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Updated 19 August 2013

HoloWorld was founded in 1983 and went online in 1994. Today, it is referenced by many web pages and in-print publications. It was created by now semi-retired, American holographer Frank DeFreitas (bio). For over 30 years, holography enthusiasts from around the world continue to make the pilgrimage to his home studio located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. If you need to learn about holographics, you have come to the right place: how-to articles, podcasts, galleries, history, videos, and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your browsing. If you like what you see, please share HoloWorld with others.

Table of Contents

widows mite hologram

Holograms under the Microscope Project: Ancient Widow's Mite Coin Hologram

What is real? What is a hologram? Can holograms take the place of an actual object? This recent (2013) holography project records ancient archeological artifacts as 3-dimensional laser holograms. These holographic images can be duplicated, then sent around the world for examination under 3D stereoscopic microscopes. Part of the hologram Bible project, I'm utilizing an early Biblical "Lepton" coin, also known as the famous "Widow's Mite". As expected, the holographic coin can be manipulated exactly as if the actual coin was being used. A very exciting application that is sure to see growing importance in research and holographic archival storage. If you're an enthusiast for holography, you've got to see this. READ MORE...

150 Years of Christian 3D: From Photography to Holography

Museum of Holography Room Museum of Holography Room

My name is Frank DeFreitas. I have over 20,000 items in my holography collection. After 35 years, I began putting selected items on exhibit, and people now visit from around the world.

My current 2013 exhibit is: 150 Years of Christian 3D: from Photography to Holography, AND there is nothing else like it in the world today. Displays range from selected stereoscopes, projectors, hand-helds, 3D lenticulars, 3D anaglyphs, stereographs, LASERS, microscopic Bibles and Scripture, optical illusions, printed ephemera, and modern holographic displays (3D holograms). Finally there's an exhibit that *combines* Christianity with cutting-edge science and technology. Everything in this exhibit is based around the life of Jesus Christ..

My "mini museum of holography" (as I like to call it) is in our 1890's home, located in the downtown historic district of Allentown, PA. Think of it as an old time roadside attraction. I am close to both Philadelphia and New York City. Visits are free of charge, great for all ages, there is nothing to buy, tours are given by me, and are by confirmed reservation only. Call 610-770-0341, email or READ MORE HERE ...

Hologram Bible The Hologram Bible Project

Where will Christianity be in 1,000 years? The next 100,000 years? What scientific and technological innovations will help us keep Christianity alive and growing, and to keep Christians in touch with their heritage?

Utilizing laser holographic "stealth" technology, the Hologram Bible project aims to suggest how Holy Scripture might be taken into the future: both the near future (taking the Bible into areas on Earth where it is outlawed), and the distant future (the eventual human colonization of space). The future is coming. "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18 READ MORE ...

World's Smallest Mona Lisa

The World's Smallest Mona Lisa The World's Smallest Mona Lisa

I have made what I propose to be the world's smallest image recording of the famous Mona Lisa. It is recorded as a micro laser hologram, and its image area measures approx. 100 microns in diameter (the width of a human hair). The detail is in the nanometer scale. Since it is recorded using holography, I am calling it the "Holo Lisa".

Holography Workshops Hands-On Holography Workshops

If you're going to learn about holography, you might as well learn from the author of the world's #1 holography book. Take a class at my studio in Allentown, Pennsylvania -- OR -- have a presentation on lasers and holography at your school, home school, or church group. My studio is "Minutes from Everywhere." Celebrating 30 years of workshops in 2013.

Life of Jesus 3D

Life of Jesus 3D Life of Jesus 3D

Taking over one year to complete, ALL AGES will enjoy this 3D photo gallery presentation. Using images from as far back as the 1800's, the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated in twenty+ 3D photos. Safe graphic content for the younger visitor. View 3D Photos...

Holografia en Espanol Holografia en Espanol

Investigadores, educadores, estudiantes y el publico general podra sintonizar el show usiando los computadores de su escuela, officina o casa via la World Wide Web. La audiencia del show aprendera acerca los ultimos desarrollos en la tecnologia del laser y sus multiples aplicaciones en carreras como medicina, communicaciones, y las ciencias y artes.

how are holograms made?

Holograms for Kids Holograms for Kids

This is the original online laser and hologram science learning page for students. Today's youth are the future of this emerging technology. A great resource for home schoolers. NEW!: You can also Download a Laser & Holography PDF Study Guide Here.

Hologram of the Moon

hologram of the moon Hologram of the Moon

Blue Ribbon Winner, New York Hall of Science, 2011.
In 2011, I produced an award-winning 3D laser hologram of the moon. I also produced stereoscopic photo files for the Nintendo 3DS, Fuji Real 3D, SONY PS 3D, and Sprint EVO 3D phones, and the Hasbro My3D Viewer for iPhone and iPad Touch. Featured as a Pick of the Month in 3D Focus magazine, December 2011.

Mission to Saturn

Mission to Saturn Mission to Saturn

"My name is Frank DeFreitas and I create three dimensional laser holograms on Earth." The extraordinary (and true!) story about having my name as a holographer on Titan, a moon of planet Saturn. It was the first landing ever accomplished in the outer solar system. You'll never look at Saturn the same way again. Read More...

Laser Pointer Holography Making Holograms with Laser Pointers

Diode laser holography didn't begin in a professional laboratory, it began in three basements. Here is the original table of contents from start to finish. I am reconstructing this entire section as a pdf.

Hologram Video Holographic How-To Videos

See videos of various holograms, learn how to build your own vibration isolation table, watch project videos, and much more!

How to Make a Hologram How To Make A Hologram

Want to know how to make a hologram? Step into my laser lab and see how it is done, with step-by-step DIY photos. All of it possible in your own home or school. You can print out this page for reports and homework.

Hologram Bible Project

Holographic Light Art My Holographic Light Art

Abstract art created by passing light through holographic optics and quartz crystals known as Cape May Diamonds. Shapes, colors and patterns never before seen are revealed, after being encoded in the crystals since their creation. Includes my holographic light art gallery.

What are Lasers Used For? What Are Lasers Used For?

Perfect for reports and homework, this web page gives students of all ages a printable list of what lasers are used for today. Laser technology is all around us in our everyday living. Find out just how much this is true.

God Bless Santa Claus

Collecting Holograms Collecting Holograms

The ultimate (and original) online guide to laser and holography collectibles. Covers everything from holograms to advertising to posters and post cards (and more). For nearly twenty-five years, this guide continues to be an inspiration for people all over the world to begin their own collections.

Who Is Frank DeFreitas? Who Is Frank DeFreitas?

You wouldn't go into a strangers house, would you? I didn't think so! Web sites are no different! Before you begin your visit here at HoloWorld, take a few minutes to learn about your host (me), and my 30 years of award-winning service to the laser and holography fields of art, science and technology.

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