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Kockums A26

A new generation of Swedish submarines - designed to meet future challenges

Kockums A26

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The way ahead - for Kockums A26

The Swedish Government has approved initiation of the design phase for a new generation submarines for the Royal Swedish Navy.

Deploying special forces from Kockums A26. View larger image

Kockums A26 carrying special forces.

The new generation, with denomination Kockums A26, will be designed for mainly littoral operations but will also possess ocean-going capabilities. It will be powered by a conventional diesel-electric propulsion machinery, and equipped with Kockums Stirling AIP system (air-independent propulsion). The Stirling system, together with a set of balanced underwater signature properties, will make Kockums A26 submarine very stealthy and difficult to detect. It will also be highly invulnerable to underwater explosions through a verified shock resistance.

Kockums A26 design includes a new innovative flexible payload capability with a flexible payload lock system in addition to its conventional torpedo tubes. Furthermore it will be prepared for network connectivity. A highly modular design facilitates efficient through-life upgrades and adaptations.

Page updated Friday, August 26, 2011.

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