Chef Inspired

Join award-winning, professional chefs in the kitchen to see what they’re cooking up in their Vitamix machines. These beautiful dishes and professional techniques are guaranteed to impress your family and friends.

Warm Crab Cakes

Warm Crab Cakes

Created by Chef Rick Gresh, your family and guests will think you ordered these crab cakes from your favorite restaurant. Heavy cream, egg yolk, and panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) help hold the cakes together and give them a rich, satisfying flavor.

Jalapeño Corn Bread

Jalapeño Corn Bread

Red and green jalapeños add spicy zest to this traditional corn bread recipe. The perfect companion to chili or black bean soup.

Limoncello Cocktail

Limoncello Cocktail

Add color and a little sweetness to this refreshing lemon-lime cocktail by placing a fresh raspberry in the bottom of your glass.

Whole Fruit Margarita

Whole Fruit Margarita

You've never tasted a margarita until you've made one with whole fruit!

The Professional Series 500 Machine

The Perfect Machine

The Professional Series 500 delivers commercial quality to your home kitchen.

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