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Mon, Jun 22, 2009

Up and coming

SAS: Zombie Assault 2 is finally here!  The game is a big improvement on the first version in every way and we’re pretty sure fans of the first one will agree. We’ve added in the idea of unlockable areas from COD Zombies and thrown in our own mix of guns. Other new things include grenades, reloadable gun turrets and some seriously good sounds.

A lot of work was done on rebuilding the game engine from scratch and the result was certainly worth the effort.

Also we’re proud to announce that we were chosen by Mochi Media to take part in the Pilot of their new Mochigames service which allows the introduction of bonus content (that you can unlock by using Mochi Coins)

Play SAS: Zombie Assault 2 now!

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  1. Ose Says:

    This is a sick game, heaps better than the last one. I was wondering though, i made one of those mochigames accounts to get the free lee enfield gun and when i click on it it says purchased but I can’t use it? I went on mochigames and it says i have purchased it on the my games thing but i still can’t use it. What do I do?

  2. josh Says:

    you have to pause the game then press quit. then press play at main menu and you will keep whatever rank you had but sadly lose all of the rooms and guns that you unlocked. you start over at wave 1 but when you check the lee enfield it says bought and you can equip. it is a sweet gun

  3. Stephen Says:

    Hey guys, you definitely should not have to start the game over to use your mochigames guns. We’re looking into these reports and should have the problem solved in the next few days.



  4. andrewtc Says:

    this game is awesome and it is better than the last one.

  5. Ose Says:

    how do you use turrets?

  6. Sam Says:

    Anybody have this problem? It lags to the point where it is almost unplayable when you hold down the mouse button. If it matters I am using a fairly new mac laptop with the latest version of firefox. *For some reason it works fine in Safari so I guess I can just play on that version…*

  7. Chris Says:

    - Ose
    You use turrets by placing them in a location you want to be relatively “safe”. In the later game you may have several turrets in the same location as you battle to survive. They are completely automated, but you do need to reload them when their ammo runs out. Also be careful when you buy them, they are placed where you are standing at the time and cannot be moved!

  8. Chris Says:

    Sorry to hear that we did quite a bunch of testing on a variety of machines and didn’t really experience that. I’m glad you can run it in Safari though!

  9. Ose Says:

    No, I mean how do you buy turrets? I couldn’t do it at the start so I figured I’d get to colonel coz sentry gun engineer=turrets but it still doesn’t work I just don’t have the option anywhere to buy them. Btw Sam i don’t have that problem and my computer barely runs grand theft auto 3 -.-

  10. Chris Says:

    -Ose you need to get your way down to the mechanics bay which you unlock at the bottom left of the vehicle bay (bottom left of the map)

  11. Ose Says:

    Quiet you. ^^ Anyone else have the problem of getting their rank reset? I have a Mochigames thing to keep it but I’ve went down from colonel to captain twice now it’s getting really really annoying.

  12. Stephen Says:

    -Ose, we are working hard on a solution for that issue!

  13. Ose Says:

    Eh there was bound to be glitches at the start, look at Nazi Zombies, you could jump through some of the walls when it first came out =]

  14. Jp Says:

    this game would b cooler if u and a friend could play online but just 1 or it would b to easy :P :P:P

  15. Jp Says:

    this game is sick but itd be sicker if u could play with a friend online but just 1 or itd b to easy

  16. Patrick Says:

    This reminded me of nazi zombies from Call of Duty World at War and the only thing i hate about it is that you need mochigames account for some stuff that sucks make SAS: Zombie Assault 3 (if there will be one) the same with some new stuff ooohh and achievements and no mochigames account.

  17. Chris D Says:

    This is a wonderful game – it’s ingenious and demanding.

    About the gun turrets: can they be re-loaded indefinitely? I’d a bunch of turrets close together but it _looked like_ some of them wouldn’t get re-loaded second time around.

    As a matter of interest, Chris, can you estimate how long was spent redesigning the game? The results are so good, I’m wondering how much time the creative side took. Thanks again

  18. D-Mob Says:

    so what exactly is “badassness” when you become a captain???

  19. Chris Says:

    - Chris D
    Thanks for your feedback. The game was completely rebuilt using some quite clever coding to allow us to use loads of Zombies and Turrets and limiting any framerate slowdown. The whole thing took two guys about 8 weeks pretty much full time. The good thing is we now have a pretty solid engine to build more maps etc from.

  20. Chris Says:

    - D-Mob
    Badassness give you double health :)

  21. Atomiczombi Says:

    A never-ending survival mode would be nice, particularly for those who have purchased the extra weapons through Mochi. Unlockable medals for things like “killed 1000 basic zombies” or “completed game without turrets” and such would also be nice.

    I’ve noticed a couple of glitches. If you place turrets too closely together, some of them won’t reload (probably because you’re standing in the ‘reload zone’ of a turret that isn’t empty yet). You can occasionally pass through the corners of the interior walls around the kitchen, jumping instantly into the infirmary or dining area or from those areas into the kitchen. The grenades from the grenade launcher will occasionally fly through the larger opponents without exploding, reducing its effectiveness somewhat.

    All-in-all a fun game though.

  22. Chris Says:

    Apocalypse mode is coming, it’s a bit of work though but yeah that’ll be your never-ending survival mode.

  23. D-Mob Says:

    oh ok thanks.. i was killin’ too much to notice what it’s effects were haha

  24. lol Says:

    chris,this is a 1 player game,can you make it 2 player or more(games hard,give walkthrough and if youve already then could you tell me

  25. Justin Says:

    Would like to gain some info on the game as how to does not explain, it all.
    Could you please give an explanation on all the rankings and what they give you ?
    Do turrent guns cost any money to reload ? and they should be able to reload before emptey?
    How many waves can be expected?
    Zombie criteria snd info strengh weakness etc?
    Guns and what there speciality are and magazine size ?
    and countinuing the game should be a free option for people like myself who have spent hours playing and cannot finish the game.

  26. Coyle Says:

    Hey guys, how to reload the turrets?
    I was buying 4 of them but couldn’t reload, I tried to come in a “reload zone”, I tried “r”, I looked i nthe menu, nothing.
    I guess it would be much easier with 4 turrets helping me in level 24.

  27. Qlippoth Says:

    Hey Coyle,

    Same problem for me my rank decreased since yesterday, it’s also impossible to reload turrets. So, waves are harder…

  28. Clark Says:

    i got the grenade free upgrade, where i should be getting ten grenades at the beggining of every game, and i have restarted it multiple times like with the mochigames rifle

    how do i fix this?

    thanks, clark

  29. Clark Says:

    and my turrets will not reload

  30. Chris Says:

    Okay this turret thing is a bit worrying. Are the turrets empty and displaying the press (F) to reload? They can only be reloaded when empty but if they are sitting empty and not reloadable we’ll take a look at the code. As much detail as you can please!

  31. Jester13 Says:

    Anyone know what the deal with the turrets is? I can’t reload them, makes things pretty difficult.

  32. Jester13 Says:

    They are empty, and theres no “press F to reload” coming up when you approach them.

  33. Chris Says:

    OK cool, we’ll get looking at it.

  34. Jester13 Says:

    Thanks. I was starting to get tired of having my a** handed to me, lol.

  35. George Says:

    game wont load

  36. Jester13 Says:

    Anyone know if the turret issue is fixed?

  37. ShawnoftheDead Says:

    It appears that the game loads, but that the turrets do not, sadly, reload. Since they used to, and have suddenly stopped, I imagine that this might be tricky and take a little while?

    Thanks for a great game!

  38. Zane Dixon Says:

    The turrets are dry but they are not displaying the reload tab.

  39. Chris Says:

    Right, played and replicated it myself, looks like it was a change made yesterday that broke the reloading. This will be fixed in the next hour or so. Sorry guys!

  40. Kaze Says:

    Hey Before i reach the colonel (sentry Engineer) I used to be able to press “F” and reload the Sentry Guns, i thought that was a lovely feature instead of loosing the guns like part one.

    But now after reaching the Colonel level i cant reload em anymore, what am i doing wrong? I cant get pass wave 25 without the help of these guns, it just wont reload anymore

  41. Kaze Says:

    sorry i just saw Chris answer the question i asked

  42. Kaze Says:

    hey Chris while your at it………dont be so mean with the CASH!!!!!
    The Prize money after each wave started out right but kinda Fell short after wave 15, after the gruling battles i expect to at least be able to buy some more weapons lol

  43. George Says:

    still cant reload turrets

  44. ShawnoftheDead Says:

    I have a quick question for the board:

    what do “sentry gun engineer” and “witness the fitness” do? I recognize the benefits of my other ranks, but do not seem to notice anything I can do with these other two abilities. Anybody get them before the turret glitch who can tell me what they do?

    thank you in advance!

  45. Megadrixfire Says:

    turrets won’t reload, so i don’t play more this game because it gets very bored

    FIX IT!!!”!”!

  46. Hugo Says:

    I know everyone is complaining about this, but turrets won’t reload. That said, other than this small glitch, it is a GREAT game !!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Congratulations!

  47. Jam Says:

    Same complaint here, I can’t get past level 27 without reloadable sentry guns. Kudos to anyone who can. Great game otherwise though.

  48. lol Says:

    i can get to 32,i found a spot to where its good…once you unlock the road(thats also a good spot,also behind that dumpster inthat bay or wat ever its called…anyway…unlock the building or the right of the road for 150(theres also a shotgun in there…shotguns are weak…but unlock the upper part and there are the great spots…by that 1 window a little up above it is a long distance from the zombies and its straight down also on the right theres this long hallway thats almost the same but harder to get out of and theres also a captain thing next to it wich is really good(beware,theres a zombie kiss in there and if it isnt kiss then wat is it?????)anyways thats a great place too

  49. lol Says:

    and without turrents!!!

  50. Chris Says:

    Sentry Gun Engineer gives you double ammo on your turrets and reduces the reload time (the turret fix is coming soon I promise!). Witness the Fitness gives you increased movement rate (you run faster).

  51. Coyle Says:

    cool I finished it with the extra cash per kill ^^ didn’t even need the turrets to reload, i could buy more and more!
    GREAT GAME, i never enjoyed a flash game so much, thank you!!

  52. Chris Says:

    Turret fix is now up, you should now be able to reload indefinitely. Remember you can only do this once they are completely empty. Thanks for all constructive feedback!

  53. Jon Says:

    Overall this game is- a 88/100 in my opinion, the things I would change is make it so you play with other online players and the price of everything (little to high). But thank you for the game, very good and a stagetic, hard, and fun game!

  54. Jon Says:

    Hi Chris, sorry to bother you but i can’t use my Lee Enfield

  55. Vampire-Neo Says:

    Here is a Good idea Make a SaS zombie assult Like CoD WaW Nazi Zombies…
    Online With Mutiple Players (Free)
    Able To save Xp (Free)
    Guns/Walls (Paid for)
    Guardian Angel (Paid for)
    Talk lobby (Free)
    Melee Wepons aswell ^^
    Some lil IDEAs From me

  56. Nick Says:

    Hey, don’t know if this was on purpose or not, but in apocolypse mode you can’t repair the entrances, or buy turrets, and you can’t earn money at all. Just wanted to let you know.

  57. Chris Says:

    Hey Nick, yeah it is on purpose. It’s a pedal to the metal no escape kind of mode…

  58. TheMagnumSlug Says:

    Here’s some ideas for SAS: Zombie Assault 2:
    Online Multi-player
    Able to save money, guns, etc
    Guardian Angel for free
    Talk lobby
    Melee weapons, maybe a lead pipe?
    Private and Public games
    MORE weapons, maybe dual MP5′s?
    Premium weapons unlocked with achievements not mochicoins

    I’m out of ideas…

  59. coster Says:

    Why does every defence game have to have the asshole enemy who can take 1000 shots to the face and throw balls of pure death (in this case the Devil zombie)?

  60. nate Says:

    can u try to make someone else, a bot maybe, to help us out?

  61. Megadrixfire Says:

    i’m gonna play the game now, if the turret thing is fixed then this is the BEST ZOMBIE DEFENCE EVER!!!!!xD

    and i like TheMagnumSlug ideas….

    good game…

  62. nate Says:

    there is another the latrines, the counter in between the two doors,the zombies that come in from the right side can walk through it and you cant shoot them.

  63. George Says:

    ive beaten the normal mode multiple times and still havent unlocked apocalypse mode

  64. Tom Says:

    ive been playing for a while, almost a general, and ive been wondering, what exactly does sentry gun engineer do?

  65. TheMagnumSlug Says:

    The fact that premium items needs MochiCoins to get them, I think that they should be unlocked with achievements not MochiCoins. It’s just like buying a Club Penguin membership card online. Like let’s say that I’m a Non-Member on Club Penguin, I don’t think it’s fair that you have to buy with REAL money but not Cp coins. But in this case, I don’t think it’s fair that you have to use REAL money but not achievements. The zombie that can summon more zombies and shoot balls of pure death is a definite cheap move. When there’s like 5 (Wave 26 I think) zombies, it’s really not fair. When the butcher(Giant Knife Guy),Grudge(White zombie that crawls), and Pinkie(Pink dude, I dont know what his name is) come at your and your shooting at them, all a sudden, then Devil Zombie(No skin guy) comes in and starts to (BEEP) you up. Summons more zombies, shoots balls of pure death at you get cornered, throw all your grenades(your choice) and like 5 gets killed then they surround you then you die. Like, isn’t that cheap? Okay, my point is make zombie die more easily. We already have enough problems with Butcher, Grudge, Pinkie and the rest of those zombies. You people might wanna add a difficulty setting that separates the chumps from the champs. Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, YOU MUST DIE mode. You get the point. Whoever agrees say AYE!!!

  66. Chris Says:

    Sentry Gun Engineer halves the reload time for Sentry Guns and doubles their ammo capacity.

  67. Chris Says:

    The idea is you don’t have to use Mochi Coins at all, there is plenty of content that is unlocked for free and the game has been completed by many people without Mochi Coin purchases. The reason why things like Mochi Coins are important for our industry is it allows small developer teams to stay independent and compete with bigger companies. In addition it can allow for longer development times and better quality games.

  68. Chris Says:

    Hi George, that’s interesting to hear, sorry about that. We’ll take a look at the code now and see if we can make some improvements.

  69. lol Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i just played sas zombie assult 2 and for fun dis sumthing cool!!!i didnt unlock street o.0i used pistol the entire way through!!!(of course i was the highest lvl. or rank thing…but i wasted all of my money on defence and won XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and yes…they broke through but didnt kill me

  70. lark Says:

    hey dont just tell us all about the game so all use btd fans can enjoe the saga of btd becase thair r sum of us that dont have pashints dont ya know eee

  71. lol Says:

    lark…ya know that ya wrote this on sas zombie assult 2 right…lol your not on btd4 XD :P :b

  72. lark Says:

    how do you unlock wepens on this god dame game

  73. Teguki Says:

    Lark, you unlock weapons by collecting them in rooms.
    For instance, the MP5 is in the street.

    Btw, why isn’t there a return to menu button when you die? Currently I either have to refresh the page or start a new game and go to the menu through the weapons screen.

  74. Teguki Says:

    Sorry for the DP but how about an extra mode, like the campaign, but where the waves are endless? (So it’s like apocalypse mode but with turrets, waves, barricades, unlocking doors and buying weapons, and no score-over-time.)

  75. Chris Says:

    Interesting that you should think of this. We were going to include an AI buddy in this game but ran out of time. You can look forward to it in an update, but it’ll be a month or so at least.

  76. Chris Says:

    We’re working on melee weapons…

  77. Chris Says:


  78. Chris Says:

    I think the problem is the game would start to lag out pretty quickly. Don’t be too sad now, we’ve started early work on an expansion map…

  79. bart Says:

    I reached Colonel yesterday and today when start playing the game is not progressing beyond wave 1. After wave 1 ther eis a message “You haev successfully repelled the zombie assault” and that’s it, have to restart…is this by design? DO i have to buy anything to keep playing the game?

  80. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up man. We patched a couple of little issues but looks like we missed something. I’ve rolled it back to the previous version so it should be good to go now!

  81. lark Says:

  82. lol Says:

    pinky’s easy…just not with other things!!!!and make the things that come out of it(skelotons)more hard,its auto-kill and PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ could you make the cxontinue game free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 more thing,less expencive stuff,the 10,000$$$ turrent should be 500 or sumtin…i still havnt gotten it yet!!!and plz fix the rank messup thing…its getting really ennoying -_-

  83. Onysu Says:

    This game is just plain incredible.. Towards the end, it locks up a bit, but it might just be Google Chrome, haven’t even tried with something else, just because I don’t want to stop playing. The only issue I have is that I can’t get the premium items to work. Tried quitting and even restarting the browser, but nothing will work for it. Thanks for the game!

  84. Teguki Says:

    Lol (as in the user), I’ve have 7 AWDS turrets down in the same game… I was going to put in another one but I ran out of zombies to kill…

  85. Kera Says:

    I bought the Lee Enfield rifle and the Case of 10 grenades, and I restarted the game, but still I dont find any way to use it. In the Premium Tab is says purchased , and in the weapons tab i cant find any way to equip it. How can i use those things?

  86. lol Says:

    kera,you have equippted the gernades if it says bought,same thing for the rifle exept you click on the “bought” button than itll turn blue and itll say equippted

    teguki,( or what ever your sighned in name is)ok i finnally found out wat to do and ill share it with you,ya get the gernades and rifle,you start the round and then the next…and next,and upgrade your barrier the entire time!!!(i know alot of other ways to win)once its upgraded all the way,there are 3 things that you can do in any order, up to 10,000 and unlock street,bay and shop then get the wepon worth 7,500
    2.unlock street than recipitation or watever…than get the shotgun for the big groups(its really good at round 22 with all regular and so is the power up for holy gernade or double damage)
    3.get 10,000 than get the WASD turrent and than get it again,than again till you win(what does it do cause i havnt done this 1 yet

  87. lol Says:

    sry for double post but i gotta tell ya more,see all of my cheats up above and note…things also my stuff on diff blogs like bloons tower and if ya need help just ask in blog,we all tell and the games really sum what easy

  88. Teguki Says:

    Lol, I already beat the game several times…

    And I didn’t upgrade or repair my barricade once. No point, they’ll get in anyway.
    I just stick with the “Emily” (Lee Enfeild) till I get the HK, then put AWDS turrets at strategic points in the reception. Works every time.

    In fact, the continuous winning is making the game a little boring… That’s why I suggested endless waves.

  89. Chris Says:

    You’ll be pleased to hear we’re working on a new map!

  90. Chris Says:

    We’ve just pushed another update, hopefully now the missing items issue is resolved. Please let me know if you continue to experience after force refreshing (shift + F5)..

  91. Teguki Says:

    Just a quick Q, is jamming implemented? ‘Cause occasionally my gun stops firing automatically or only does a single shot.

  92. nate Says:

    great game but the good stuff is too expensive and takes a while to get.two thumbs up on the design and features though.

  93. lol Says:

    teguki,now i under stand how you finished with 7 wasd turrents,i would stay in the 1 room that you start out with using the lee-infield rifle till it was at max security (its really good…also can you make generald do more than speed up cause its not that fair…or watever that last thing was,also on the last wave the turrents stopped working in the middle of battle,luckily,i had the 7,500$ gun and didnt die :D plz fix that

  94. Chris Says:

    Hey Teguki, no there shouldn’t be any gun jamming. How often does it happen? Has anyone else noticed this?

  95. Teguki Says:

    Hmm, must just be lag then, or my left mouse button failing again.
    (I use the computer so much that the left-click button on the touchpad has worn away at the pressure stop. Now it’s extra sensitive sometimes and doesn’t hold at other times.)

    Also for Lol, I don’t really like making futile attempts at barricading a structure. Either I do the job right (so that any attackers will be repelled indefinately) or I leave the door wide open and shout “Bring it on!” (if it’s at a time when I wont be affected by fatigue, if it’s getting late, I go for the former option and make sure my barricades are not going to fall any time soon).

    Btw, anyone here who is a true zombie enthusiast, check out this site:

    And finally, for the people complaining about things being too expensive? I found the prices just right, and I’m not exactly the best gamer in the world…

  96. lol Says:

    chris,its happned to me to,just with the turrets and they stopped on the last lvl. probably 7/8 were dead though so i won,also could you add a sandbox mode,youshould have 20,000 at the start just like on normal mode than you would spend it on watever and make that mode unlimited rounds like aplikis or wat ever its called…

  97. nate Says:

    for the sandbox mode u should start with $12,000 and then have double the people attack you but they only give you half the cash when killed.

  98. nate Says:

    oh and can the sandbox mode be free and not cost anything please?

  99. Kaze Says:

    cant we EARN COINS? just to help with the FUN?

  100. lol Says:

    i agree with nate,also i got some new stuff to add to sanbox,you should be able to choose your difficulty like the first 1 and heres the stuff that itll be like…
    normal-start on lvl.1,30,000$$$,extra cash per kill,no extra shots to kill
    hard-start off on lvl.10-15,000$$$,50%extra cash per kill,5 extra shots to kill any zombie
    nightmare-start on lvl.50-5,000$$$,less money than usual to kill a zombie,20 extra shots on any gun to kill a zombie
    and 1 more mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you will die-start on lvl.100(but with an extra gun)100,000$$$,1 dollar every zombie,100 shots on any gun extra and no regular zombies,only kisses,buthers and pinkys D=

  101. Teguki Says:

    The Devil can’t function without regulars…

    Plus there’s only 30 waves ATM.

  102. nate Says:

    that sounds good lol but the extra shot thing would have to be calculated by the current damage of each individual weapon.for example the g3 takes 1 hit to kill a regular zombie so they might make it 3 or 4 shots to kill it instead

  103. lol Says:

    well ya your right nate,so cris ya gonna check out the jamming thing and add the ideahs

  104. Ryoix Says:

    i have a mochi games account and on zombie assault 2 and my rank is argeant but i get my rank up to luitenant and when i die it says im a sargeant again

  105. lol Says:

    ryoix,i know a cheat on how to stop the rank from going down,add the game to favs.that way itll save everytime and your rank wont go down

  106. Kaze Says:

    LOL your rank goes down?

    Anyway i Finished the GAME FINALLY…………….i was wondering how come some people have a much higher score?

  107. lol Says:

    finished game with a new high score:196,480!!!

  108. lol Says:

    kaze,high score is set on money,the less money you have/spend than the higher your score is

  109. Teguki Says:

    Why! Why is there always one of these stupid f***-t***s advertising their damned sex drugs on every forum and blog?!

    Can’t these guys just get a life?! GTFO, Abal.

  110. charlie Says:

    Hi everybody this is an amazing game , i was just wondering if your working on a third one chris ?

  111. nate Says:

    198,985 new personal record

  112. lol Says:

    close nate im close to your score

  113. Kaze Says:


    Make one of the RANKINGS where we can hold 2Guns at once he he heee
    and Updatable guns

  114. Killa Bro Says:

    i just want to play that new bloons game!
    BTD 4

  115. Killa Bro Says:

    sorry. i do like sas and ill play it more often,
    and i love zombie games!

  116. lol Says:

    i just thought of the best thing ever for 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its called fun mode XD you make your own gun and zombie!!!(plus rank… and you should be able to share your creation with others :b)you would click on “fun mode” and itll show a small picture of blackness where you choose colors and desighn a gun…than below it itll show “gun ranks” and you choose it damage,speed,money and of course its name :) than same thing for zombie,choose name,groul,how many,speed,streangth and specail stuff like a pinky then!!!you choose what lvl. your on!!!(all that agree with me than say so)and it couldnt be that much work

  117. nate Says:

    yea but the damage of the guns you would have to buy with exp and it could be permanant

  118. nate Says:

    havent heard from chris in a while wonder if they are buysy developing update

  119. Chris Says:

    Sorry for not being around to comment, I’m sort of on holiday but it’s turned out to be rather fractured, lots of crazy stuff going on!
    LOL – that is a good idea, and one in fact I had myself. I wanted to put in a “gun editor” that you’d have a certain amount of points to allocate across stats like bullet damage, fire rate, weapon weight etc. We might find time to do it at some point.

  120. lol Says:

    cool!!!:Dso,do ya have a release date on 3 chris???and will there be a demo?

  121. nate Says:

    on number 3 (if there is one) chris, can u make an option for co op? for the co op it could be twice as hard but u get a person from another place to help u out

  122. Chris Says:

    Co-op is definitely something we are looking at. As for release date on #3, you’ve got to be kidding! We’re not finished with 2 yet!

  123. lol Says:

    lol sry chris,so when are you gonna get the new ideahs up???

  124. Chris Says:

    New map will be about 2 weeks away. Co-op multiplayer, if we manage to get it working as well as we’re happy with will be at least 2 months. (It’s a LOT of work)

  125. Tom Says:

    I beat it without buying a premium gun, Got General and put up a crap load of turrent and got the m60 and just killed zombies. M60 is the best gun you get that you dont have to pay real money for.

  126. NATE Says:

    can u give us a date for the next update chris?

  127. Teguki Says:

    Tom, I found the M60 to be the worst value for money… strange…
    IMO, the HK417 is the best, good range and peircing, and heavy damage for such a cheap gun.

  128. lol Says:

    tip:lvl. 22 is hard with a weak gun,but if you get that cheap shotgun than its easy(the 1 with all the regulars)

  129. bober Says:

    i tried to pass 26-27 level but cant, i got max rank “general”, i bought AWD turets…nothing helps, they killed me on 26-27 level.

    I don’t want to pay mochicoins, but without upgrade can end the game :(

  130. lol Says:

    bober,ill give you walkthrough(with lee-enfield rifle)stay in the room with the rifle and upgrade the barrior,youll get max security around 17 and 18 also dont waste gernades in that room cause its just a waste…after you buy max security just relex and save 10,000$$$ up,thats when all the pinkys come,next buy the street,vehicle bay,work shop than dont kill those regulars that come out,just go around them without getting hurt and grabthe 7,500$$$ gun,stay down there till the end of the lvl than go back to the top once you have enough money,buy the wasd gun out side of the room in the street then another at the bottom in street then in the top room to where it can shhot the zombies in the window,than same for bottom…(this gets really easy and soon you dont even half to move at all/i have alot of ways to win but this is probably the easyest walkthrough)

  131. Teguki Says:

    Umm, there’s a more cost efficient method… which means you can buy more AWDS’s…

    Get all of these as soon as you have the money, remember to always use the circle-strafe technique:

    - Lee Enfeild
    - Street
    - Reception
    - Mess Hall
    - Captain’s room
    - HK417
    - Vehicle Bay
    - Workshop
    - AWDS (Looking down the street from the reception door)
    - AWDS (Looking out the reception window)

    Then just place more and more AWDS’s at strategic points in the reception, and open the remaining doors at your leisure. NEVER leave the reception.

  132. Chris Says:

    For those that might be interested, the ADWS stands for Area Denial Weapon System (AKA Metal Storm) and was developed in Australia.

  133. lol Says:

    that was cool!(the wasd vid.i also wathed the auto shotgun and snpier rifle :D chris,you need to make more turrets PLZ!!!

  134. ShadowStorm Says:

    ….Its kinda weird how skeletons can be reressed, don’t you think?…but it could be good for some people, but its gets kinda annoying if you’re trapped in a room and the red thing keeps ressing them

  135. ananomus Says:

    so chris the co-op thing we wont have to pay for ir will we, that would not make people very happy….if not though that would be fantastic ^.^

  136. Teguki Says:

    I think you should have to beat the game to get it, like you need to do to use apocalypse mode.

    Also, about the ADWS info… AWSOME!

  137. lol Says:

    go on ROBLOX pplz!!!make an account and visit mine!!!(im sweetdude64)XD idk

  138. Teguki Says:

    I tried that a while ago, it got my hopes up (“A COOL-LOOKING LEGO GAME! OMG!”) (yes, I’m a LEGO geek) then crashed the computer every time I attempted to start it…

  139. Chris Says:

    Skeletons themselves can’t be raised, it’s only the corpses of other “dead” zombies (ie at worst you’ll have to kill each zombie twice…

  140. pooperson Says:


  141. Teguki Says:

    Thats odd, ’cause I’ve had whole swathes of newly mown-down skeletons rise right back up again, not a single fresh zed among them.

    Also the Devils seem to change living zombies into skellingtons.

  142. cam Says:

    the only thing i would fix about the game has already been said before but multiplayer would be freeking amazing.

  143. cam Says:

    also the whole mochicoins stuff is bullcrap.

  144. asiandude415 Says:

    Very nice game. For the Holy Hand Grenade, would it be possible to pick it up without having to automatically use it? For instance, instead of it setting off the minute u pick it up, have it be the next grenade you throw. Looking forward to the multiplayer setup.

  145. lark Says:

    duz any 1 now cheats

  146. lol Says:

    havnt heard from pplz in a while…

  147. masterslickster Says:

    if anyone knows how to get mochicoins please tell me…..i cant get them for some reason

  148. sas Says:

    r u gonna add like free play mode where u can change the game options like infinite lives, ammo, difficulty but cant send highscores and for free?

  149. Chris Says:

    Hey masterslickster could you give me a bit of information as to what you do see?

    Are you able to create an account?
    If so, you should see your username in the little widget in the top left corner, clibking on that should take you where you need to go.

  150. Tooni Says:


    The game is simply awesome, and so addictive that I had to delete from my bookmarks to concentrate on my work :D

    Don’t know if that’s a glitch, but when I put a turret in the machine shop, lower left building, exactly on the middle, the Vickers didn’t shoot at the zombies approaching from the left barricade.

  151. Chris Says:

    That’s really weird. Has it happened more than once? I just had a go and couldn’t replicate it. Glad you like the game!

  152. Teguki Says:

    Hey, Tooni, was it busy shooting other zeds at the time? ‘Cause sometimes the shoot-the-closest-one mechanism doesn’t work properly.

  153. Nick Says:

    Great game dude! I’m just wondering, which programming language or program did you use to make this?

  154. lol Says:

    chris you need to fix turret glitch cause its been on for a week now…(sometimes jams and sumtimes not…)

  155. fouler Says:

    if you press a,s and hold it down then press r and you will get double damge

  156. Tooni Says:

    It’s the same with even two:

    or three guns:

  157. Nick Says:

    fouler is lieing. However, i did find a “cheat”. If you press r to reload your gun, and than press space to pause your gun will still reload. try it out it works.

  158. Chris Says:

    - Nick, the game is made in Flash using flashdevelop and, adobe flash cs4 and photoshop.
    Glad you like it!

  159. Nick Says:

    did you see the cheat i found? is it there on perpose?

  160. lol Says:

    chris how many more days till co-op comes out…

  161. Chris Says:

    I thought I replied to this already!

    Co-op multiplayer will be at least 3 months.

  162. Chris Says:

    There’s a new post y’all might like to keep an eye on.

  163. Tooni Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Yesterday I played again and posted three photos on this site, but I think it was moderated out?
    When I put turrets in the maschine shop, it won’t fire upon zombies approaching from the left barricade. Not even two or three turrets, and no other zombies were present on that area.

  164. Tyler Says:

    Hi Chris uhm i got colonol and i dont know what sentry gun engineer does can you help me does it make them if so i dont know how

  165. sas Says:

    chris when i put sentry guns overlapping each other sometimes one of the overlapped one doesnt reload so its like i lost one sentry gun

  166. Jordan Blose Says:

    Jordan here, SAS Zombie Assult 2 is my favorite flash game by far, its so much better than the first one, but when does the game end or how do you beat the game?

  167. lol Says:

    alot of pplz has asked this so ill tell you
    red dot sight gives you better aiming with the red circle
    radar scanner gives you a map
    faster reload speaks for its self
    badness is double health
    high capacity magazines gives you double ammo
    sentry gun engineer gives you double turret ammo and halves the time for reloading
    witness the fitness makes you walk faster kinda like rage

  168. DrPanda707 Says:

    how do you invite frineds to play this game with you? I have seen the button that says, invite friends, but is it kinda like xbox live, where u can invite anybod, or do u haf to know what their email is?

  169. jjoo Says:

    i find it quite discriminatory. i cannot buy credits with real money and thus i cant’ continue. I’m already col. but hate to start over again and again… :,(

  170. DrPanda707 Says:

    you have to buy mochicoins with real money, and then buy the unlimited continue thing with your mochicoins. It takes two steps.

  171. Chris Says:

    It ends after you complete wave 30, then you unlock Apocalypse mode which doesn’t end…

  172. lol Says:

    well…chris is sumwhat right…there might be some1 good enough to beat wave 9999999999999 with the best gun…(my highest is when the kisses come and start flooding the map… and ive unlocked every rank)chris will there be any more ranks on the 2nd map or is there a specail bonus that you wouldnt know about if it was the first time playing the game

  173. Daedryon Says:

    I’m having a problem linking my account I just made to SAS 2.

    I have 400 MochiCoins and I can’t even get the damned Lee gun or the grenades.

    I’m pissed off now.

  174. DrPanda707 Says:

    woohoo! i just beat normal mode! how do you get 400 free mochicoins? its says that if i send in sum sorta verification letter, ill get 400 free coins, but i did, and it wont give me anything.

  175. Tony Says:

    How can you earn mochigames coin without paying for them..

  176. Nigel Says:

    I really like version 2. Where can u get unlock codes .hehe

  177. Qader Says:

    100 steps up from last game VERYYYYYYYYY GOOD JOB.

    The things I would like to see are:

    4 or more player online co-op
    custom weapons and after you buy a weapon you can buy different add-ons
    Not suggestions that are not worth using your time
    Thank you.

  178. Quinn619 Says:

    Hey how many waves is there.

  179. Quinn619 Says:

    Oh nevermind.

  180. JakezZz Says:

    I read somewhere that when you complete the normal mode and get apocalypse it never ends but you cant build walls or turrets or anything? Could you possibly make a mode that DOES let you do all that while having infinite waves (like the bloons tower defense series)

  181. lordscott007 Says:

    do u guys no any cheats

  182. acer2420 Says:

    Amazing game
    Just asking will there be a co-op game play because me and my friend love this game, and it would be fantastic to play it together.

    Also Is there any chance of having a ricochet mod, because i noticed that there is 8 ranks yet only 7 mods.

  183. some guy Says:

    a save game feature woud be realy handy, cause its frustrating to have to start over all the time. Then when u came back onto the game u could just hit load and it would load u up on lvl u left off on with all xp points and cash and guns. another frustrating thin is the mochigames account. sreisly, wats the point of that!!!!!! ninjakiwi isnt mochigames, so why do u need an account to get all the good features like the chainsaw and pulse rifle? also the hole in the floor in the captains office should be removed csuse that woud be a grreat defensive spot if it wasnt there. i love the game though as it is, but those improvements would make it even better.

    and chris please respond to my question about why u need a mochigames account for a ninjakiwi game!

  184. Chris Says:

    acer2420 – we plan to start investigating a co-op multiplayer version towards the end of next week. This doesn’t really answer your question yet, because if it looks too difficult to do WELL then we’ll probably skip it.

    some guy – Save game seems out of place to be in what is essentially an endurance game. Mochigames allows us to sell items, selling items allows us to earn money from the game to fund out studio. If we can’t effectively monetize the games we’re less likely to make really good ones. To put this into perspective, we paid 2 fulltime staff members working on SAS2 for nearly 3 months.

  185. acer2420 Says:

    Thanks anyway, i can’t wait to see the co-op mode when it comes out.

    And the ricochet mod ws just an thought no need to if it takes too much time-and money from what i can see from your answer to some guy’s question.

  186. some guy Says:

    ok thanks for answering that was helpfull. i hope u eventuly do a sza (Sas Zombie Assault) 3 itd be cool

  187. lol Says:

    THE NEW MAP IS OPEN TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ya!!!anyways…you should make a game called “saw” its from the original movie and i am a HUGE saw fan,also you should make a rock band/guitar hero on this website,or a combination of both!rock hero!!!yes i can see it now!!!or or or!!!guitar band!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i am sumwhat stupid…its not a disability but i just hate school and avoid it aT ALL POSSIBLE)

  188. sas Says:

    the new map might not open tommorow said on the insane asylum thread..
    it might be pushed on MONDAY chris said due to compatibility

  189. some guy Says:

    will the new maps need a mochigames account? i hope not cuz i dont have 1! and if u ever do a 3, itd be cool if u transferred the premium weps and features from the premium to reg, then made up new 1s for the mochigames thing (I WANT THE AUTO SHOTGUN!!!!!!! :) cuz its impossible to get past wave 19 without the premium stuff like auto shotgun and self-repair. i do apreciate al the effort u guys are putting into the sza series, and its great.

  190. some guy Says:

    hey chris i made a mochigames account and im buying the lee enfield but its taking forever to purchase wats going on?

  191. Brent Says:

    if you buy a weapon like the auto shotgun or something like that angel thing does it stay with you forever.

  192. Brent Says:

    Chris please answer my question.

  193. Jose Bagg Says:

    How are scores calculated. I have went all 30 levels, but my score is not close to the high scores that are posted. I have taken a look at using different guns, and unlocking different rooms, but the score per zombie stays the same. What does a person need to do to get a high score?

    By the way, I beat the game by using only the pistol. That was fun, but also quite epic in intensity.

  194. some guy Says:

    i got to lvl 21 by saving up an getting hk417 dont waste ur money on sniper rifle n shotgun and g3 all useless and dont unlock engineering until u hav the hk. jose howd u get to lvl 30 using only pistol?!?!?!?! did u hack or something!!! and chris i cant buy anything even free stuff from premium even though i have a mochigames account! whys this?

  195. some guy Says:

    thers another cool zombie game cald endless zombie rampage. thers a sequel to it but the first has more weps but less cool enemies and both have a save game feature, which neither sza does. and chris is that the guy from tintin on ur profile? :)

  196. lol Says:

    ive played the zombie rampage and #2 is way to easy…on lvl.51 you have almost everything…and its almost the same as lvl.1…

  197. Chris Says:

    - Brent, yes if you buy premium items they stay in your account permanently.
    - Jose Bagg, your final score includes the remaining cash you end the game with up to a maximum of $70,000. Therefore people who survive the game with less turrets will end up with a higher score, it ain’t perfect but yeah. :) BTW I don’t beleive you beat the game with a pistol, it’s not possible.
    - Some guy, that is wierd. Are you sure you don’t already have them in your account?

  198. Jose Bagg Says:

    I did use the barricades, and I never left the first room. But I never used anything but the pistol and a few grenades that I gathered.

  199. Jose Bagg Says:

    I can send you a screenshot if you need proof.

  200. Chris Says:

    Totally, send me a vid of you passing round 30 with a pistol and I’ll give you $10.

  201. Chris Says:

    And I’d like to see the whole level…

  202. Jose Bagg Says:

    I am kind of in disbelief that you find this so hard to believe. The barricades do almost all the work. I don’t even need the pistol to be honest, just run around the tiny room fixing the barricades while all the zombies die. I only really use the pistol for kicks when there is one or two mega demons left.

  203. Chris Says:

    I eat my words, you might be right… we’ll have to nerf them :P

  204. lol Says:

    i did the same thing XD i only used a lee-enfield…its way to easy though! XD :D no buther,brown,fast or regular can get through the baricade!on lvl.22 i do completely nothing(p.s.i almost forgot that kiss cant get through…)

  205. some guy Says:

    i went to mochigames and made an account, which worked, then i went to sza2 and tried to get the lee enfield. it told me to choose from the options (facebook connect, make an account, login to ur account). i clicked on login, then a mochigames login window opened up. i loged in, then it said i got logged in successfuly, but when i went back to the sza2 window, it said it was stil purchasing my item. this went on for more then 10 min, and when i tried to relogin, it told me that my session was no longer valid. its wierd!!!

  206. lol Says:

    tutorial for tme SMILE
    1.login before any thing!now it should have your user name in the top rightbox
    2.go to normal mode or mode after you beat normal
    go to menu/pause then primium
    it should say free
    get it and KICK ZOMBIE ASS!!!

  207. some guy Says:

    ya i figurd it out i had cookies off just turn tem on whil loging in

  208. sas Says:

    its almost impossible to defeat the game with the pistol in the first room.. but i was able to defeat it pretty easy with auto shotgun and the pulse rifle in the first room

  209. 12345 Says:

    Yo chris, I found an error. I unlock all the rooms, bathroom last, and then im sent over to the room you start out in without even moving, look into it sometime, i suggest you should, so I can get in the bathroom and shoot there. And there should be a General of army rank, taking forever to get, and when you finally unlock it, you get……uhhh…….One mochi gun and one mochi special. IT would be fkn AWESOME! Consider it.

  210. sas Says:

    hey chris can u adjust the ranking like it takes 5 levels to lvl up if u made another rank…… and please put a reset button where we can reset our rankings so we can go back to private

  211. sas Says:

    is the asylum going to be tommorow?

  212. some guy Says:

    i like 12345s idea with the free premium gun and special, but maybe u could just get lik 2000 mochicoins or something lik that? and itll be so cool to have the asylum map out

  213. some guy Says:

    sas, if u wana play witout the abilities u get from lvling up, just go to the promotions tab and uncheckoff the abilities. i did that wit the red dot sight:)

  214. woody3 Says:

    How many waves are there?

  215. lol Says:

    woody-there are 30 waves
    sas-listen to someguy,pause the game,go to ranks and click on the checkmarks,even better :D
    i beleive that it is very easy to beat the game in the first room without a pistol ^.^ wave 22 has all blue/regular zombies and lasts about 3 mins.,you dont even half to move!it kills so easely!!!it has alot of hit points and is better than the vicers sentry gun,its worth 5,000 <:( and the first rooms so small and alot better with witness the fitness/general…so you can rebuild the barrior fast! C:

  216. sas Says:

    some guy… im ok with the abilities i just want to make it harder to lvl up… its fun lvling up and i like it…it makes me play the game more but when i reach the top it kinda get boring without achieving something…
    woody3 if ur talking about the old map it has 30 waves then you can unlock apocalypse mode after that

  217. sas Says:

    lol.. the only hard thing is getting the last barricade which is 5k i was able to get the metal but not the one with the wires…. thats the only thing that is hard after that its ok

  218. Gus Says:

    is the new map coming soooon/today?

  219. Chris Says:

    Weird my last post didn’t make it, maybe it’s in the spam queue :P

    No, sorry new map has been delayed further. We’re still working through some compatibility issues. Boy it is fun though…

  220. some guy Says:

    pistol=1 dmg, single shot, 30 rounds, 0$, included
    mp5=1 dmg, auto, 60 rounds, 50$, in road
    il be addin more wen i hav time!:)

  221. some guy Says:

    ak47=2 dmg, auto, 60 rounds, 250$, in vehicle bay
    shotgun=dunno i dont use it XD
    g3=7 dmg, single shot, 40 rounds, 1500$, in bathroom

  222. some guy Says:

    SCAR= 3 dmg, 3 round burst, 60 rounds, piercing, 1250$, in bathroom (this gun is waaaaaaaaaaayy better then g3, no idea why g3 is more expensive ;)
    sniper rifle (forgot the name)=15 dmg (guess), single shot, 10 rounds i think, 100% piercing, 1100$, in mess hall
    HK417= 7 dmg, auto, 60 rounds, piercing, 3500$, in captains office, (best personal gun in game ive discovered so far)

    blue zombie=7 hp, low dmg
    fast zombie= 6 hp, low dmg, runs
    brown zombie= 27 hp, med dmg, long range attack with tongue
    butcher zombie= 36 hp, high dmg, keeps moving while hit
    flying ghoul zombie= 50 hp, med dmg, fast, keeps moving while hit
    devil zombie= ? hp, high dmg, fast, can raise armies of skeletons (i hate this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:o)

  223. some guy Says:

    hey chris can u tell us about the new map?

  224. sas Says:

    some guy get the premium weapon like m41 its the alin buster gun.. its a beast u can kill everyone with it and can go to lvl 30 pretty easy and fast reload and has 400 rounds(with double clip)
    and great facts some guy….


  225. 12345 Says:

    Some guy your wrong.
    For ammo just double it if you got high capacity magazines

    Pistol= 1 dmg 30 rounds.
    MP5 2 dmg. 60
    shotgun 5×5 dmg 15
    G3 10 dmg 40
    Scar 12×3 60
    L11A5 20 armorpiercing 10
    HK417 12 dmg 60
    M60 30 dmg 200
    MG4 20 dmg 200
    For turrets you need sentry enginer for double ammo

    Wickers 10 dmg 500 ammo
    AWDS Is 30 dmg 1000 rounds fastest shooter.
    Im still working on premium guns so far here is this

    Lee Enfield 15 dmg 10
    MP7 5 dmg goes through as many enimies as bulletline.
    MG4 4 round burst 200 dmg 20
    AA12 10×5 40.
    GL idk ammo instakill
    Chainsaw 50dmg
    Add 5 dmg if you got dmg power up

  226. lol Says:

    wow…dont know what that was about but ok…the new map was delayed so and that SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but still

  227. some guy Says:

    wow 12345 tat was awsome did i do ok on the zombie info tho? its to bad that the new map got delayed i wonder how long?

  228. some guy Says:

    12345 u wer actually wrong on the scar, its 3 dmg, if it was 12 itd be a 1 shot kill on basic zombies, it takes 3 rounds to kill blue zombie, 2 for runners. r u sure about dmgs for m60/mg4? i got the m60 once and it took alot of rounds to kil a brown zombie but it fired rely fast. great job on evrything else tho idk any premium guns

  229. Anonomous Says:

    how many waves are there?

  230. sas Says:

    30 waves

  231. trevor smith Says:

    what does witness the fitness mean???

  232. lol Says:

    yay were smartical!(LOL I KEEP TELLING PPLZ THAT THE MAP WOULD COME OUT EVERY DAY xd i dont know why…probblay to make them mad

  233. DearJake Says:

    For those of you continually complaining about the premium items, you can complete partner offers to get coins. I got 6,000 in about an hour, so I bought the Tactical Pack 2. Try it. Or better yet, just buy the coins, it helps out Ninjawiki a lot, I’m sure.

  234. Someone in All highscores Says:

    Hey Chris, if I were to post a video on youtube of me cheating on Zombie Assault 2, Infinite Health, Ammo, and Grenades and it showed my account name, would my account be banned?

  235. some guy Says:

    u wil be neway rofl!!!!!

  236. Someone in All highscores Says:

    What do you mean I will be anyway….I did it a while ago, at the time I was first place in the world, dude they can’t detect it, my score is still up there and I haven’t been banned. I have the video finished I just wasn’t sure if I should put it on youtube…….

  237. DearJake Says:

    @Someone in All highscores: Who cares? Its just a flash game. I’ve used Cheat Engine to get things like infinite grenades before and what not. I highly doubt you would be banned, and I also highly doubt anybody cares that you’re “cheating”.

  238. sas Says:

    thats why the chris doesnt want to put like if you get like 500 kills you get 500 mochicoins blah blah…..bcause of ppl putting videos on you tube!!!… by d way my favorite cheat is where i had unlimited ammo in my auto shotgun!!! pretty sick

  239. Someone in All highscores Says:

    Ok thanks and yeah lol I find it funny in such a well protected game that the ammo wasn’t even encryped. And @ sas yeah thats one of my favorites too, although if I want a highscore I just use an auto clicker to spam infinite grenades while I sleep =PPPP But thank you DearJake and Sas that helps alot.

  240. sas Says:

    grenades make it boring i just use unlimited ammo and just upgrade the barriers with the wires and jst like 1-3 awds sentry gun is gud enough

  241. Jose Bagg Says:

    Try to challenge yourself. I am currently trying to win the game without moving. I do move in between rounds to unlock doors and ultimately get to the prime spot. It is proving quite difficult.

    Things I have done. Won the game without using any gun except the pistol.

    Same thing, but lee enfield.

    Won the game without reloading any weapon during an actual round. Only reload in between rounds. (I had the chainsaw to help out when I ran out of bullets).

    Won the game without leaving the first room.

    I am looking forward to the new maps.

  242. DearJake Says:

    @Someone in All Highscores – Yeah, everything has Mochi Protection but its still possible to freeze/change some of the 4-bit values such as grenades and ammo.

    Also, is it just me, or are most of the people here under, like, 13?..

    Just thought that was weird.

  243. gelasio Says:

    i think that zombie assault 2 is a cool game on ninjakiwi .

  244. gelasio Says:

    well that game was not as fun as i thoght it would be

  245. lol Says:

    this games fun!

  246. sas Says:

    this is fun this is like a mini version of nazi zombies

  247. Heero Says:

    I got over 123000 pts after normal game. I wonder how could the champion on the board get over 190000 pts? That’s impossible I think. Though he might have brought some premiums, he still needed to wait for cash to unlock those doors one by one. Would there be 60% more zombies coming in?

  248. gelasio Says:

    i got a long way on that game but then i got killed

  249. SIthstriker Says:

    how bout a mp7 free? i mean no offence but enfield good at first gets bad fast and also if you,ve alredy bought an mp7 you get some new gun thats a bit better or something. my point is i dont want to pay $5 for 4,000 points when i only need 600. 400 free really… dont know bout you but my head thinks rip off lowest gun/ability is 600!

  250. ellingtone Says:

    What does witness the fitness do?

  251. Teguki Says:

    Ellingtone, it makes you fit. (Your speed is doubled.)

  252. MicroBurnzy97 Says:

    Hey Chris, on the new sas2 map when you click on play whats all the 400 coins thing all about

  253. Trev Says:

    When you become a general, and get ” Witness The Fitness ” What Exacly Does That Do, I Dont Think Ive Noticed Anything Different?


  254. Chris Says:

    Witness the Fitness gives you greater movement speed (such that you can often run straight through crowds of Z’s without a scratch!)

  255. I Says:

    ZANE WHERE U FROM :O <3 <3 <3

  256. some guy Says:

    hey evry1 click on my name!!!!! also semi auto shotgun is awsome, cuz it has like fire rate of pistol, and a wider spred then reg shotgun. also wat happened to sniper rifle!?!?!?? i like nitro express to but maybe u could add in sniper rifle and make nitro express non pirecing? and i got general and it goes REALY fast! :) :) :) i agree with sithstriker about the free mp7 thing, cuz i only use rifle for 1st lvl then get mp5. some more ideas i had were: uzi- dmg 1, auto
    double pistol-fires 2 dmg 1 bullets wich converg on ur target!! :)
    rpg- makes grenade sized explosion but long reload

    great job on insane asylum chris its sooooooo fun and i love most of new guns!!!!

  257. Jose Bagg Says:

    I made it through level 25 with only a pistol and no barricades. Just the pistol. I do have premium for faster health regen and the armor, plus I am a general.

    I had to quit because the wife wanted to watch a movie, and it takes FOREVER to kill off all the zombies with a pistol.

    I am pretty sure I can do the last 5 levels with a pistol though.

  258. Teguki Says:

    Hey, some guy! I’m a member on zday too (been one for ages).
    What’s your username? Mines is Teguki.

  259. lol1 Says:

    i know the zombie game too!!!does any1 know when its gonna come out?(i found it last week…LOL)(my user name’s killer master.Teguki,im gonna send friend thing :D ) (who has heard of global agenda…)

  260. Teguki Says:

    It won’t be out for a good while yet. I’m not allowed to release any information but it is quite difficult, and you cannot outrun the zombies.

    And btw, a word of warning, the team do not accept tester applications.

  261. some guy Says:

    i dont have account there but i think its a super cool idea. will it need a download?

  262. Teguki Says:

    Yes, it does.

  263. Solider Says:

    Wat does Badassness do?

    And the clowns r kinda wierd wats up with that?

  264. some guy Says:

    badassness is double health and clowns explode wen they get near u, causing lots of dmg. just let em get close to u then run away.

  265. some guy Says:

    does anyon her have a kongregte account?

  266. RJ Says:

    how’s the online co-op coming? are you still working on it?

  267. Chris Says:

    Sadly not

  268. RJ Says:

    aww man, that would be so damn cool. you should maybe have another studio work on the multiplayer. oh well, ill just play call of duty 5 for my share of zombie co-op action. Nice game though!

  269. gelasio Says:

    iv been on wave 27

  270. Al Says:

    Chris, what happens when you get to a 2 or 3 star general? Can you add a ability where you can shoot through walls? Or better yet for the “witness the fitness” skill, can you make us gain health every time we shoot a zombie? Thanks… just putting out suggestions. Great game by the way!!!

  271. lol1 Says:

    good game!anyways…you probably shouldnt bug chris to much about the multiplayer thing,just be nice to him and there hasnt been an update about a new rank or map so once one comes out you should start suggesting ideahs ok? could send links to multiplayer games…for example one with sending the company a message like,

    ZDay – MMOFPS with Zombies

  272. some guy Says:

    another cool game is combat arms, mmofps, no zombies tho :(
    and 2,3,4,5 star general would be cool to.
    do u have a sequel for guns n angel going?

  273. Randly Says:

    How to Buy Coins in the mochicins?plss reply…….Thnx

  274. Randly Says:

    how to buy mochicoins????…..

  275. Chris Says:

    - Randly, you need to create a MochiGames account and thenyou can purchase coins either with credit card, paypal or mobile phone. :)

  276. debo Says:

    Amazing game i got the colnel rank and i got to wave 28 by the way how many waves are there but really great game one of the best ive ever played

  277. Carlos Says:

    All i got to say chris is that this game totaly ranks i have never played any thing like it it is just so freking awsome

  278. Carlos Says:

    ohh and by the way i totaly agree on the price of some of the items ,because some things are just to expensive but like i said before this is the best flash game i have ever played,un less you come up with a third one,and wat is your stragey to surviving all the waves of zombies.

  279. Chris Says:

    Thanks Carlos!

  280. Teguki Says:

    Can you make an SAS: Endless Zombie Assault next pleeeeeeeeeease? (Like the current one but with endless waves.)

  281. Erensto Says:

    Hi dude, you need make a multiplayer SAS , or a download version with lan , with bigger maps :) that be cool.

    Sorry my english

  282. Chris Says:

    - Teguki, there is already endless Zombies in Apocalypse Mode :)

  283. Chris Says:

    - See my post on SAS Multiplayer – not going to happen :P

  284. Teguki Says:

    I mean endless waves, not one neverending one.

    So it’s exactly like the normal mode (Turrets, unlocking, etc.) but you keep going forever.

  285. Fukinawa Says:

    Hello, I have finished just person the wave 30, and suddenly the game extracted me with a ” You have succesfully repelled the zombie assaault ”
    Why I have extracted me if then have not killed me?

  286. some guy Says:

    teguki, i lik ur idea with endless mode. another q: when is zday coming out? (not exact date, but like weeks, months, years from now?) i can wait, but it kinda helps to have a rough guess. ad chris, do u have a sequel for guns n angel going?

  287. some guy Says:

    chris just had great idea!!!!! wat about a level editor on sza wer u could use a tile system to make ur own map?!?!?!!? thatd be so cool!!!

  288. Chris Says:

    - some guy, level editors are cool but they can restrict the game. We made the decision fairly early on with SAS that we’d hard-code the levels because we wanted it to feel cooler than could be achieved with a level editor format.

  289. Teguki Says:

    Zday won’t be out for a long time yet, some guy.

  290. lol1 Says:

    still sad :( SEND FRIEND REQUEST!(idk why but my user name killer master)its stupids!!!

  291. some guy Says:

    ok thanks teguki its handy 2 know. thanks for explaining chris.

    more wep ideas!!!
    magnum:dmg 7, ammo 12
    lead pipe: dmg 4, ammo inf
    katana: dmg 10, auto
    spas-12: dmg 7×5, ammo 16

    and if u ever do a sza 3, itd be cool to do something with limited ammo, and maybe ammo pickups, plus a way to buy that, and stuff like extra max hp for ur guy, extra dmg on various weps, that sorta thing ( u would buy it in the store) and u could include extra stuff in the premium section 2! im not expecting sza 3 anytime soon, but if u do eventuly make it, then some of those suggestions might come in handy :)

    and stats 4 insane asylum stuff: 700 nitro express: sniper rifle frm sas 2
    semi auto shotgun: shotgun except fires every time u click, like g3

    butcher zombies now have 4 worms coming out of them when they die, this is a real pain if u have scar, g3, shotgun, or nitro express, use an auto on them

    clown zombies: these add some variety, cuz they act like time bombs if they get to near u, and are a serious threat if u dont hav badassness, or if they come in lg numbers

    and the flying ghoul zombies seem to be mostly replaced by clowns for some reason.

    and chris plz answer my q about if they have a guns n angel sequel coming out. iv mentioned it a couple times now, so plz respond

  292. Teguki Says:

    Lol1, I won’t befreind someone who’s never posted.

  293. lucas Says:

    i got the premuim pack its awesome. my favoreite weapon is the lazer 2nd is the flamethower

  294. DD_Commander Says:

    Okay hi this iz my first comment- anyway this game rocks!!!! Chris your posts rule and i agree with othr giz- there should be a kind of editor, wether its gun, zombie, etc. and for that kiss zombie- I call it the Sheva. Dont blame me it just popped up. I really wish the co-op worked out. Keep the games coming!!

  295. DD_Commander Says:

    Chris- Hei i wanted to kno what the names of the zombis r. ore you’re personal names 4 em’. Bi the way plz make more maps!!! Post me!

  296. Jerod Says:

    My game won’t let me buy the $1000 ADWS Sentry gun…I can buy the expensive one but it costs too damn much. It’s the only gun I’ve tried so far that I can’t buy (I can buy the MP5, AK47, M60, the HK17, the Shotty, etc….basically all of the other ones.

    I’m on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) using fully updated Safari…any ideas?


    PS This game is f*cking awesome.

  297. Anrey Vataman Says:

    Hey I love the game its freaking awesome but I have some requests. I now it only came out not to long ago but you guys should seriously try making this game online so you could play with your friends I think that would be awesome, cuz then you’ll have a backup buddy with you and helping you out. I know what im asking for is really big and hard to do but im just saying it would be really great and get the game going even better because you’ll have a partner who you could rank up with and you wont die as fast.

    Thanks for reading.

  298. ben Says:

    how many rounds are there? by the way, my turrets work perfectly. i do hate how the great weapons need cash, as most 13 year olds don’t have. i wanna proton cannon their eyes out

  299. ben Says:

    sorry for double post, but for the online thing, the thing about chat room is it becomes a weird talky thing. but yeah, 1!! frien would be cool

  300. david Says:

    are the number of enemies affected by the number of rooms open?

  301. david Says:

    the last upgrade that makes you faster is terrible! what a waste! i dont care how fast i go, i wanted something better than that for the final upgrade!!!

  302. arumdidibumdidibangang Says:

    i suddenly have got very bored of this game

  303. Azated Says:

    Hiya. Love the game, only just found it yesterday. I can get to wave 24 on normal mode and 22 on asylum, using strategically placed turrets (Big one guarding doors, vickers guarding windows).

    Anyway, i just have a few questions.

    1: What wave does the game finish on?

    2: Can we have some sort of achievement system to unlock special guns not available for the mochi coins thing?

  304. david Says:

    azated, i think there are 30 waves altogther judging by other comments

  305. zingy Says:

    can ya get coins with buying them with money

  306. some guy Says:

    i ws bored of tis game for a while but now its interestin again! dave there is 30 waves.
    for n00bs:
    weps are: pistol:fires 1 shot per click, fast reload time, lo dmg (im to lazy to figure out exact :P )
    mp5:auto, fast reload, lo dmg
    ak47:auto but slower then mp5, medium reload, med dmg
    shotgun:click fire, long firing delay, super long reload time, fires 5 med dmg shots at once
    ill add more

  307. some guy Says:

    g3: click fire, fast firing, fast reload, hi dmg
    scar: 3 round burst (only gun in game that has burst, apart frm aliens gun forgot name), hi dmg but not as much as g3, peircing, med reload
    nitro express: single shot, long firing delay, really long reload time, hi dmg, always peircing (this replacce snipr rifel from normal game)
    m1014: shotgun except fast firing and med reload
    m60: big mp5 that fires rely fast, med reload

  308. some guy Says:

    hk417: basically scar but full auto
    mg4: hk417 but fires rely fast and bigger mags

    for ppl who ask about multiplayer chris already said that it wont hapen if ur to lazy to read posts above urs

  309. some guy Says:

    i think a free mp7 would be nice cuz while lee enfield is kinda cool looking its almost worse then pistol. im not doing premium stuff cuz im not wasting my money on online games cuz the whole point of those is to be free. if ur wiling to pay for a good game get something for the xbox, like cod 5, which this is just free mini version of nazi zombies. but if u decide not to play it cuz of my post, plz play it! its a great game, rely fun and chalenging, altho boss zombies would b nice, like in endless zombie ramage 2.

  310. some guy Says:

    hey chris how do u change pic on profile… cuz ive got a gif of cat firing ak47 that i wana use on somthing!

  311. zingy Says:

    it would be better for the game if it had a rpg ad lower gun prices

  312. Nickdeox Says:

    I’m just became a general in the game and i just got some good ideas
    Like everyone probably in mention “on line Multiplayer”
    “New maps”, you can select which one you want to play before you start
    “Map Maker” make your own maps and share in multi player
    “Turn on Characters/multi player characters” in customs game you could make
    “More Characters”
    “Dual wield weapons”
    “Movable Barricades”
    “Survivors” you can find in certain rooms if you get there fast enough which you can buy weapons for and position them
    “Triggered mines”

    Copy and paste this and reply this again so the makers can see it coz i don’t wanna waste wat i just typed up.

  313. DD_Commander Says:

    Some Guy, just click the picture and you can upload a saved pic

    Hope I helpd!!!

  314. some guy Says:

    chris, sorry to bother you with my stupid questions, but the holy hand grenade isnt working on all zombies (the ones not affected were regular zombies not wormy things). this is kinda frustrating cuz theyre rely handy for dealing with hords. can u plz fix this? thx!
    nick chris alredy said he wont do multiplayer, cuz of technical issues. he also said that he wont do map editor cuz its alot beter gameplay with fixed maps. but i like ur idea about achievements: some ideas would be:
    hey big spender: spend more then 10000 bucks, 10% off stuff
    heavy arsenal: unlock all weps, 10% xtra dmg
    kaboom!: kill 100 zombies with grenades/rpg (if u add that)
    bandolier: fire more than 5000 bullets, double ammo on evrything
    hitman: kill 100 zombies with pistol, 100% xtra pistol dmg
    officer of the LAW!: killed 200 zombies with mp5, 50% xtra dmg for mp5
    rebel: killed 200 zombies with ak47, 50% xtra dmg for ak47
    zack hunter: killed 200 zombies with shotgun, 50% xtra dmg for shotgun
    custom killing: killed 200 zombies with nitro express, 20% xtra dmg for nitro express
    foreign legionnaire: killed 400 zombies with scar, 50% xtra dmg for scar
    german chocolate: killed 500 zombies with hk417, 50% xtra dmg for hk417
    death from the jungle: killed 500 zombies with m60, 50% xtra dmg for m60
    top of the food chain: killed 1000 zombies with mg4

    for weps id like to think would eventually be included:
    cowboy: killed 100 zombies with revolver
    gangsta: killed 200 zombies with uzi
    russki: killed 500 zombies with rpg

    i like the survivor idea but maybe they could move around with u?
    dual weps would be nice (for pistol and revolver), but maybe a bit not worth it to buy?
    whats the point of mines when uve got grenades?
    some more ideas would be purchasable grenades and ammo, cuz theres no point in having like 20000 bucks if u cant spend it on anythin
    movable barricades seems kind of ridiculous, unless u mean buying them in the shop and putting them down somewhere, where they stay put. (how would a guy carry a barricade around on his back? :P )

    dd comander, it doesnt work on my comp. maybe its cuz i have a mac.

    zingy the gun prices seem totaly rigt to me, except for the g3, which should be switched with the scar, cuz it sucks.

  315. Teguki Says:

    Someguy, the hloy hand grenade does kill the worms, but only when the worms have actually spawned. It will kill everything in its radius for up to ONE life. The Boomers have two: one as the fat guy an one as the swarm of worms. The HHH will kill any worms currently on the map, but if it kills a fatty then it wont kill the worms which spew forth milliseconds later.

  316. some guy Says:

    teguki the un affected zombies were blues and runners not advanced ones. what are boomers do u mean clowns? and chris i just read ur post its so cool that ur coming out with ANOTHER map!!!! wen it does come out sza will PWN any other zombie games even last stand 3

  317. some guy Says:

    chris ur working on melee weps 2?!?!?!?!?! omg im not gona play last stand 2 ever again!!!! wat are some ideas for melee weps? cuz i think u should make chainsaw part of regular game, and possibly a wrecking bar, baseball bat, and katana to! its ur game so u can make watever u want, but thos r just my sugestins.

    another cool idea i had was 2 upgradeable weps. u could go into the shop and click on a tab that says upgrades then upgrade stuff like strength ,reload time ,firing rate, clip size, etc. thatd be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  318. some guy Says:

    ok pplz heres my walkthru:
    use lee enfield
    1 when u get 100 bucks get next room (forget wat its cald) and get mp5. use that
    2 next open corridor
    3 next open north cells and unlock scar and mg4
    4 save up and get scar
    5 open up mess hall and room above it and unlock hk417, stay in the hk417 room and defend it
    6 save up and get hk417
    7 get into graveyard and unlock turret guns
    8 save up and get adws, put 1 in the center of the hk417 room, thisll allow u to focus fire on main entrance insted of havin 2 defend 3 exits
    DO NOT open curing clinic, this has to many exits for even a adws to cover
    9 save up and get mg4
    10 keep using ur money to buy additional adws turets and put them thruout the hk417 room, dont buy vickers turets
    11 win!!!!!!
    sry for speling but im typng this at scool and dont hav tim 2 edit

  319. Teguki Says:

    Some guy, IMO that wastes too much money on guns that you won’t use again once you’ve upgraded. My walkthrough would be:

    Mess hall
    Grave yard
    HK 417
    Curing clinic

    I don’t know why you’re against the Curing Clinic, it’s the best room IMO since it forces the zombies to all come from one generalised direction. If you place four ADWS’s along the back wall, you can beat the majority of the waves without having to lift a finger.

  320. some guy Says:

    ok when i play the zombies come into the curing clinic from all doors in hordes. i cant get into the infermary without dieing, and theres no walkway outside to retreat to, like there is in infermary. also how do u survive with only lee enfield for so long, unless u get xtra cash per kill. i only lasted until wave 17 with it, and that was on old map! if u have xtra cash per kill, then u could probly get hk417 before u die, maybe on wave 10 or so. also i generally dont open grave yard until i have hk417, cuz it takes alot of money, and that is a large portoin of the amount for geting hk417, wich i woud want 2 get as soon as possible. of course ur a way beter player then me, so u might find it ez, but i dont! :(

  321. some guy Says:

    chris im not getting the 400 mochicoins, even though i made a new acc yesterday. have they stopped the offer? and wheres chris? i havent seen him for awhile.

  322. some guy Says:

    Hey Teguki you said you were a lego geek? Well Im a bit of one to, so I have a question – do you own any brickarms? I want to get some at Brickcon, and if you have any, could you tell me what you think about them in terms of quality, fun, etc. (Im home now so I can type better :) )

  323. some guy Says:

    Uh Jerod sorry if Im making you sound like a noob, but I haven’t seen you on this forum before. Do you know that the ADWS and Vickers are turret guns, so you can’t use them personally, but if you buy them they stay at the spot where you’re at and auto fire at anything (sorta like turrets in a TD game).

  324. some guy Says:

    Mwahaha I’m about to covertly access (click on my name) my dads brickarms.

  325. Teguki Says:

    Nah sorry, I don’t have any brickarms. I’m more into building my own guns, testing them, modifying them, testing them, etc., etc.

    P.S. About the Lee Enfeild, if you stay in the mess hall (the largest room) and circle around the zombie continually, they’ll all bunch together in one little group making it easy to shoot the all down or rebound a grenade (I always bounce the grenades of the wall so they’ll explode right when they hit the zombies) into the horde.

  326. some guy Says:

    ok neat the bouncing of wals tricks a goodidea id never thought of that. the mess hall is handy. u can shoot over the table to!

  327. some guy Says:


  328. bloonstwd4 Says:

    you should make a SAS for ipod touch tht would be great

  329. some guy Says:

    bloons, i think that itd be kinda hard and not much fun, especially on such a tiny screen. itd probably turn out sorta like BiA, except in topdown.

  330. david Says:

    teguki – i dont recognise half of the things on your walkthrough … and i could really use one :(

  331. david Says:

    where is the workshop or latrines in your walkthrogh for example, and what is the graveyard?

  332. Teguki Says:

    David, we’re talking about the Insane Asylum map.
    The MLE or “Emily” rifle is the free gun you get for signing up to Mochicoins. You don’t ever have to spend any money on Mochicoins though, just leave if empty and you’ll get free stuff from games.

    I’m pretty sure you know what the only other two guns I mentioned (the only efficient guns in the game IMO) so I’ll skip those.

    The Reception is the first room you are able to unlock.
    The Corridor is the second.
    The Mess hall is the massive room on the right of the map, it should be the third to be unlocked. NOTE: It contains a swarm.
    The Infirmary is above the Mess. Collect the HK 417. NOTE: It contains a swarm.
    Then you should focus on getting the HK 417, it’s the best in the game.
    After that it’s down to the graveyard. (That’s the other room leading off the Mess, with the open grave in it.) Collect the turrets.
    The Curing Clinic is last to be opened, it’s your revenue of defence.

    Align ADWSs (NOT Vickers!) along the back wall (the one with no openings on it) and viola! Your defence is assured.

    For the normal map:

    - Lee Enfeild
    - Street
    - Reception
    - Mess Hall
    - Captain’s room
    - HK417
    - Vehicle Bay
    - Workshop
    - AWDS (Looking down the street through the reception door)
    - AWDS (Looking out the reception window)
    - ADWS (Directly adjecent to the Reception-Street door, on the wall adjoining the Mess Hall)
    - ADWS (In the centre of the Reception.)

  333. bloonstwd4 Says:

    Some guy yea i guess ur right but if they could make it good and maby a fps tht would be great but i could see how it would be difficult to make and play

  334. matt Says:

    hey anyone actually beaten the game with out the infinite live thing you have to buy

  335. david Says:


  336. david Says:

    so i shouldn’t get the m60 machine gun?

  337. david Says:

    i failed :(
    number 24 – 1 away from where i always die…

  338. Teguki Says:

    David, no don’t get the M60.

    When choosing a weapon in a game where you need to be efficient to survive, you should only ever buy one gun. If you buy a second gun then the money you spent on the first is wasted.

    As such, the gun you choose must be both attainable and good value.

    I like the HK 417 over the M60 purely because its quick reload time stops you from getting trapped in a corner whilst you wait for that little “click!” that tells you you’re ready to fire.

  339. some guy Says:

    The M60 is more of a huge, piercing MP5. I personally would never waste money on it. The best gun in game is the MG4. It’s essentially a HK417, except with huge ammo capacity, and slightly increased damage and fire rate. In the normal game (SAS zombie assault 2) I only get the HK417, because it’s a whole lot less expensive then either the M60 or the MG4. Also, if Chris reads this, it would be extremely nice to have both a 5000 dollar gun, to bridge the gap between the M60/MG4 and the HK417, and a really super expensive 20000 dollar gun, which could be a premium gun (flamethrower, anyone?). Teguki, I find it helpful to have an intermediate gun (or 2) between you’re ideal gun and you’re starter. Generally, this is the MP5 and SCAR for me, although other people may have different ideas.

  340. Chris Says:

    - Some Guy, I personally prefer the G3 to the SCAR. It can be a bit tiring on the finger but it’s pretty quick+high damage :)

  341. bloonstwd4 Says:

    yes i agree with chris but when i do get the money i usually get the M-60

  342. LastManStandin Says:

    How many lvls are need to unlock apocalypse mode?

  343. some guy Says:

    To unlock apocalypse, you need to beat the game on normal.

  344. bloonstwd4 Says:

    Isnt there another expansion or update coming out for this game?

  345. some guy Says:

    Yes, there’s another map coming out eventually. For now, I’m happy with Insane Asylum, though.

  346. north_gooch Says:

    hey im new to this game, i just randomly started playing it on mousebreaker and this is probably the best free game ive played on the internet… anyway ive just unlocked captain and i was wondering what does badassness do???

  347. some guy Says:

    Badassness gives you double hp. Chris, I was just wondering if chainsaw and/or MP7 are ever going to be free. They are both minor premium guns, and if I had any Mochicoins, I would definitely spend them on auto shotgun and flamethrower, not those.

  348. louis Says:

    hey does anyone know how the scoring system works in this game?? i mean there is only a certain amount of enemies that give you a certain amount of score.. do i need to buy premium guns to get a high score?

  349. some guy Says:

    Louis, if you want to get a high score, play in apocalypse mode, preferably with premium guns (although that doesn’t give you a higher score, it’ll keep you alive longer and help you kill more zombies).

  350. some guy Says:

    Is it just me, or is stuff kinda quiet around he-AAAAARGH!!!!! lol why hasn’t anyone been posting lately?

  351. louis Says:

    no i mean how do you get a high score in the campaign. do you get more score for doing it quicker or not losing hp or killing multipal zombies with 1 shot?

  352. some guy Says:

    No, you don’t get extra score for that kind of stuff. You’re score is based purely on how many zombies you killed and how much money you had left over afterwards (in game, not real money you spent on mochigames :P )

  353. some guy Says:

    Chris, what’s the new map based around? Like military base, police station, hospital, school, supermarket, farm, etc. And how big is it? It’s ok if you aren’t allowed to say, but I’m curious.

  354. Chris Says:

    Okay it looks like some people are a bit mixed up. The new map we were referring to is the Insane Asylum map which is already out. We’re now working on some new games that I know you’ll all love…

  355. some guy Says:

    Oops sorry Chris! That post was from a while back. I’ve been reviewing a bunch of previous posts, and Teguki, I think your jamming issues are caused by the mouse. I just got a new mouse, and I’m starting to experience the same problem. Chris I like your idea about gun upgrades, where you can use points you earn to upgrade various aspects of your gun. I think points should equal Xp (so like 100 Xp gives you 1 point, which you can use to increase the damage by 10%, or the reload time 50%, or something). It would be cool if you could do it so you could infinitely upgrade, so eventually you could have an MG4 with the power of a sniper rifle, reload time of the pistol, and a 1000 round clip. That would be just awesome!!! And do you think that sometime you will be pursuing another map? I’m not counting the minutes or anything, but it would just be nice to know. And thanks for clarifying my question!

  356. some guy Says:

    I had a couple ideas for new maps:
    Starship: has entirely Sci-fi weapons. Examples: laser pistol, laser magnum, M41 pulse rifle, blaster rifle, E-web machine laser.
    Lab: super hard. Basically provides a challenge for people with premium guns. Also has turret guns and a laser cannon (replaces sniper rifle) as in-game items.

    And speaking of Premium, I would love to see a free “weapon pack 1″ with chainsaw and MP7 ;) .

  357. some guy Says:

    Oh and a comment I forgot: the starship should have a creepy Alien-style atmosphere. It might even have the same layout of the Nostromo, and it would be very cool to have a totally dark room, where you would need to rely on the radar screen for combat. That would only be one room though.

  358. some guy Says:

    Chris, the last few times I’ve tried to access the Ninja blog, it just popped up with a screen that said “Sorry, but the ninjas can’t find what you’re looking for”. Is Ninjakiwi doing work on their page? If not, what browser settings should I use to access it. I’m using the latest version of Safari, on OSX Leopard. Also, something I was curious about. Is Ninja kiwi based in Australia or New Zealand? That would explain why the dates on the posts are different, and the company name ;) .

  359. Some guy Says:

    Sorry for all these posts, but I just keep coming up with new ideas!

  360. Chris Says:

    -some guy, yeah sorry for the outages. We had to do some quick fixes to the blog as it was bringing the whole site down :(

  361. some guy Says:

    Thanks Chris. That sure explains stuff!

  362. sal Says:

    to use the lee enfield gun, you have to firts purchase it, then click to equip it

  363. some guy Says:

    sal, you can do that, but you can also just buy it, then use q/e to equip it. I have absolutely no idea how that came up :P . Chris, do you like my map suggestions (don’t worry I’m not expecting a new map anytime soon. I probably wouldn’t even have time to play it, with the way schools been going lately! :( ).

  364. Teguki Says:

    Some guy, yeah. I’m in 5th year (Higher, UK system) now and they are piling homework onto us by the truckload.

  365. some guy Says:

    Teguki, I have absolutely no idea what that is, but I’m in 9th grade, Washington state system, and I have like 5 projects all due at the same time right now!!!!!
    Chris, is there any possibility of eventually doing another SZA map? I’m not asking if you’re actively pursuing it or anything, but if that’s on your “eventually” plans, that would be awesome!

  366. Carlos Says:

    hey chris i just had one question in mind…….are you going to make an sas 3,and if you are, about how long will it be until it is relesed

  367. Chris Says:

    SAS 3 is much more likely than another expansion map to SAS 2. If we do make SAS 3 it will be early-mid 2010. But don’t worry we do have another title in the wings for those bloodlusters out there :)

  368. some guy Says:

    Cool! What is it Chris?!?!?!? Another great weapon idea I had (and just found out about) is the MP44 Vampir. It’s basically an MP44 with a big infrared light, and an infrared scope. That would be super cool in a dark room, or even section of the map! You could have a cone of light projecting out in font of you, except everything would be green and you couldn’t see to the sides. Now that would be just sweet!

  369. rashon Says:

    i love you my best friends in th hole intiyer world.

  370. rashon Says:

    wats up

  371. some guy Says:

    Eh? Those posts belongs in the Stickarena chat.

  372. some guy Says:


  373. some guy Says:

    Sorry that was my friend. I leave him alone for 3 minutes to get something to eat, and what happens? He makes a rude post. Sorry.

  374. danial Says:

    how to hack money sas zombie assault2 ha?

  375. some guy Says:

    First you need to download a trainer for the game. Then you can use other sites to find the patterns/codes that work. I think that this is ok with Chris, since this isn’t a MMOG. However if SAS Multiplayer ever comes out, I would advise you not to ask this question.

  376. Monkeyman931 Says:

    There arent enough ranks. I think you should make some more like 1 shot kill and better turrets.

  377. Wrtlhxjbly Says:

    I think you should includ a feature where you can sell turrets for your money back because i acidently place two and can only reload one

  378. Jollyollyman Says:

    Corporal – Red Dot Sight (not much help)
    Sergeant – Radar Scanner (Map shows up on bottom right)
    Lieutenant – Faster Reload
    Captain – Badassness (Double Health)
    Major – High Capacity Magazines (Guns have double the ammo in clip)
    Colonel – Sentry Gun Engineer (Turret’s ammo pack is bigger and reloads faster)
    General – Witness the Fitness (Havnt gotten it yet :p)

    I always die on level 25. Becomes a pain in the ass on level 24 when everything revives as skellies and i get stuck in a corner. :P

  379. John Says:

    Need to make the zone bigger to reload turrets. Have to run over turrets several times to try and find it. Especially difficult when running away from carnivorous zombies.

  380. BlakHart Says:

    General – Witness the Fitness rank gives Movement Speed Increase.

  381. Dale Says:

    sas zombie assult 2 is the best game on the web. my parents say to go outside and get some fresh air, but i sold out my mom with $10 to play more of this!!!!!

  382. Bob Says:

    Money reward needs to get bigger..more money for turrets faster, game gets boring after a while

  383. jr Says:

    can you survive apocalypse mode?

  384. JohnSmith Says:

    well this is quite a fun game… especially when i use cheat engine on it ;)

  385. Jason Says:

    good game but the turrets are to expensive

  386. some guy Says:

    If you need to cheat to win, you obviously suck at this game. Anyway, I think witness the fitness is completely useless. Most of my moving is very short distances, so even if I could instantly teleport to any spot on the map, that would only be a mediocre reward for hundreds of zombies killed.

  387. Patraic Says:

    I have played for a little bit…made it to leval 28. :) so many things to shoot at! I recomend to everybody get a mochigames account, get the lee enfeld (however you spell it) and just use that until you feel you can not use it any more, it really helps.

  388. martin Says:

    i just got to sentury gun engineer thing and i have no clue what it dose i was on wave 27 and i put 3 10000 sentury guns down and there the same i dont know what it dose but using all that money got me killed:( can someone please explain what it dose to me

  389. luke Says:

    how the heck do you use the Sentury gun engineer thing . are you able to like build them or somting or do they cost less ? let me no ok .

  390. Chris Says:

    They have double ammo capacity and reload faster.

  391. Gabe Says:

    It’s to f***g hard from wave 25 forwards :(
    Make something that help’s u. Maybe zombie worth more money, and when you finish a wave to receive more money. That would be verry helpfull (and fair, in my opinion)
    thx 4 lisenin’ :)

  392. DragondekaTS020 Says:

    could i get a heads up on how many levels there are?

  393. Zombie 115 Says:

    there are thirty my friend.but if you have any hopes to get to the end you will need some sentry guns if you dont you will be in zombies up to your head.

    I also have a question. Do you get anything after the highest level?

  394. Zombie 115 Says:

    And i have an idea for another game but everyone may not like it…

    why not make a nazi zombies just like s.a.s.z.a? have sound effects from it and eveything.

  395. superspartan785 Says:

    how do you use the holy hand grenade? I walk and pick it up but nothing happens!!!

  396. raggy30 Says:

    no im the highest rank i got it today and i cant even tell what it does…it doesnt do anything tbh

  397. amazing oopah Says:

    finished Zombie Assault 2, now working on Insane Asylum! This is a pretty fun game! Thanks! :)

  398. baron Says:

    hey chris can you make a list of perks for me one that is easy to understand.


  399. Chris Says:

    -Baron, sure thing.

    The skills are:

    Corporal – Red dot sight. This gives you a little red dot to help you aim.

    Sergeant – Radar Scanner. This unlocks the minimap in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Zombies show up as red dots, powerup locations as yellow dots and you are a big white arrow.

    Lieutenant – Faster Reload. You reload faster :P

    Captain – Badassness. Your health bar is doubled.

    Major – High Capacity Magazines. Your clips and magazines for your guns are doubled.

    Colonel – Sentry Gun Engineer. Sentry guns now have double ammo capacity and take less time to reload.

    General – Witness the Fitness. You move faster around the map.

  400. Matt Says:

    Hey, chris…

    Any possibility of online integration and/or console release? I would be happy to buy this game on PSN.

  401. XDeathKingX Says:

    great game but one the milatary base in the work shop the sentery guns wont fire out the right window.its not a big glish just thought id report it.
    also will we see any new maps in the future or are you working on anether progect?

  402. colton Says:

    i think u should be able to upgrade weapons like u can buy a laser sight on the gun or a grenade luancher that fires your grenades when equipped on the gun that would be the best

  403. killer69rr Says:


  404. DannyDaNinja Says:

    You seriously need a SAS Zombie Assaullt Multiplayer… Think of the fun!! Maybe you could choose your color ( the guy is always blue ) In multi… Oh man that would be one of the most popular games of 2010… maybe even the most.

  405. Amy Says:

    Hey chris kickass game totally addictive. Question-how long do you have to grab a powerup before it disappears?

  406. isaiah Says:

    the lee enfield sucks wave 15 +

  407. awesomeguy43 Says:

    i bought the proton cannon and it kicks ass is the best weapon because it automatically locks on the zombie when you shoot.

  408. murwin Says:

    i think that you guys should recreate this on the iphone/ipod touch. people would easily pay 5 bucks to download it. i know i would. you would prob. make lot of money too.

  409. andrew Says:

    how come i cant save i already made an account

  410. bellahorse Says:

    what does sentry gun engineer do ?

  411. knoworange. Says:

    thank you so much, for the great post!
    i found a youtube video about xbox live hacks: that I would like to share: Xbox Live Hacks!..
    But seriously, great post and thanks alot !
    i look ahead to your next post !

  412. dsd680 Says:

    wow its been quiet hey chris i want to know if theres news of sas3 yet and if there is whats it going to be like

  413. dsd680 Says:

    woot 1,012,560 in apocalypse mode sas 2 original map yeahhhh babby

  414. a Says:

    big sentry gun
    big sentry gun
    big sentry gun
    big sentry gun
    big sentry gun

  415. a Says:

    why i cant log in .I have account mochigames and facebook:/
    I pass this game two times

  416. Cuauhtemoc Says:

    I got to level 29. What I want to know is, what does the last rank give you? Or better yet what is the benefit of getting to that rank?

  417. xcrackerx Says:

    how do u get mochicoins without buying them

  418. S.A.S Says:

    Serious, this game kicks A$$ but i got a ? i would appreciate if you answer back
    can you make sas zombie assault 2 insane aslyum on the xbox 360 aracde or in indle games

    1-2 players local split screen
    map editor
    2-4 players online
    apocalypse mode=
    add turret (optional)
    more zombies on map
    able to play online or offline with friends

  419. freeman1234546789 Says:

    I don’t know what your talking about cause I’ve bought them reloaded them and got all my ranks up I’ve compleated it 4 times

  420. likik Says:

    I use one strategy that always works to lvl 15 for me! i stay in the room util i can get the mp5 and then i upgrade my barriers and run around the room letting then chase me and shooting them all the while!!!

  421. Chris V. Says:

    Hey Chris(my name too), if your gonna make a number 3(which i hope you do), mind making it where you can play solo or with up to 4 other people like COD 5′s nazi zombies? i think it would way way way cooler!
    but the game was awesome anyway and i just wanted to give an idea!

  422. mast3er_of_pupp3ts Says:

    This game is pretty beast but im not really the rank i need to purchase sentry guns and stuff. That’s why i can’t beat it but i’m almost there! I’m a captain. This game and bloons tower defense 4 is the only game i”l play on here besides Starcraft 2 tower Defense.

  423. Sentry Gun Engineer Says:

    BEST ZOMBIE GAME EVER!!! Can’t wait for SS3, do you have a estimate of when it will be coming out? Like 7/16/10 or something? Just wondered, so anxious to try it out, when it comes!! Any way which is the best gun to use on SAS2?

  424. SEbby Says:

    Yo wtf does sentry gun engineer do ?? it confuses me ????? and witness the fitness and r these things ??

  425. SEbby Says:

    o never mind i read up the comments a little bit thanx bud

  426. soulsabr Says:


    Why oh why does a double click open up the weapon shop? Woa is me! Ahem … :) Seriously, it is no ends of annoying in the beginning when this happens. I adjusted my mouse settings as a work around but I wondering if this was implemented on purpose or if this is a glitch/problem nobody else seems to mind.

  427. ryan_rivers Says:

    haked money ammo grnads

  428. Sas Zombie Assualt Fan Says:

    FINALLY!! Beat the game with only a MP7 and 11 ADWS, 2 in main place, 2 in reception, 3 in corridor, 1 in cafe, 2 in rec centre, and 2 in the curing clinic. Plus I had 47 nades ( didn’t hack, collected almost every single grenade pack.) Not Sure how I got so much money to get 11 ADWS. ALso I didn’t use the Extra Cash Per Kill mod either.

  429. Gflamex Says:

    What does the badassness rank do for you?

  430. Silensedge Says:

    I can’t login to MochiGames currently. I click login and a MochGames window opens up, it says I’m logged in. When I navigate back to NinjaKiwi it tells me to Login again!

  431. rnolan25 Says:

    Do the red zombies that revive the dead have the power to do that just like the purple fireball? Like when it spreads it’s arms, it means the dead zombies come back as skulls, even the dead skulled ones? Just a question…

  432. Joseph Says:

    Will there be another Zombie assault?

  433. SomeGuy Says:

    plz reply back :D
    i absolutly LOVE this game but in the 3rd one, i have some ideas that can help make this game MUCH MUCH better:

    1) Make online play where you can play with your friends or some random people
    2) More guns such as akimbo weapons. Where you click your right side and your left side mouse to shoot
    3) i forgot lol…

    but i hope to see this in the next one, if u have them

    OH YEA!

    i hope in the future, you can earn coins from playing games…

  434. SSAE 16 News Says:

    Between me and Time to get prepared to move on to the new standard, SSAE No.16, if you havent started to prepare you should.

  435. Dakota Says:

    if you want to have a lot of money and ammo just hack it like i did use cheat engin 5.6 downlode it and use it and go to youtube and look at the videos and lern how to HACK its soo fun BYE

  436. Freshfighter4 Says:

    Chris, the second game is amazing compared to the first, and the Insane Asylun is awesome for a last stand. Any way you could get me the map overview for both? If so, thanks. If not, thanks anyways.

  437. Gasbomb Says:

    hey, chris, just the other day, i was playing, reached wave 29 for the first time, had like 4 adws turrets (only 1 in the section of the room i was in) and i had to reload my hk417, which i had done a while ago, but i COULDNT MOVE ANYMORE….i was in the mess hall, lower left corner. im just wondering what the heck happened there….more like a WTF moment than anything else….but…yeah…

    also, @ Chris: I originally thought the AWDS stood for Advanced Weapons Defence System. it makes sense. right?

  438. Ristic Says:

    i was wonderen will there be a part 3 cause i love zombie games and this one is excellent so yeah and will these or future sequels be downloadable???

  439. caner Says:

    i was wondering if you guys can make knew weapons like m9 tactical knife or something more advanced

  440. admir-1 Says:

    Zdravo,igrao sam igricu ali nikako da sacuvam rezultat kasnije sam vidio da se teba registrovatri medjutim traze nesto kao da se mora platiti tako da ne znam kako to da uradim tj.da li pravo skidaju naovac ili sta vec? Zahvalan bi bio ako mi neko kaze kako to da uradim da mogu nastaviti igru kada izgubim zivot,da ne idem uvijek iz pocetka, hvala.

  441. Zombie Raper Says:

    U idots u press f to reloat sentury gunz

  442. Frank Says:

    Chris, I am a big fan of your games! I was wondering if you could make a 2 player-4 player game like zombie assault 2, you know like online(using different computers)My friends and I always try to compete for the highest wave but it would be awesome to work together to kill the zombies. If you could make a game like this it would be great!

  443. Jared Says:

    There should be a cooperative mode where others can play with you, whether they be ai or real life players.

  444. Jared Says:

    premium weapons: (excluded the enfield)

    the mp7 cuts through hordes of zombies like a knife through butter and butter sure is yummy.

    the aa-12 is it is kick ass, if only its rounds were 100% piercing would this gun just take the cake.

    the m14a is basically the scar assault rifle on steroids. my favorite gun.

    the mgl140 is a gun that shoots grenades, simple right? keep it as a sidearm just for gibbing entire clusters of zombies in just one to three shots.

    the proton cannon is the most powerful gun in the game, however it can only kill one zombie at a time in a one second time frame each so i would only use it against lone to small groups of zombies.

    the m2 flamethrower is the ultimate anti-zombie gun for pyromaniacs. the only draw back is range.

    the tactical chainsaw has no range what so ever so its an instant no-no. stick with a gun, not a meat grinder. the only positive notes i can say are that it can single zombies at a time very fast and it never has to reload.

  445. Jared Says:

    “the aa-12 is kick ass”
    “… is that it can kill single zombies at a time very fast …”

    typos XD

  446. cool angel Says:

    hi everyone ..
    I was wondering what does (witness the fitness) do ??
    pleeeeeez answer
    t.c everyone :)

  447. assassinseye Says:

    If only you didn’t need to buy the mochipoints, they should be awarded :/ cuz i dont want to buy points just for a game only drawback to this site is that everything good you have to buy. but thats the way the world works :( and i really wanted the aa-12 autokillingmachineshotgun :D

  448. rustysaclefrit Says:

    i dont know how to save on this game does anyone know y cause i even have a profile but i still cant find how to save

  449. nra gun Says:

    hey is nija kiwi making a zombie assult 3

  450. nra gun Says:

    you cant save your rond that your on but it allows u to save your rank

  451. Alex Says:

    Walkthrough-must have lee einfeild rifle.survive till round 4 then open streets next go all the way down and open the shotgun room and buy the up 500 and open mess hall then save 500 more and open captains room. save up 3500 buy the hk14 assault open infirmary and then open the ak47 room then the workshop for the sentrys. stay in infirmary rest of the time . save up for the mg4 and vickers sentry guns. If your good you should last till round 25 then die i cant beat that round.

  452. Jim Says:

    witness the fitness lets you run faster

  453. bobinabox88 Says:

    i got to round 26, i had 2 vickers and 1 adws sentry gun, i just cant get past those skinless zombies, can you please give me a tip chris?

  454. bobinabox88 Says:

    in sas: zombie assault 3, you should include the napalm launcher from the endless war series, and melee weapons like the katana, and also more handguns, like the .44 mag and desert eagle, please reply chris

  455. iiTouChPaNDaZz Says:

    Give him some breathing room:P He is not superman he can’t do all of this at once:P

  456. cjmom9656 Says:

    has anyone played sas zombie assault 3-D i hear it is awesome but my dumb computer won’t let me play it?!

  457. Jake Says:

    so what exactly do the last two ranks do?

  458. Ben-ha-meen Says:


    Do you think that you could make a feature where your broken barricades flash on the map or something to alert me when a specific barricade is broken?



  459. BloodElf09 Says:

    what the hell does witness the fitness do

  460. SAS?CD4?hm.............. Says:

    by myself……. :(

  461. Anthony Says:

    well this sucks not the game but the way it saves i cant deal starting all over agan right when inm about to beat the damn game

  462. LGdare forum Says:

    i believe it was a bit rushed, and unnoticed some options that not many people speak about. Everybody is aware of that the majority new smartphones have internet, so why present that basic operate at its bear minimum. Scroll up scroll down zoom in zoom out. Really? which new phone doesnt do this? How bout speak about how the text rearranges itsself. Also the texting, very poor review. Why didnt you point out you need to use the mic and text together with your voice? Omitted ALOT of other more necessary features

  463. Matthew Says:

    Hey developers, your losing me to Halo 3 Infection Versus, you should do a Online Versus or a Online Teams, and for the online versus, some people as zombies but they have at least a melee weapon or increased speed, (the melee weapons for zombies could be like cleavers, nightsticks, frying pans, (BONK) knifes, a bayonet (but cant shoot it) and maybe melee weapons for the survivors, like Katanas, Baseball bats, Chainsaws (gas can lose and when its all out gets replaced by your last gun wielded) and knifes also, for the teams the same but no one plays as infected as all, and also when on the versus and teams when someone gets killed by a zombie, the survivor that got killed should become a zombie himself/herself.) but i still play SAS Zombie Assault a lot, but also, i find Halo 3 more fun but not by much without the online mode,

  464. wiffle Says:

    Hey, how about an as-50 sniper rifle for zombie assault 3 as a mochigames weapon ? 5 rounds per clip, 100 % penetration, and being an anti-material rifle it would do 2 – 2.2 x as much damage as the regular sniper rifle. It’s semiautomatic (fires about as fast as the semi-auto shotgun) as well. And for the people who need mochicoins, do some free tasks( not offers, but tasks). Also, the aa-12 does have 100% penetration ammo. :) Probaly the best weapon for the first map, very well balanced.

  465. restaurant city money cheat 2010 Says:

    Thanks very much for this distinct blog;this is the words that keeps me on track through the day. I have been looking around for your site after being referred to them from a buddy and was pleased when I was able to find it after searching for long time. Being a avid blogger, I’m pleased to see others taking initivative and contributing to the community. I just wanted to comment to show my support for your website as it’s very encouraging, and many writers do not get admiration they deserve. I am sure I’ll visit again and will spread the word to my friends.

  466. SyleSyl Says:

    Heres a strategy that I used to beat the game my first time
    (Make sure you have a Mochigames account for the free weapon, the Smile)

    1. Stay in the first room sniping with the smile until you have about $500 to open the streets, garage, then buy the Ak47

    2.Save up a bit of cash and upgrade your barricades twice

    3.Save up about $2000 to unlock the house, than the bathroom, than grab the g3 and buy it

    4.Save up enough money to buy the last 2 barricade upgrades (The last upgrade hurts all enemies that attack your barricades, all the smaller enemies pretty much die trying to destroy your barricades until a higher level zombie helps them)

    5.Continue killing with the g3 until you have enough to buy the MG4 Light machine gun. This is the best gun in the game and has 400 rounds per clip if you are high enough rank to have double ammo, 200 if you dont.

    6.Save up about $11000(gonna take a while haha) and unlock the workshop at the bottom left of the map. Grab the sentry guns, and buy the $10000 one(Forgot the name of it, sorry haha)

    7. The way i set mine up is i put 2 $10000 sentrys near the top of that room, and 2 $4000 sentrys near the bottom. The barricades and sentrys destroy anything that comes close to your barricades, the sentrys kill just about anything that comes near the door, and if you place the top ones right they kill the enemies that come out from the field near there. The only things that will give you problems are the demons, but just keep blasting away with the MG4. They cant move/attack while your shooting them, and anything that gets in the way will die in miliseconds. It also helps if you throw a few grenades each time. After you buy your 4 sentrys you can either save your cash for a point boost at the end or keep buying sentrys to make your room even deadlier.
    Another thing I also did is whenever there was only one enemy left, i ran around the map with my pistol(you run faster with smaller weapons) and repaired all the other barricades. These kill literally about half your mobs for you until the very last rounds where all the big guys come and tear them up, but they are still very helpful.

    I never actually got to the general rank before beating the game, but i assume witness the fitness means you get a run speed boost. Would have been really helpful haha. Thanks for reading this and enjoy beating the game :)

  467. Broderick Gorius Says:

    This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:

    Never eat yellow snow. :)

  468. Caleb Disalvo Says:

    Finally, I located the information I was looking for. I have been doing research on this subject, and for four days I keep entering websites that are supposed to have what I am searching for, only to be discouraged with the lack of what I had to have. I wish I could have located your website sooner! I had about 30% of what I needed and your web-site has that, and the rest of what I had to have to finish my research. Thank you and I will report back on how it goes!

  469. Murrk Says:

    very fun game extremely addicting but what would make it even more addicting is some multiplayer

  470. tintinjoeks Says:

    Uhhh what is badassness ?

  471. Tommie Lampson Says:

    today´s amount in technology puddle beingness so more easier than it was before, but experienced group lean to possess difficulties in accepting and intellect field

  472. wiffle Says:

    Excuse me chris, but my hollowpoints aren’t working. Either that or the enable checkbox isn’t.

  473. james Says:

    can we have like a ermm a little help two player online from the enternet around the world i would like that.but instead of 30 rounds can we 50

  474. james Says:

    for sas zombie defence2?

  475. james Says:

    reply when you get this :} thanxs

  476. james Says:

    and can we have more money at the end of each wave?

  477. james Says:

    chris im stuck here my turrets are shooting at the wall instead off zombies can you take a look at it?

  478. james Says:

    oh yeah thinking about puting rocket launcher in the game chris? reply if yes or no oh yeah can you put more money at the end of each game
    {sas assualt rifle2}

  479. james Says:


  480. james Says:

    hey chris can you tell me what the holy grenade does

  481. jamesyp99 Says:

    well james the holy granade does kill all the zombies that you can see on the map. and no i cannot put more money at the end of each wave. i dont want to put a rocket luancher in the game. it will be in sas zombie assault 3 so…

  482. tomy Says:

    this game rocks

  483. jamesyp99 Says:

    i know

  484. jamesyp99 Says:

    tomy there gunna be a numbeder 3 sas :} i carnt wait for it its coming out this year or after christmas no no!!…

    at christmas would be best :}

  485. jamesyp99 Says:

    james and ive had a look at the code ive sorted it out ok mate

  486. snooPey56 Says:

    You guys should make an online version of S.A.S zombie assault so somebody can have you back and a talking engine so you can communicate and also, make private matches so you can play with you friends only. Plz reply

  487. chillidude77 Says:

    can someone help please? i was in the middle of my game on wave 25 when the game froze then came back. my rank had gone from general to captain and i died because of the lack of speed. i hate whoever made this glitch. please help…..

  488. Remington Says:

    Hey i have beaten the game twice now and gotten 120,000 as i high score, question is what do you have to do in order to get a higher score by the end of the game? Also i just got promoted as a general what does this give u?


  489. lucas Says:

    how much ammo does the adws sentry gun get

  490. bob Says:

    can you pick up the knife

  491. kris Says:

    -Lucas, With out the turret engineer it gives you 1000 ammo and with the upgrade its 2000 and faster reload.

  492. wiffle Says:

    Free aa12′s for everybody!

  493. wiffle Says:

    Of course, I already have it.

  494. TXxKingGrantxXT Says:

    Umm i have the same questions as Remington, who’s comment is about 5 people ^^^^^above^^^^^ mine, but i wanna know what Badassness does too. Thanks for the awesome game and PLEASE REPLY!!!!!

  495. Robert Says:

    I bought one of the premium weapons and i quit out then went back in after it wasnt working, and it still doesnt work i dont know what to do

  496. Josh Says:

    THIS GAME IS FREAKING AWESOME !!!!! i got a mochigames acount and got extra grenades and a lee enfield rifle that kills normal zombies in ONE HIT the game is really like nazi zombies on CoD 5 WaW it gets soooo hard at about wave 30+ its the best online games ive ever played WAYYYYYY better than the first one cos that was kinda lame :)

  497. wiffle Says:

    There are only 30 waves.

  498. mucky90 Says:

    hey chris are you making new wepeons or new ranks. And i im begging u people to make it on the xbox360 or ps3 or psp plz i would 100% buy it. this the best game ive everplayed on the computer.

  499. SgtGodlike Says:

    I swear The Grudge showed up! She was easy to kill but she scared the living crap outta me.

  500. Josh Says:

    wiffle i meant 20+

  501. mini coopers for sale Says:

    Hi, you admittedly have a ample and communicative website! I will be bookmarking it for sure! Many thanks.

  502. jamesyp99 Says:

    josh hi im chris’s asstistant and yes it is better that the first game

  503. jamesyp99 Says:

    any questions peepz

  504. Nicholas Says:

    You should put 2 player mode ;) would be awesome and i mean from 2 diffrent computers

  505. snoopey56 Says:

    Plz replay to the online thing I really getting bored of waiting so I can get xbox live so I just want some fun game to play online it might even be better then cod zombies!

  506. Bananafone Says:

    U should make it multi player it would be awesome

  507. snoopey56 Says:

    I don’t get why he doesn’t reply anymore it’s getting really annoying

  508. an4ngryf4tguy Says:

    the game will not load for me it has in the past but is not loading for me now

  509. psychopath Says:

    How to use sentry gun engineer???

  510. ricis Says:

    tis game socks

  511. ricis Says:

    :D :D:D:D:D:D:D

  512. Roxas Says:

    hey chris i got the continue item but now its gone can u help? I’m deathdragan7

  513. LUIGYZZ Says:


  514. Mike Says:

    Awesome game, but I just can’t beat wave 25…I managed to become a colonel and had a 10k turret and a 2 small ones but it’s still virtually impossible to beat the game without buying some advantages, I’m writing this comment after 6 hours of continuous playing….now I’m gonna go eat something before I faint..cheers!!!

  515. Zach Says:

    can anyone tell me the max number of waves? i don’t want to pay for apocalypse mode + im curious if the game evere actually “ends”.

  516. linxoko Says:


  517. linxoko Says:

    but guys waut happen to sas 3 ?

  518. Mikee Says:

    Ok so this isn’t really about the game but ok so i invited a friend on mochi games and it said for every one that joined i would get 1,500 for each. So the next day he calls me and tell me he joins and so i login to my account and it says my regular balance,so finally the question why didn’t i get my 1,500 points?

  519. EntireLeyDeadNative Says:

    Dam this game is so awsome oh yeah hi chris ??

  520. verpakkingsmateriaal Says:

    Have you considered about incorporating some social bookmarking buttons to these sites. Particularly for twitter.

  521. GOA Says:

    I made it to general, it took so long -_- like a month and a half. I made it to general a year ago rofl!

  522. Era Sivley Says:

    I found the same thing happened to me when I started eating tomatoes.

  523. Someone Awesome Says:

    I know you are working on number 3 but I have one request to make this game better. Could you make it so you can buy all guns, but they are WAY overpriced? Then when you buy a door and pick up the gun *normally making it so you can buy it* change the price back to normal? Example: AK-47 250, change to 5000 or so and instead of, you can now buy AK47. it says AK47 Discount! I hope you add this!

  524. lee Says:

    hi all abit late in the game but, can someone explain why i keep getting the same score at 260,180 if so is it poss to turn the max wave of 30 off so the game keeps runnning?


  525. ultrarotom Says:


  526. ultrarotom Says:

    ^ Typo (SAS*)

  527. John Says:

    I will appreciate if zombie assault 2 could be made into a app for the kindle fire. please.

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