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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Pcsx news... - posted by: linuzappz

hi everyone, long time since i posted anything, also i haven't coded for pcsx in some months, i don't have the time anymore, due to pcsx2, work, life and so on... i'll still be around, so if somebody wants to continue our work in pcsx you can drop me a mail ( or contact me on #pcsx2 (#Efnet), you can grab the latest beta sources at the downloads page, but don't ask what's new in there, i don't remember anymore :P.
if you're worrying if i will still continue on pcsx2, yes i will, so relax :).

i also want to thank everyone who helped us in all these years, i would list all you, but as the list would be too long and i'm sure i'll forget some of you i rather not :).

well, this is it so far, hope you all liked my work on pcsx :D
logoff linuzappz

Monday, December 30, 2002

cdr v1.8 update... - posted by: linuzappz

hi, i just relesed the cdr v1.8 plugin for linux, here are the changes:
* Rewrote Threading mode, only one now
* Added Speed selection
* Added gtk2 gui, contributed by Xobro

thanks to Pete for the help in the thread mode :).
grab the plugin here.

...a bit early but, Happy New Year!.


Saturday, October 26, 2002

Pcsx v1.4 Released... - posted by: linuzappz

hi, here's the v1.4 release, this one cames with much better speed and
compatibility, the speed improvement is about 30-40% percent, but you'll notice that the fps doesn't increases generally, that's because the internal vsync handling is now as the psx, and that's twice as slower that we used to, so now games runs much more smoothly.

Pcsx now support NetPlay, but it doesn't supports cyberpad, since i rewrote the api (hi JNS :), and i wrote a plugin for this new api, netSock v0.1, which is the win32 download page

also i updated the linux cdr plugin to v7.1, that fixes a small speed issue, which makes some mdecs much smoother, get in on the linux download page.

you can grab the win32 version here and the linux one here, the sources are in the win32 download page as well.

and if you wonder about PcsxDC, it will be released soon, since i can't wait more to release the win32/linux versions :D.

* Added NetPlay support, the api is not the same for cyberpad
* Errors on open/close/init are now only for negative values
* Added GPUclearDynarec, for pec
* Fix for Vandal Hearts 1/2
* Implemented Load Branch Delay stuff :), thanks to Farfetch
* Added States Menu
* Fixed Memcards dialog on windows
* Recompiler is now 10% faster
* Several speedups over the code
* Implement fixed point over the gte (speed)
* Vsync timing is twice as slower than before
* Fixes to the Internal HLE Bios
* Several Cdroms improvements
* Fix for Parasite Eve 2, thanks to psychojak

thanks to:
jang2k, Farfetch, JNS, psychojak, Dark Watcher,
CKemu, Snake876, mike9010 (forgot last time :)

hopefully the next version will come with more speed (if i can find someone ;)
and i'll try to update soon the netSock plugin, since it's not very playable right now.


Sunday, September 22, 2002

linux plugin updates... - posted by: linuzappz

hi, i just updated the linux download page with updates for the cdr (v1.7), cdriso (v1.3) and padXwin (v1.6) plugins for linux, the cdr plugins cames with a new read mode that gets the maximum speed with threads (real async would still be faster) and the general update is the rearrangement for the guis (hi lu_zero :), they are now separated from the .so file, read the readmes for more info.

btw, the pcsx 1.4 is coming very good, speed has been greatly improved, expect a release in some weeks (don't ask when), and lots of thanks goes to Dark Watcher for testing :).


Saturday, August 3, 2002

PcsxDC v1.3 alpha release... - posted by: linuzappz

hi, here is the Pcsx port for the DreamCast as you probably know already from psxfanatics (hi Keith :), the port was made by Mark Grilenkov, you can get the file on the Pcsx Download Page or directly here PcsxDC v1.3 alpha.

the version is an alpha release (kinda prerelease), so it lacks many things from the linux and win32 versions, read the Readme.DC for more info.

thanks to Skye and Asz for testing it, and of course to Mark for making it :).

the source should be released in the next version of pcsx, the v1.4, that hopefully won't take too much time ;).


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