Fan of the Week 26 (and the first of 2013!)

Mon, Feb 4, 2013

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Hey look, guys! It’s the very first Fan of the Week for 2013!

You may have noticed that the blog has been a bit of a ghost town lately. It’s not because we’ve forgotten you, it’s more to do with the fact that so much has been happening at NK headquarters. I saw that Aaron gave you a bit of an update last week and he’s been ever vigilant on the forums, so hopefully you haven’t been too lonely.

Until things settle down here a bit, Fan of the Week may still be a bit infrequent. Perhaps we should give it a temporary name change, Fan of the.. Whenever We See Something Super Awesome That We HAVE To Share (FotWWSSSATWHTS has a certain ring to it).

We’ve been getting entries sent in all through the holidays but there’s one we just have to show you. Seriously, if this doesn’t get shared with the world, I’ll probably explode from awesomeness overload.

Our pal James recently had a birthday and he sent us in some photos of his birthday cake.

I think we definitely need one of these for our next Ninja Kiwi party. I have never been more jealous in my life!

If you’re a big Ninja Kiwi fan, like James, you should show us! It always makes our day when you send us emails.

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24 Comments For This Post

  1. Crushbeast Says:

    Wow! That birthday cake is awesome! Thanks for this Belle! Finally an update for fan of the week :D (more like fan of the fortnight, but cheers!)

  2. Leonardo Vergara Concha Says:

    It’s cake, that explains a lot. XD

  3. Joseph Says:

    I wish i had an awesome cake like that :o

    just wondering, will sas 3 ever be updated with the maps the mobile version has?

  4. rgmandratpm Says:

    nice cake! i think my btd5 remix ill be finishing soon will have a nice chance to win the FotWWSSSATWHTS

  5. Monkeytowers Says:

    Hey idk how to tech ninja kiwi for errors… But PLEASE fix the btd5 issue with iCloud! Make it so u can move progress cash coins and I.a.p’s into the hd version (iPhone to ipad) Please!! Now and thank you

  6. crazy#alien Says:

    Why tat’s just epic!!!! I wonder what flavour it is…

  7. The Winner of FOTW 26 Says:

    My cake was a vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake with a fudge brownie center. It tasted good!

  8. LTK23 Says:

    I wish Ninja kiwi would reply to my e-mail telling them of a sweet track idea that I have.

  9. ember Says:


  10. Peepsrule Says:

    I have a idea for a DC: Name:Back To The Future.Beat Bloon Circles on medium with only towers from Btd1 for rounds 1-25,then all towers except ones from BTD1 for the rest.

  11. GlaivesnHotRangs Says:

    Ooooh yeah!

    Aaron sent me the link over e-mail…

    I wanted to ask something…

    If I won a T-shirt… do I get my entry printed on it? (Just asking, would love a ‘yes’!)

  12. DGTorterra Says:

    I have a great daily challenge: “Disappaeris Bloonis” you can only use apprentices and mortars limited to 2/4. All bloons are camo and no moab class bloons.

  13. DGTorterra Says:

    And the track is brick wall hard.

  14. Aaron Says:

    Haha, that would be cool :) No way to do that though.

    We have a few designs and you can sometimes get a choice.

  15. GlaivesnHotRangs Says:

    All right, let’s go ahead and send it!

  16. DGTorterra Says:

    Oh, can bloons be normal without any moab class bloons?

  17. DGTorterra Says:

    And also the rounds are 30 through 65 with 4/2 ninjas with moab class bloons?

  18. DGTorterra Says:

    Oh, and can you fix a bug in btd battles in which someone doesn’t lose lives even though bloons escape?

  19. DGTorterra Says:


  20. CrazyAlien Says:

    Dude,stop the quad posting.

  21. thebajancanadian Says:

    i think u should have only the new towers (ninja, ect.)on hard on the first track (i forget the name) and u start with 1230$ and 190 lives

  22. thebajancanadian Says:

    its called “easy or hard”

  23. popboy109 Says:

    hi i am a big ninja kiwi my best game is btd5 and the new update co-op mode.

    this is my cance to get nk conins.

  24. DGTorterra Says:

    Are you talking to me?

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