News reliable? Task to Royal Park !...... Ed tilted his head and looked at those mercenaries were flushed with excitement somewhat puzzled by Song and Dance Ensemble of the gold continent really have such a big appeal to you, my lord? We'll go after all, this is the growth horizons. In fact, mulberry curious about the song and dance troupe known for a long time. Shortly after mulberry sale Join a temporary team, Song and Dance Ensemble of the appeal of the ' Steel Roses ' only so will be the effort has been more than a dozen to go to Royal Park temporary team. Royal Park to find a place to shelter barely nest night, early morning Ed and mulberry bags the early thought very early was than mulberry sale early to Royal Park Square, the roads blocked as early as the night before full this is because lest these people last night in the Empire State Plaza, the upper or allow people a reason to spend the night in the Empire State Plaza. Ed to find a deserted remote areas of shadow ! Into the shadow of Ed and mulberry sale shuttle in the shadow of the shadow of the building and people quickly found a place can watch on the stage of the Empire State Plaza, Empire Square is a historic building roof huge statue of the shadows, perhaps learn souls of magic to develop habits do not like to stand in the sun but like the cover head magic robes like a shadow like the night. Several air ride patrol from the sky. Gun salute sounded,mulberry outlet, the King, the Queen led the royal family appeared and announced the start of the ' Dionysian '. Good at singing as the opening act by the ' Steel Roses ' Song and Dance Troupe, deputy head of Purple Rose concert, even in the black gold mainland is also the famous ' Ode to Joy ', just like the angelic voice echoed throughout the empire vaguely aromatic wine with the song echoed overflowing intoxicating. Ed eyes closed leaning against the statue seemed to be intoxicated. Good strength. Good strength... Oh, indeed, do not rely on a grudge and do not rely on magic just by the sound of their own will be able to spread so clear so far.
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