Playing the Lottery

In many people's minds, the lottery is limited to one type of game, which just happens to be a game that they believe has insurmountable odds of yielding a reward. There are, in fact, many variations and different types of lottery; many of these lotteries have a much better chance of earning their players some serious cash. There are now at least six different kinds of highly popular lottery, which are played by means of a draw which is provided by the famous National Lottery.

With all of the games being delivered via draw, a great deal of people play without knowing all of the rules for each variation; however, there are so many different opportunities to win a prize, it is well worth knowing how each of the games is played. It's also worth remembering that you can play the lotto via a number of means. Not only can you purchase your tickets in shops and post offices throughout the UK, you can also now play the lotto online via the website. Another option is getting free lottery tickets from an online bingo site. Tombola Bingo are currently offering new players free play on the National Lottery.

As well as the UK National Lottery, there is also the potentially lucrative Irish Lottery. Participating in this lottery is not limited to Irish nationals, which is fortunate, as it pays over 50% of it's funds out in prize money; with the rest of the money going towards funding various deserving projects and causes. The Irish Lottery works in a very similar way to the National Lottery; players draw six numbers (from 1 to 45), as well as a bonus numbers. It is worth noting that players do not have to match a minimum of five numbers for the bonus number to come into play (like the National Lotto draw); a mere three numbers, plus the bonus number will suffice. For a great many people, the Irish Lottery is one of the most sought-after lottery prizes, due to the fact that the prizes are paid out in one lump sum and are exempt from tax; this is understandable as the jackpot prize never dips below two million Euros, though it frequently exceeds this figure, having been known to rise to in excess of ten million Euros!

If you are having a bet on the Grand National year (most Lottery players do!) then be sure to check out the latest Grand National odds with Ladbrokes, who also offer free bets on the race (limited availability). Gamblers who enjoy playing the lottery also enjoy online casino games like Keno.