alone

This week Stephen and Myke address some Lego and 5by5 follow up, then go on to discuss Apple’s recent marketing efforts, Google Now on iOS, Google Reader and Myke’s new Mac.

Show Notes:

- We’re Moving To 5by5!

- Lego Apple ||+

- 512 px: Why iPhone

- Gruber: Everything Else

- The Verge: Eric Schmidt hints Google Now for iOS stuck in App Store approval process

- The Loop: Google Now has not been submitted to Apple

- The Verge: Apple says there are no Google apps awaiting review in App Store

- 512px: NetNewsWire to Return

- 512px: RSS Address Change

- Boom

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054 – In This Time of Experimentation

This week, staggering like zombies away from the flaming wreckage that is Daylight Savings Time, Stephen and Myke discuss Office for iPad, prototype hardware and streaming music services.

Show Notes:

- Extremis

- Angry Alexander

- The Verge: Alleged Galaxy S 4 video shows a lot more than Samsung’s teasers

- Samsung Teases Galaxy S4

Lots of Lost Legos May Turn Up on Your Beach

- 512 Pixels: Microsoft, Mozilla and iOS: Pouting Isn’t For Everyone

- Accidental Tech Podcast 3: Conditions Led To Freecell

- Ars Technica: Exclusive: super-early iPhone prototype had 5″x7″ screen, serial port

- The Verge: A look at Microsoft’s top-secret Surface prototypes

- The Verge: HTC One

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053 – Smelling In Color

This week, Stephen and Myke talk Myke’s new secret night job, the new Iron Man 3 trailer, the loss of one family’s LEGO collection and Andy Ihnatko’s new phone.

Show Notes:

- Turn your iPhone into a cough button – Brett Terpstra

- Youtube: Batman Chooses His Voice

- Wired: Man Dressed as Batman Hands Suspect to British Police, Vanishes Into Night

- Myke?

- Lego Mac Back For Pre-Order

- Ben Huckle’s Lego Mac

- Myke’s Minifigs

- Stephen’s Credenza

- ‘Iron Man 3’ What We’ve Learned So Far

- Cnet: Lego spill tangles up West Virginia highway

- Andy Ihnatko: Why I switched from iPhone to Android – Part One | Part Two

- Falcon Pro

- CMD+SPACE 032 – Writing, Podcasting and Comedy, with Lex Friedman

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052 – Fire up a Tumblr & Go to Town

This week, Myke and Stephen discuss Myke’s ability to force developers in to updating their apps with a mere mention, then discuss the state of the Apple blogosphere and those who might be stuck in the past when it comes to Apple’s direction and business.

Show Notes:

- Twitterrific 5.1 Video

- Field Notes Grass Stain Green

- Field Notes Ravens Wing

- New Republic: What happens to Mac fanatics when the brand bums them out?

- 512 Pixels: On Being The Mac

- Out Of School 26: Mikey DJ Gets Jealous

- Drafts

- Pythonista

- Launch Center Pro

- Ticci’s Tweet

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051 – My Middle Name Is Not Mother

With Stephen ensconced in a fugue state, him and Myke address a grab-bag of topics ranging from Lenovo Thinkpads to Google Glasses and iPhone Homescreens.

Show Notes:

- Lego Mac Print

- The Pen Addict: Episode 42 – Short Attention Span Theatre

- Field Notes Raven’s Wing

- Thinkpad T430

- Google Glass

- Google Glass Video

- 52Tiger: Google Glass is a terrible idea

- 512 Pixels: On Google Glass

- One37: The Place Where Ideas Are Made

- Shawn Baker: Opaque Glass

- Bionic: 030 – Bringing The Words

- Mike Beasley: Tweetbot and the updated Twitter Display Guidelines

- CMD+SPACE: 020 – Twitterrific, with Gedeon Maheux

- Myke’s iPhone Homescreen

- Stephen’s iPhone Homescreen

- Felix

- Enough: Ep 39 – NBAD

- 512 Pixels: Notification Badge Anxiety Disorder

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050 – Please Don’t Mace Me

This week, Stephen and Lil’ Mikey DJ discuss gdgt being bought by Aol, Apple’s slight refresh to its MacBook line and the iPad 4.

Show Notes:

- @512pxTrain

- My First Computer Lego Parts List

- Ben Huckle’s Missing Parts List

AOL adds gdgt to its Have-list!

- Peter Rojas: It’s Good to be Back

- Ryan Block: Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

- The Loop: Apple updates MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

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049 – Little Mikey DJ Walking In The Forest

This week on the 512 Podcast, Stephen and Myke discuss some follow-up, then walk through their respective workflows and the tools they use to get their Internet-based work done.

Show Notes:

- Lego Mac Print

- Playmobil Apple Store

- ThinkGeek creates a Mini Apple Store for April Fool’s

- Lego Cuusoo Apple Store

- Hypercritical: Apple’s 2013 To-Do List

- Marco: A crazier prediction: iPhone Plus is real, and huge

- Marco’s Accidental Tech Podcast with John Siracusa

- Reeder

- Mr Reader

- Pinboard

- Markdown

- phpMarkdown Plug In

- MarsEdit

- CMD+SPACE: 027 – Making Software and Selling It, with Daniel Jalkut

- Poster for iOS


- 512px: On the Theoretical iPad mini with Retina display

- Media Temple DV

- 512px: iPhoto for iOS Not Using Google Maps

- W3 Total Cache

- DF Linked List Plugin

- Page Links To Plugin

- Gauges

- Vaultpress

- Back to Work: #105: Fissures of Men

- Podcasting Equipment Guide (2011)

- Libsyn

- Shawn Blanc: Setting Up a Basic Mac Media Server

- 512px: On The Mac Media Server

- CMD+SPACE: 028 – Technology and Music, with John Roderick

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048 – Traditionary

This week on the 512 Podcast, Stephen and Myke return to discuss some followup, then move on to talk about Stephen’s iPhone, the new 128 GB iPad and Blackberry 10.

Show Notes:

- Macworld: In his own words: Tim Cook on Apple earnings and more

- MacRumors: Apple Thunderbolt Display Supplies Begin Running Short at Third-Party Resellers

- James May’s Lego House

James May’s Lego house demolished

- Hammond’s Car Crash

- Richard Hammond: On The Edge

The Bat vs. Bane™: Tumbler Chase

- Lego Mac Set

- 512 px: iPhoneless: The Failure

- Fantastical for iPhone

- An Obsessive’s Guide to Field Notes COLORS Editions

- The Pen Addict Episode 40 – It Was Very Troubling To Me

- The Pen Addict Episode 33 – Field Notes Fascination

- Myke’s Brainstorming Session

- Macworld: Apple announces 128GB iPad

- One37: The Day the iPad Became the Mac

- The Verge: Live from RIM’s BlackBerry 10 event

- Devs, BlackBerry Is Going To Keep On Loving You

- The Verge: Blackberry Z10 Review

- 512 px: RIM Gives Blogger Haircut at BlackBerry 10 Event

- Bionic

- Crackberry’s Blackberry 10 Review

- Announcing the File API

Direct Download

047 – A Nerd With Crab Hands

046 – The Year of Linux on Rifles

This week, the guys talk about the iMac’s shipping delay and then CES.

- iMac Shipping Dates

Fusion Drive Now Available as Option for Low End 21.5“ iMac

- 5by5TimeMachine

- Death Star Images: One | Two | Three | Four

- Shuttle Size Reference

- Sorting Lego

- Missing Pieces

- The Verge: CES Photo History

- Qualcomm’s Insane CES Keynote


Big Things:

- 27” Lenovo Tablet

- 20“ Panasonic 4K Tablet

- 6” Huawei Phone


Bad Ideas:

- Bluestacks on Lenovo PC’s

- Linux Powered Rifle

- Netgear Google TV

- Panasonic Wearable Camera

- Android Powered Glasses


Most Silly Name:

- 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor


- Comment from Logitech CEO

- Buzzfeed: Why We’re Not At The Biggest Tech Show In The World

- Wired: CES Is the World’s Greatest Hardware Show Stuck in a Software Era

- AllthingsD: Welcome to CES: A Trade Show, Not a Tastemaker

- Chris Herbert’s Tweet

- Pebble Watch Gains A Ship Date

Direct Download

045 – A Venn Diagram of Our Lives

In this, the first episode of 2013, Myke and Stephen re-visit the topic of awesome Lego sets, then move on to discuss how as we nerds align ourselves with companies and trends.

Show Notes:

- Lego Death Star Photo Update

- Lego Dinosaur

- Lego Space Shuttle Expedition

- Lego Dino

- Airfix DB5

- Macsales

- Stephen’s MacBook Pro

- Retina MacBook Pro

- Hypercritical #100: Metacritical

- Sandwich Video: Jambox

- Jambox

- The Big Jambox

- Techcrunch: Big Jambox Review

- Marco’s Tweet

- The Dogcow Shrine

- Stephen’s Dogcow Tattoo

Direct Download

044 – WebOS Is Still Dead

On this holiday episode, Myke provides an update on his Lego Death Star, and Stephen and Myke reflect on the news and apps that made 2012 unique.

- <a href=“–20” mce_href=“–20” title="“ class=”“>Lego Death Star

- Death Star Images: <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”“>One | <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”“>Two | <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”“>Three

- <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”“>Walking With Dinosaurs

- <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”“>Myke’s Dinosaur Cup

- <a href=”–20-terms“ mce_href=”–20-terms“ title=”“ class=”“>Techmeme’s Top 20 Terms of 2012

- <a href=”–2012-in-review/“ mce_href=”–2012-in-review/“>Apple’s 2012 in Review: Archetypes, executive shuffles, patents and still no televisions

- Systematic <a href=”“ mce_href=”“>#11: Pure Genius With Stephen Hackett

- <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”“>Day One

- <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”“>Evernote

- <a href=”“ mce_href=”“>The 512 Podcast: 006 – A Memphis Notebook

- <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”“>Twitterrific

- <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”">Fantastical

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043 – These Are Different Spiders

This week, Stephen and Myke talk about Instagram, after Myke gets his head in order. And Lego. And Back to the Future.

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>Quit #3: Are You Employed, Sir?

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>After Dark #307: After Quit! #3

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>Privacy and Terms of Service Changes on Instagram

- The Verge: <a href=“” mce_href=“”>Instagram’s Backlash is Flickr’s Gain

- One37: <a href=“” mce_href=“”>Instagram Attempts to Monetize, World Doesn’t End

- The Verge: <a href=“” mce_href=“”>No, Instagram Can’t Sell Your Photos

- TNW: <a href=“” mce_href=“”>Why you should want to pay for apps

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>Twitter: @needadebitcard

- CMD+SPACE <a href=“” mce_href=“”>020 – Twitterrific, with Gedeon Maheux

- MG: <a href=“” mce_href=“”>I Love The Smell Of Sepia Tone In The Morning

- <a href=“–365–2013/” mce_href=“–365–2013/”>Rebooting Project 365

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>Lego CUUSOO

- <a href=“–20-december–4001” mce_href=“–20-december–4001”>CUUSOO Announcement

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042 – That’s How Hindsight Works

This week, Stephen and Myke return to their discussion of Apple’s new iMac, then talk more about the huge number of keyboard Stephen has purchased and returned over the last few weeks. Finally, the boys talk about Stephen’s first iPhoneless month, and the iPod touch Stephen purchased and might return.

Show Notes:

- Stephen’s office


- Chair prank photo

- Wrapped desk prank photo

- Ars Reviews The New iMac

- Marco on the new iMac

- Thomas Brand on the new iMac

- Das Keyboard Model S Professional

- Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000

- Microsoft Keyboard Driver Image

- The Loop: On the pleasure of using a ‘dumb’ phone

- iPod touch

- iPod touch Camera Image

Direct Download

041 – The Ones Who Care Have the Tools

040 – I Could Take a Certain Amount of Ugly

039 – A Lick of Paint

038 – Getting to Know the Waitress

This week, Myke returns from the wilderness and grills Stephen about leaving his iPhone behind for a year.

- 512 Pixels: Hanging Up On iPhone

- 512 Pixels: iPhoneless: The Response

- Enough: Ep 83 – Hip to be Bored

- TBR: ‘Hanging Up on iPhone’

- Motorola W385

- The Magazine: Parenting Technology

- Paul Miller: Offline

Direct Download

037 – Genetically-Mutated Thumbs

This week, Stephen is joined by Bradley Chambers. They discuss the use of technology in education, digital textbooks and the new iPad mini.

- Bradley Chambers on Twitter

- Out of School Podcast



- Amazon Whispercast

- The Volume Purchase Program

- Apple Configurator

- Aerohive

Direct Download

036 – An Emo Tony Stark

This week, Stephen is joined by Shawn Blanc, and they discuss the iPad mini and Surface RT, as well as the new Iron Man 3 trailer and Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars.

- John Gruber’s iPad mini Review

- Iron Man 3 Trailer

- An Alternate Universe

- 512 Pixels: The Microsoft Store Experience

- The Next Web: Disney Purchases Lucasfilm

- The Incomparable: When You Wish Upon a “Star Wars”


- Tools & Toys

Direct Download

035 – CPR Over Skype

This week, hot on the heels of Apple’s iPad mini event, Stephen and Myke distill the news and talk about the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, the new crazy-thin iMac and, of course, the new, smaller iPad. And Myke chokes on the air. Literally.

- MacBook Pro Product Matrix

- 512 Pixels: Concentration, Not Reduction

- 512 Pixels: On the design of a theoretical retina iMac

- iMac Design Evolution

- Brett Terpstra: Turn your iPhone into a cough button

- Bionic 016 – MATT SMASH

- Shawn Blanc: Concentrated

- Generational: 006 – From Employee to Self Employed

- Home Work: 031 – Parenthood (with Shawn Blanc)

- Out of School Podcast

Direct Download

034 – The Power of Love

This week, <a href=“” mce_href=“” title="“ class=”“>Stephen and <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”“>Myke talk about Lego, the Microsoft Surface and next week’s Apple event.

- <a href=”–5-lightning-dock-for–20-with-this-lego-set/“ mce_href=”–5-lightning-dock-for–20-with-this-lego-set/“>Lego Lightning Dock

- Lego dock: <a href=”“ mce_href=”“>Image 1 | <a href=”“ mce_href=”“>Image 2

- <a href=”“ mce_href=”“>The Lightning Dock

- The Loop: <a href=”“ mce_href=”“>The Surface Ad

- 512 Pixels: <a href=”“ mce_href=”“>On The iPad And Surface RT

- <a href=”“ mce_href=”“>Bionic

- <a href=”“ mce_href=”“ title=”“ class=”">The Talk Show 19

Direct Download

033 – Haircut Thief

This week, Stephen and Myke discuss the iTunes Festival, Stephen’s new Kindle and camera and Myke’s history of bad haircuts.

- 512 Pixels:My 2012 Mac Setup

- 512 Pixels: Start Here

- iTunes Festival

- Wikipedia: iTunes Festival

- Stephen Fry at the iTunes Festival

- Ungeniused

- Stephen’s Paperwhite Review

- Canon G9

- Canon S100

- Nikon S800c

- @eyemyke

- Shawn Blanc: The Hidden Radio

- The B&B Podcast: #79: You Never Need It, Until You Need It

- Lego iPhone Stand

Direct Download

032 – The One Where Stephen Hung Up

This week on the 512 Podcast, Stephen and Myke fight the Evil Forces of Skype to discuss the apps, the iPhone 5 and RIM’s new music video.

- Felix

- Bookback for iPhone 5

- DODOcase iPhone Wallet

- BookBook For iPhone

- Lightning Connector Article

- RIM Music Video

- The Verge’s Coverage of Blackberry 10

Direct Download

031 – Monster Hands To Make The Reach

On this special episode Myke and Stephen are joined by Matt Alexander and they discuss their first impressions of the iPhone 5.

- Black iPhone 5 Scratching

- Applecare+ For iPhone

- Bionic

Direct Download

030 – I’m In Love With The API

This week Myke and Stephen discuss their recent large purchases from the Apple Store, the new Twitter for iPad, how IE can ruin a website and a blast from Stephen’s computing past.

- CMD+SPACE: 008 – The iPhone 5 Event, with Stephen Hackett

- MG: Apple’s Magic Is The Turn, Not The Prestige

- Harry Marks: Boring

- Image of The Verge Ad

- Stephen’s iBook

- Wikipedia: iBook

- The Crazy iBook

Direct Download

029 – A Lemon in it

This week, Stephen enjoys a milkshake while Myke drinks fruity water. They talk about Amazon’s new Kindles and last-minute rumors concerning the next iPhone.

- 512 Pixels: <a href=“” mce_href=“”>A Kindle At Any Price

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>Marco Quote

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>The Kindle’s that Myke can buy

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>How The Kindle Paperwhite Screen Works

- OM: <a href=“–5-what-to-expect-from-apples-event/” mce_href=“–5-what-to-expect-from-apples-event/”>iPhone Rumour Round Up

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>Stephen’s Milkshake

Direct Download

028 – My Affinity for Hank

This week, Stephen returns from his week away to discuss the iPad mini and Breaking Bad.

- Bionic: 008 – Aggressive Promise

- Marco: Predicting the “iPad Mini” internals

- 512 Pixels: Breaking Bad a Hero’s Tale?

- Contact Form

Direct Download

027 – Firing On One Cylinder

026 – The Great Nerd Migration

This week on the 512 Podcast, Myke returns from his trip to the Himalayan Mountains to discuss iPad keyboards and with Stephen.

- The Verge iPad Keyboard Case Roundup

- Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

- Incase Origami

- Directory of apps

- Shrtmsg

- Tools And Toys

Direct Download

025 – If You Were My Best Friend

024 – They Could Give It Emotion

This week, the guys talk about CMD+Space, Mountain Lion and Apple’s Sept. 12 event.

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>CMD+SPACE

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>CMD+SPACE Blog Post

- <a href=“–106-the-beard-ate-the-microphone.html” mce_href=“–106-the-beard-ate-the-microphone.html”>The Bro Show Episode 106 – The Beard Ate The Microphone

- <a href=“” mce_href=“”>Stephen’s Mountain Lion Review

- iMore: <a href=“–5-and-ipad-mini-event-planned-september–12-iphone–5-release-date-september–21” mce_href=“–5-and-ipad-mini-event-planned-september–12-iphone–5-release-date-september–21”>iPhone 5 and iPad Mini on Sept 12th

- Macstories: <a href=“–12/” mce_href=“–12/”>Apple to hold new iPhone event on Sept 12th

- TNW: <a href=“–12th-mark-your-calendars/” mce_href=“–12th-mark-your-calendars/”>Apple to hold iPhone event on September 12th, mark your calendars

- Eggfreckles: <a href=“” mce_href=“”>GoJGo

Direct Download

023 – Seattle Is Not Like Italy

This week, on the eve of Mountain Lion’s release, Stephen and Myke talk about the Nexus 7, the possibility of a smaller iPad, Stephen’s losing battle with the iBooks Author EULA and backpacks.

- Stephen’s Mountain Lion Review

- Stephen’s Nexus 7 Review

- Youtube video on pronouncing ‘Asus’

- Bionic 002 – Barren Land

- Tweetlanes APK

- The Hooters Car

- 512 Pixels Extras (including System Extension)

- 512 Pixels: The Problem With iBooks Author

- iBooks Author FAQ

- Myke’s Backpack

- Stephen’s Backpack

- 512 Pixels: Mini-Review: The Smart Alec

- Stephen’s Messenger Bag

- Tools And Toys: Heritage Flat Pack

- Tom Bihn Brainbag

Direct Download

022 – The Size Of My Work

This week, Myke and Stephen talk about waking up in the wrong country, Stephen’s new magazine and the curse of the moderately successful side business.  

- Evan’s iPod Image

- 512: Introducing System Extension

- 512 Pixels Membership

- Mailchimp’s Logo History

- 512: It’s A Part Time Gig; But A Full-Time Frustration

- Bartending

Direct Download

021 – Stephen Stole An iPod

This week, Stephen talks about every iPod sold since January 2004, and Myke tries to stay awake.

- Mactracker – Get Info on any Mac

- Identifying iPod models

- List of iPod models – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- iPod Classic – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- iPod Mini – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- iPod Photo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- iPod Shuffle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- P Diddy HP iPod

- iPod Nano – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- iPod nano scratch lawsuit checks are in the mail | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

- Apple is replacing first gen iPod nanos due to faulty batteries – Engadget

- iPod Touch – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- Nanochromatic Image

- VoiceOver – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- Macrumors – Revamped iPod nano

Direct Download

020 – Tiny Pockets

This week, Stephen and Myke talk about the Nexus 7, the $200 device market, linked lists and begin their discussion of the history of the iPod.

- Cooking With Brett And Myke S02E09 – Soup

- More on Bionic

- Nexus 7 on Google Play

- 7.85" iPad Rumour

- The Verge: Jelly Bean Review

- The Verge: Nexus 7 Review

- Introducing ‘Linked List’ Items

- Amplified Episode #12: A Kickstand On Everything I Own


- The 512 Podcast 014 – It Looks Like a Tooth

- iPod Introduction Video: Part One | Part Two | Part Three

- Apple Pr: Apple Presents iPod

- Macworld First Look of the iPod

- Slashdot: Apple Releases iPod

Direct Download

019 – 21st Century Mix Tape

018 – Part of my Nature

017 – The 512 Radio Show

With Apple’s WWDC keynote mere minutes old, Stephen and Myke took to their MacBooks, taking calls and dolling out insight on what was a truly epic day of Apple news. 

They are joined by Shawn Blanc, Joshua Schnell and many more.

- MacBook Pro Features

- The Verge: First Look At Retina MBP

- The App Orchard

- Josh On Twitter

- Shawn’s Lion Review


- Ungeniused

- Florian’s Twitter Account 

- @AppleSpotlight 

- @_jshmllr

Direct Download

016 – Don’t Drill Through the Glass

On the verge of WWDC, Stephen and Myke follow up on old Apple displays, talk about audio equipment and pontificate about predictions. 

- The 512 Podcast 014 – It Looks Like A Tooth

- 70Decibels Blog: An Update On Our Audio

- 512 Pixels: My Podcasting Rig [UPDATED]

- Dan Benjamin’s Podcasting Equipment Guide

- I Heard Brett Kelly

- Meerkats on Bing

- 512 Pixels: On iOS Mockups

- 512 Pixels: On iOS And Google Maps

- Build And Analyze 80

Direct Download

015 – Stealing and Tweaking

This week, Stephen and Myke talk about jailbreaking and prototype Apple hardware.

- 70Decibels: Cooking With… – S02E04 – Food Suppliments

- 512 Pixels: 1.1 Million Jailbreaks

- Theme’d iOS

- MyWi 5.5 – iPhone® WiFi Tethering and iPad®

- Play Super Mario On Your Jailbroken iPad With Wii Remote As Controller

- f.lux for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

- Sparrow+ Makes Sparrow Your Default Email Client on iOS, Adds Push Notifications for Free

- Zephyr For iOS Updated To v1.2, Brings Full iPad Support, Bug Fixes And Sensitivity Settings | Redmond Pie

- SBSettings

- Mac Rumors: Prototype Original iPad with Dual Dock Connectors Surfaces

- Mac Rumors: Claimed Rear Shell with Sides for Next-Generation iPhone Surfaces [Updated x2]

- Mac Rumors: More Photos from Claimed Next-Generation iPhone Include Front Panel with Centered FaceTime Camera

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014 – It Looks Like A Tooth

This week, Stephen takes Myke through the history of Apple’s stand-alone displays.

- Wikipedia: Apple Monitor III

- Wikipedia: Apple Monitor II

- Wikipedia: Apple Monitor IIc

- Wikipedia: Apple IIc with Apple Flat Panel Display

- Wikipedia: Apple IIc Add-on Accessories

- Apple RGB Monitor User’s Guide

- Wikipedia: Interlaced Video

- Wikipedia: Apple’s “Double High-Resolution”

- EveryMac: AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor

- LowEndMac: Macintosh Two-Page Monochrome Display

- LowEndMac: Macintosh Portrait Display

- Image of the Mac Portrait Display

- EveryMac: Apple AudioVision 14 Display

- Wikipedia: HDI–45 Connector

- Wikipedia: Macintosh LC 500 Series

- Wikipedia: Power Macintosh G3 All-in-One

- LowEndMac: Apple eMac G4

- EveryMac: Apple Studio Display Series

- EveryMac: Studio Display (LCD)

- EveryMac: 17“ Studio Display (Blueberry – CRT)

- EveryMac: 17” Studio Display CRT (ADC)

- EveryMac: Apple Cinema Display Original (22-Inch)

- EveryMac: Apple Cinema Display ADC (22-Inch)

- EveryMac: Apple Cinema Display HD (23-Inch)

- EveryMac: Apple Cinema Display 20-Inch (Aluminum)

- EveryMac: Apple Cinema Display 23-Inch (Aluminum)

- EveryMac: Apple Cinema Display 30-Inch (Aluminum)

- EveryMac: Apple Cinema Display LED (24-Inch)

- EveryMac: Apple Cinema Display LED (27-Inch)

- EveryMac: Apple Thunderbolt Display 27-Inch

- Wikipedia: Apple Display Connectors

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013 – The World’s Oldest Profession

This week Stephen and Myke discuss journalism and advertising on the web. This is all done with Stephen recovering from having bionic parts implanted in to his arm.

- Egg Freckles: Go J Go

- 512 Pixels: Why I Run Ads

- 512 Pixels: The World’s Oldest Profession

- 512 Pixels: Speaking Of Sources

- 512 Pixels: iPhoto for iOS Not Using Google Apps

- Daring Fireball: Fact-Checking Digitime

- The Loop: Blogging Is Not A Thing, It’s An Attitude

- PJ McCormick

- iMore: The 4 Inch iPhone

- Apple Bluetooth Headset

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012 – You Shouldn’t Be Mac Rumors

This week, Stephen and Myke discuss Instacast 2.0, cancer, depression and social media vacations. And Stephen buys a t-shirt in the middle of recording the show.

- Instacast 2.0: The Best Gets Better — 512 Pixels

- It’s About The Mileage — 512 Pixels

- Two Years — 512 Pixels

- Three — 512 Pixels

- Read & Trust

- Fake Stephen Hackett (ifsmh) on Twitter

- Shawn Blanc’s T-shirt Shop

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011 – Elvis’ Watch

This week with Myke and Stephen together in person, they discuss the iPod nano as a watch, the iPad 3 and general Memphis discussion.

- Hilton Memphis (our temporary studio)

- Stephen’s iPod nano watch review

- Levelator

- Tweetbot for iPad

- The Civil Rights Museum

- Graceland

- The Jungle Room Photo

- Elvis’ Gold Discs

- Central BBQ

- Peabody Ducks

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010 – Piles and Piles of Money

009 – A God Among Bloggers

008 – Just For the Creeping

007 – Fall Into Owning Android

This week on the 512 Podcast, Stephen and Myke discuss RIM, Android, WordPress plugins and Stephen’s upcoming book about the Apple store.

- Use an iPad 2 with an ADB keyboard | 52 Tiger

- RIM to give up | asymco

- RIM is not abandoning the consumer market (update: RIM confirms) | The Verge


- Latest Android stats: Gingerbread dominates, nearly three percent of users on Android 4.0 | The Verge

- Developer Sees Quick Adoption of iOS 5.1 Amongst Users – Mac Rumors

- 70Decibels – Write for Your Life – S02E09 – 10 Killer Ways To Have A Brilliant Blog

- BackWPup

- WordPress › Export to Text « WordPress Plugins

- flagrantdisregard » FD Footnotes Plugin for WordPress

- WordPress › « WordPress Plugins

- PHP Markdown

- Page Links To « Tempus Fugit by Mark Jaquith

- WordPress › Simply Hide Pages « WordPress Plugins

- WordPress plugin for Twitter : Twitter Tools

- WordPress Optimization | W3 Total Cache

- Adios, Analytics. Hello, — 512 Pixels

- WordPress › Thematic « Free WordPress Themes

- My name is PJ. I design web sites, brands, logos, and other useful things.

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006 – A Memphis Notebook

This week on the 512 Podcast, Stephen and Myke discuss Myke’s error on last week’s show, text files and Evernote.

- The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs

- Minimal Mac | Minimalist Writing Environment By Stephen Hackett

- MPU 023: Workflows with Merlin Mann « Mac Power Users

- MPU 046: Workflows with Merlin Mann II « Mac Power Users

- :: products :: GoodReader

- Readdle

- DEVONthink — Smart document management for Mac – DEVONtechnologies

- 70Decibels – Enough – The Minimal Mac Podcast – Ep 30 – Evernote Versus Yojimbo with Brett

- 70Decibels – Enough – The Minimal Mac Podcast – Ep 67 – Evernote Vs Yojimbo- No Mas

- Evernote Essentials

- Searching For A Text Editor |

- Evernote Hello | Evernote

- Evernote Food | Evernote

- 70Decibels – Cooking With… – S01E18 – Rhubarb Crumble

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005: From China, with Lies

004: If the iPad and Candy Land Got Together…

003 – Flicking Around the Metro

002 – All That Q&A Schmidt

This week, Stephen and Myke talk about the iPad 3 and rumors, Mobile World Congress and silly Android phones, and Myke’s love of ridiculous hardware.

- Apple announces iPad event for March 7 in San Francisco

- Missing the Surprise — 512 Pixels

- Eric Schmidt keynote at MWC 2012 | The Verge

- HTC One X announced for April release with quad-core Tegra 3, 4.7-inch HD display, and Android 4.0 | The Verge

- Google’s Android Update Alliance Is Already Dead | Jamie Lendino |

- Nexus S – Google Phone Gallery

- Meet the Asus PadFone, the Phone That’s a Tablet That’s a Notebook | Gadget Lab |

- 70Decibels – Enough – The Minimal Mac Podcast – Ep 100 – A Bunch of Geeks

- Samsung Beam projector phone, er… beams in at MWC – Pocket-lint

- Nokia launches 808 PureView with 41MP camera: hands-on pictures, video, and preview | The Verge

- The Verge, Nokia and Misleading Headlines – The Brooks Review

- Nokia’s PureView – The Brooks Review

- Nokia 808 PureView photo samples released – News – Know Your Mobile

Nokia 808 PureView first sample shots – feast your eyes (update: GigaPan them!) – Engadget

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001 – Genesis

The 512 Podcast is a weekly talk show about technology, journalism and design. It’s hosted by Stephen Hackett of, and he’s joined by Myke Hurley of the 70Decibels network.

This week, Stephen and Myke talk about the beginning of 512 Pixels (RIP, Forkbombr), having a voice, goals for the show, blog comments and more.

- Dear Reader(s) – 512 Pixels

- 43f Podcast: John Gruber & Merlin Mann’s Blogging Panel at SxSW

- 70Decibels

- 5by5 – Broadcasts for Geeks, Designers, Developers, and Entrepreneurs

- Wet Frog Studios

- Ryan Cash: An interview with Stephen Hackett

- It’s All About the Experience, Baby — 512 Pixels

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