New roads for Kavango East
19 Aug 2013 - Story by Mathias Haufiku
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SHIMPANDA - Government last week continued its infrastructural development quest with the official opening of two new gravel roads in the Kavango East Region last Thursday and Friday. The roads were constructed at a cost of N$80 million.

The new gravel roads link the villages of Tjova and Divayi in the Mukwe constituency, as well as Cuma and Kaisosi in the Rundu Rural East constituency. The 36-kilometre Tjova-Divayi road was built at a cost of N$36.7 million, while government forked out N$44 million on the 60-kilometre Cuma-Kaisosi road. Government also announced that a combined group of 609 Namibians were temporarily employed during the construction of both roads.

Speaking during the opening on Friday at the village of Shimpanda, Minister of Works and Transport, Erkki Nghimtina, said the new roads would allow the public to travel easier from the villages to Rundu and other parts of Namibia. “It is envisaged that traffic on this road will increase, because taxis will be transporting people to nearby villages and I have also been told that the road has become a gateway to small farmers in the area of Mutekombahe between Ndonga and Ncaute as it is a shorter distance,” said the minister. “I would like to reassure you that government will continue to develop, construct and maintain our road network through the assigned agency, namely the Roads Authority, with the main aim to provide safe and reliable access to our people in all corners of the country,” Nghimtina said.

Kavango Regional Governor, Ambassador Samuel Mbambo, said the government is aware that it can only empower its people through infrastructural development, hence it will continue setting up new infrastructure. He also commended the community for the cooperation during the construction period. He further urged members of the public and motorists to take care of the road and to avoid speeding.

“This gravel road is so good that many drivers will be tempted to speed and we all know that speeding is the major cause of road traffic accidents. Please, let us work towards an accident-free road network,” pleaded the minister.

“Roads and telecommunication infrastructure guarantees development in communities, because they enable rural communities to grow so that they are on par with their fellow Namibians in the urban areas,” said the governor.