How ethno-phyletism leads the souls of people to corruption and dishonesty.

There are articles about the ethno-phyletism,  the heresy of racism , which is like a cancer in the orthodox church, but most of them talk from theological point of view. I would like to contribute from a very practical point of view and to share with you the bitterness of the pastor and spiritual father and the mourning for the souls who are destroyed from the church racism.

Ethnophyletism  does not stop in theory, because actually its theology is already a heresy and cannot find any theological support. The bible condemns is very strongly:  Gal. 1:8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. Gal. 1:9 As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.

But the managers of this religious racism, mostly bishops , priests, etc… do not stop there. The want ACTION. They  try to split local churches , using any way, using unethical ways –because they do not dare to use the standard canonical church procedures which are the councils, and the canons of the church.

Now see the tragedy. They act to attract believers , but SECRETLY. They do not dare to speak in public, open, because they are afraid, and because what they believe  is shameful. So we see priests to have covert meetings with people, we see catechists or other persons from inside the church to approach people and start promising to them scholarships, free language lessons, friendship, activities , etc…. under the conditions : To keep it secret from the local spiritual father, and from other members, and gradually to split from the local church and join their conventicle.

They must lie also to the local priest or to others, in order to cover their activities.

They learn how to PRETEND , in order to confuse others.

They try to find any excuse to cover their sticky activities.


A simple Christian (or having curiosity to know Christianity) should ask: why secretly ? why in the twilight?  Is it something  suspicious? But a simple man does not really suspects from the beginning.  He presumes that they care for them, but later he/she will find out that they used him for their political purposes.

I had cases of those  Matt. 7:15 ¶ “….., who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” Who tried to prevent people from being baptized here, promising them that if they choose a church in a certain country as MOTHER CHURCH they will have benefits… and those people asked me what is MOTHER CHURCH.  I showed to them the bible, they saw “Gal. 4:26 but the Jerusalem above is free, which is the mother of us all.” And they where shocked….

Can you imagine, how the heart of the simple Christian , or the simple person who wants to know about Christianity , will be scandalized? And if he accepts this teachings , he will be a person with a very low moral!  Because he will act as a small KGB agent not as Christian.

Instead to study the bible, he will record the canonical church activities to report to his superior. Instead to love the brothers and introduce them God as love, he will see them as potential customers , he will lie, pretend cheat them, by hiding the truth, by saying the HALF TRUTH.   Gradually he will act against his own country, because the “nationalistic church” priests-agents will lead him to ask political demands, special rights , etc…

And finally the simple Christian, one day that he will come to himself, he will meditate about the way that he had chosen for his life, he will feel shame, guild, disgust….. but it would be too late…

And this disgust will be also against those who proselytized them. How to respect those “spiritual” leaders, who by the one hand hold the bible, and by the other the directions for conspiracy? How such a Christian will confess small sins,  and both , the priest and the Christian, will hide their common secrets , mocking both the sacrament of confession? This situation will be like the ethics of mafia or yakuza, who have internal rules of morality, respect, hierarchy , but it is not  church of course.

More shameful is the situation of the leaders, priests etc… who initiate the racist ideology and try to create their own group. They come SECRETLY , they do not dare to preach at church, in front of god and inform of the people. They gather the people in other places, restaurants etc…  How the people will respect them, when they see a conspirator instead of a spiritual father?

Of course they do not talk about the gospel, but how to find ways and methods to split the church. They say lies –of course- if  they are asked from where they come, and what are their intentions. And then they will advice-shamelessly- the others that lie is a sin, and how to tell the truth!!!

Or they smile slightly embarrassed , to avoid questions. The new testament has the Pharisees as the model of hypocrisy and the words of our Lord Jesus Christ against them. Today we have the new Pharisees , the priests and seminarians of church racism.

How a priest can do liturgy, the ultimate sacrament of union in the church, how he will do this: Priest (After the fraction of the sacred Bread, the priest says in a low voice): The Lamb of God is broken and distributed; broken but not divided. He is forever eaten yet is never consumed, but He sanctifies those who partake of Him. And he works covertly to divide? He has no fear of god at all!!!!

How he will say : Receive me today, Son of God, as a partaker of Your mystical Supper. I will not reveal Your mystery to Your adversaries. Nor will I give You a kiss as did Judas. But as the thief I confess to You: Lord, remember me in Your kingdom.  And at the same time he is acting exactly like Judas? This priest does not believe anything. If he was honest he would not participate in this liturgy.

How his family, his kids will respect such a liar? How he will read the deep texts of the great lent, the vespers, the mattings, specially the holy week, about the passion of Jesus, and specially the betrayal of Juda. So many ancient texts, that great fathers and theologians wrote and billions of Christians sing through the ages…

Many times , from my youth, I was wondering why the church mentions so much about Judas while church teaches forgiveness . And there are Jewish people who sometimes protest and say : hey, stop this ,  we are innocent, it would be anti-Semitism. But now I came to understand why the church, specially during the holy week, mentions so much Judas acts: not because it teaches anti-Semitism, indeed we love Jews , our Lord has Jewish roots, of course. But because Judas is a symbol of the traitor. Like in greek history and culture the name Ephialtes which became a term in English,  the traitor of the 300 Spartans, a traitor of his country and fellow men….

Judas is the archetype of the religious traitor. Is always contemporary, alas, he is always in our societies, in our friendships, sometimes in our families and, shamefully, in the church…. And it is not coincidence that he starts his covert activities near the Easter !!! The spiritual preparation of the holy Lent, was the plot of betrayal in the mind of Judas, who of course did not decided suddenly , but gradually methodically and carefully.

 It is sad to see seminarians to have double face…. Those who never helped to anything the church, and when the found their master-instructor (not spiritual father) then they suddenly, now,  are dressed with the proper robes, they are active, they serve when they find a conventicle . They refused to celebrate the orthodox liturgy in their own school, but when they found conventicle they are so ..pious !!!! They are not studying to become priests of God, they are.. sleeping  agents…, they practice the infamous job of a spy….. They would make a carrier in KGB, but they are Judas candidates for priesthood….

I obey orders, they say, to drug their consciousness, and forget their personal responsibility in front of God, in front of the church, in front of the others. Orders followed the servants who arrested Jesus. In the name of the Law, the law that He, the Son of God gave them in the desert they crucified Him. Orders follow those who split the church and create schism, (for example the schismatic priests in Ukraine  ). But they see those orders how transform them from SEMINARIANS TO SECTARIANS

Mercenaries covered as missionaries!!!!!

It is different to commit sins because of the human weakness, as almost everybody does , including the writer. And it is terrible to plan to design and to execute a sin with full knowledge of what they do, and without need. Judas did the same, and they will have his inheritance.

Now I understand why the church keeps psalms which from a first view seem so frightening. Before i had difficulty to explain:

Psa. 28:3 (27:3) …do not  take me away with the wicked, And with the workers of iniquity,  Who speak peace to their neighbors, But evil is in their hearts.   Psa. 28:4(27:4)        Give them according to their deeds,  And according to the wickedness of their endeavors;  Give them according to the work of their hands;……….

Now I understand why we sing this the night of the Holy Passions:

But repay them, Lord, in accordance with their works, because they meditated vain things against you.

Antiphon 11, tone 6  But repay them, Lord, in accordance with their works, because they did not understand your condescension.

And I dare to say: Lord, help the people who are not Christians ,to uncover them. To understand their intensions , to rebuke their actions, to protect their countries from them.