Srinivasa Narasimhan

 Associate Professor
 The Robotics Institute
 School of Computer Science
 Carnegie Mellon University

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Illumination and Imaging Laboratory (ILIM)

The ILIM Laboratory at the Robotics Institute is dedicated to the study of light transport and the development of novel illumination and imaging technologies. The laboratory is part of the broader computer vision and computer graphics groups at Carnegie Mellon. Our research is motivated by applications in the areas of digital imaging, computer vision, computer graphics and robotics. Please visit the official website for the lab for detailed information about research projects and publications. The sponsors for these research projects include the Office of Naval Research (ONR), Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), National Science Foundation (NSF), the Okawa Foundation, Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton (SCR), Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), Ford, Tonbo Imaging, and Intel Science and Technology Center in Embedded Computing (ISTC-EC).

If you are looking for our Smart Headlight project, please visit this webpage. The project made the Car-and-Driver list of 10 most promising technologies.

Here is a Wordle based on the Lab's publication titles:

Events and Seminars


  • Computer Vision courses at Carnegie Mellon

  • 15-385(685): Undergraduate Computer Vision [Spring 2012]  [Spring 2007]  [Spring 2006]
  • 16-823: Physics-based methods in Computer vision [Spring 2011]  [Fall 2007]  [Fall 2006]  [Fall 2005]
  • 15-462: Computer Graphics [Fall 2012]   [Fall 2011]   [Fall 2010]   [Fall 2009]
  • 16-421: Vision Sensors [Spring 2009] [Spring 2008]

  • Research Group

  • Current Members
  • Robert Tamburo (Project Scientist)
  • Yuandong Tian (5th year PhD, To Join Google[x], MSR PhD Fellow)
  • Supreeth Achar (2nd year PhD)
  • Minh Vo (1st year PhD)
  • Vivek T. Umpathi (Masters)
  • Dengyu Liu (Summer Intern, RIT)
  • Harry Gifford (Undergraduate)
  • Jessica Butterbaugh (support staff)

  • Past Members
  • Yu Sheng (Researcher, Robert Bosch)
  • Pete Barnum (Researcher, Texas Instruments)
  • Jean-Francois Lalonde (Assistant Professor, Université Laval, MSR PhD Fellow)
  • Mohit Gupta (Post-doc, Columbia Univ.)
  • Chenyu Wu (Epson Research)
  • Sanjeev J. Koppal (Researcher, Texas Instruments)
  • Shuntaro Yamazaki (Researcher, AIST, Japan)
  • Raoul de Charette (Visiting PhD student, Mines ParisTech, France)
  • Yulong Shi (Visiting MS student, BeiHang University, Beijing)
  • You Jia (Engineer, Facebook)
  • Xiaowei Zhu (MS)
  • Manasvi Tickoo (MS)
  • Ji Hyun Lee (undergrad)
  • Jennifer Turken (support staff)

  • Grants and Gifts

  • Ford University Research Program Gift, "Programmable Headlights", [2013-2016]
  • Tonbo Imaging Gift, "Long Range Imaging through Turbulence", [2013]
  • Intel Science and Technology Center in Embedded Computing, "Embedded System Design for Smart Automobile Headlights", [2011-2014]
  • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, "Fast, Mobile and Detailed Light Field Capture and Scene Reconstruction", [2011-2012]
  • ONR N00014-11-1-0295, "Principled Combination of Physical and Data-driven Approaches for Scene Understanding" [2011-2013]
  • NSF IIS-0964562 , "Collaborative Research: Recognition of Materials" [2010-2014]
  • Okawa Foundation Research Grant, "Convergence of Illumination and Imaging for Scene Understanding" [2009-2010]
  • ONR N00014-08-1-0330, "Photometric Methods for Scene Understanding" [2008-2010]
  • US-Israel Binational Science Foundation, "Sensing Fusion for Underwater Scene Recovery"[2007-2010]
  • NSF CAREER IIS-0643628, "Making Computer Vision Successful in Scattering Media", [2007-2011]
  • ONR N00014-07-1-0522, "IEEE/ONR Workshop on Volumetric Scattering in Vision and Graphics", [2007-2007]
  • NSF CCF-0541307, "Collaborative Research: Fast and Accurate Volumetric Rendering of Scattering Phenomena in Computer Graphics", [2006-2008]
  • ONR DURIP N00014-06-1-0762, "Instrumentation in Support of Flexible Imaging Systems and Imaging in Dispersive Media", [2006-2007]
  • ONR N00014-05-1-0188, "A Physical Approach to Optical Underwater Imaging", [2005-2007]