Friday, February 18, 2011

Franken Bunny!

Okay so when I opened my email the other day I received the biggest compliment a crafter could ever receive! Someone out there in blogland emailed me because they stumbled across my little old blog and liked my work! They especially loved my scary bunny I posted about wayyyyyy back in March! You can check out the post here. And they were wondering if I could share a pattern for their crochet get togethers....but seeing as I am basically a freestyle crocheter....that is when I am not following a specific pattern, I didn't have a pattern because I tend to just wing it. But how could I possibly do nothing....they took the time to read my blog...then email me.

So I did the only thing I could do....pull out my hooks and yarn and get to work to re-create this little critter and write down the pattern as I go. So here you have it, my very first crochet pattern to share!!!! This is for you Nikki and Matt, once again thank you so much for the sweet comments, and thank you I haven't felt like crocheting lately thanks for inspiring me to pick up my crochet hooks again. It has been very seems to relax me :)

Franken Bunny

I used sport weight yarn…but really any yarn would be fine it just might slightly change the size of your bunny. I don’t know about you but I am most of the time a lazy crocheter….and when I see a long pattern with a ton of rounds…..especially rounds that are repetitive I lose interest and get bored. To overcome this I will take rounds that are the same….say for a few rounds you are going to just sc around I will add the number of stitches and count as I go until I get to the desired number. So some of you might not like the way I have written the pattern out so please if you have any questions or if I have confused you feel free to email me.

Pattern Abbreviations
sc~single crochet
hdc~half double crochet
dc~double crochet
sl st~slip stitch
sk st~skip stitch
invdec~invisible decrease
fo~fasten off

This project is perfect for using up scraps! I didn’t even use a full skein of yarn on the body. You will also need a 4mm crochet hook, needle, stuffing, safety eye, button and your mad crochet skills!

Head & Body
Ch 25
Sc in second ch from hook and remaining chains across.
When you get to the end do 2sc in last stitch.
Now you will be working on the other side of your foundation ch….sc across and then 2sc in the last corner stitch.
Then continue to sc x 350 in the round.
If you are not at a corner….sc a few until you reach the nearest corner and invdec, then sc across to the other corner and invdec in this corner as well.
Sc x 60
Sc over to the nearest corner and invdec, sc to the next corner and invdec.
Sc to the middle of the side you’re working on and switch to the colours you want to use for the skirt (in this case I will be using purple) and sc around (where you attached this new colour, this is now the back of your ami).
Now switch to the second colour of your skirt (in this case white) and sc around, continue in this manner until you have 3 stripes of each colour.
Then fold your ami flat and sc to the end of your ami.
Sl st in the last stitch and fo leaving a really long tail, you will use this to sew your ami closed later.
Now embroider on your mouth, teeth, add eyes a few stitches really let your imagination run wild!
Insert your hook into the middle stitch on your ami’s back on top of the first stripe of colour of your skirt, then yo and pull up loop and sl st, then sc around.
Sc, hdc, dc around in each st.
Fo weave in ends.
Eye Patch
Ch 2
6sc in second ch from hook.
2sc in each stitch.
Fo, weave in ends.
Then add safety eye in the middle of the circle and add it to your bunny.
Leg (Make 2)
Ch 7
Sc in second ch from hook and remaining 5 ch’s.
Now you will be working on the other side of your foundation ch, sc x 100 around.
Fo leave a long tail, you will use this to sew it to the body of your ami.
Arm (Make 2)
Ch 2
Sc 7 in second ch from hook.
2sc in each st.
Sc x 14
Sc, invdec (x 7)
Sc around x 35
Fo, leave a long tail, you will use this to sew it to the body of your ami later
Ear (Make 2)
Ch 5
Sc in second ch from hook and remaining 3 ch’s
Ch 1 turn, sc across
Ch 1 turn, 2sc in next st, sc ,sc ,2 sc in next st
Ch 1 turn, sc across (repeat this round 4 more times)
Ch 1 turn, invdec, sc, sc, invdec
Ch 1 turn, sc across
Ch 1 turn, invdec x 2, fo, weave in ends
Now you will attach the yarn colour you used for the body of your bunny (in this case pink )to the bottom of your ear and sc around the entire ear
Fo and leave a long tail, you will use this to sew the ear to your ami
Bolt (Make 2)
Ch 2
6sc in second ch from hook.
2sc in each st
Sc, 2sc in next st (x6)
Sc, sc, invdec (x4) sc, sc
Sc, invdec (x7)
Sc around x 25
Fo, leave a long tail, you will use this to sew the bolt to your ami.

Now stuff the body of your bunny,use a needle and use the long tail you have left and sew straight across the bottom. Sew on legs, arms, and bolts! Voila you now have a Franken Bunny of your very own!

*Special Note*
Being a fellow crafter you know how hard we work to make our creations... so please remember to share the love and give proper credit if posting your creations elsewhere made from my pattern and link back. Please do not post my patterns anywhere without my permission, but feel free to share my link. Make as many items as you wish for personal gifts or charitites. Just click on the "Contact Me" tab at the top of the page and send me an email if you have any questions.Happy Hooking!


  1. this is fabulous. i may have to give this one a try. thanks!!!

  2. Hehe - these are so cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog - loving yours!!

  3. OMG This is the cutest thing EVER. I have to make my very own Frankenbunny. Thank you soooo much for recreating and posting the pattern!!!!

  4. This is too cute! must make one soon!

  5. Thanks everyone! I hope you like the pattern :)


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