Sound of Being – Mexico March of 2014

THE SOUND OF BEING – With Anna Beaumont
A Singing & Sound re-Treat

MARCH 29TH – APRIL 5TH, 2014


Join Anna next March at Xinalani Yoga Retreat in Mexico. Xinalani is a magical place – vibrant with color, rich with beauty and pulsating with life. Accessible only by boat, this pristine paradise offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in natural luxury. It is located just south of Puerto Vallarta and easily reached by a 35-minute boat ride.

It is the perfect place to come to allow the natural opening of your voice to occur within the presence of other like-minded people and create life long connections.  Anna will be your guide in two sound and singing sessions per day.  You will also have lots of time to relax and enjoy Xinalani’s private beach, jungle cabins, gourmet food, and a variety of adventure activities, from surfing the local break to swimming with dolphins.


Singing and embodying vibration will bring the present moment in Being.  The spiritual power of the voice will tap into the innate wisdom inside of you and hold space for your emotional and passionate self to be seen and heard. The joy of singing is a hidden treasure, come and find your treasure in “The Sound of Being’ at this at this warm and secluded location on the Pacific of Mexico near Puerto Vallarta.

Retreat Includes:
 7 Nights accommodation in open-air luxury Palapas
2 daily sound and singing classes (1 session on one day mid-week)
Healthy, gourmet meals daily (special diets available)
Airport transport to/from Puerto Vallarta Airport and Xinalani Retreat
All applicable taxes

Does not include: airfare to Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
Additional Options (not included):
 Additional eco-adventure activities including surf/paddle board rentals, swim with dolphin, snorkeling, jungle zip line, and horse riding excursions,
Spa treatments
Alcoholic beverages
Gratuities for Xinalani staff ($15 a day recommended)

Visa charge for payment
***There are specific times for flight arrivals and departures so please contact me about your flight before you book it!!
RATES: Registration Fee of $200 before September 1st, 2013  (CAN)
$300 after (CAN) this is over and above the costs below

Email anna directly to arrange the fee
ACCOMMODATION: (Check website to see more room photos)
These fees will be paid directly to Xinalani Retreat Centre with a deposit required at time of booking
Small Palapa: $1115 per person (Quadruple) 1 room availableDelux Room:
Double Occupancy -  $1350 per person
Single Occupancy – $1945 per personPetite Suite:
Double Occupancy – $1525 per personEco-Chic Suite:
Double Occupancy – $1805
Anna’s Website:
Singing has taught me let go, to heal and feel my way through to express myself in my life.  Over the years I have come to know this profound relationship of spirit and matter and heaven and earth that the voice offers us, if we are willing to explore it.  “The Sound that Grounds is the Ground that Sounds”As well as the experience of joy and beauty our voice brings, our voices are a reflection of our connection to Self and point the way to ‘how we do one thing we do everything’.  My voice has been my guide and dear friend to knowing myself to my core and re-turning back to my own ‘Sound of Being’.

My intention for you is to re-discover the beauty and joy of your voice and to weave this in and through your life.  ‘I sing you to me.’  I invite you to sing as though everyone is listening and to live with enjoyment and expression from the deep well of your heart.  If you can speak you can sing and if you have a desire to feel the freedom of singing and let go then this workshop is for you.   There is no experience necessary to participate, everyone can sing and everyone has a beautiful voice.

Singer, songwriter, teacher and facilitator of Voice Connection workshops and Sound of Being retreats, Anna has been studying the voice and it’s powerful connection to life, harmony and vibration for twenty years.  A health professional in Integrative Body Psychotherapy and voice teacher Anna combines the worlds of the voice, the Chakra energy system, psychology and spirituality to uncover your true resonant voice.

From ‘Sound of Being’ participants:

“Anna with all my heart I am so grateful for your ability to allow space, with no need to fill it with much  doing-ness.  Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for the unmatched treasure that this is.  All that can finally unravel because of this space and attention.  Thank-you.  YES.

Your spot on intuition that is like a wash of clean energy through the entire room, yes like the bells you ring to penetrate into the heart of what is most needed in any moment.  It is equally beautiful and freeing to witness as it is to experience.

The manner in which you inform us by experience and example that everything in life and spirit is coming through the voice and the vast amount of help that that is in my life.” Rae

“What I experienced with Anna’s ‘The Sound of Being’ workshop was a very peaceful and clear state of mind, but at the same time I felt very alive.” Sheila

Singing is a life lesson
During which all that is delusional
Is gently revealed 
to the student
who seeing it 
remembers to breath
~ Michael


Happy Spring!

Hi Everyone and Happy Spring…

I would like to share a few workshops I will be offering throughout the summer in Edmonton, Calgary & Nelson for your consideration…please pass it along…For the Love of Sound…

Have a gorgeous summer…

Please also see below some news about the Sound of Being…in Mexico March of 2014 as well as a new Song Stage for Summer and a Now & Zen meditation from me. Enjoy!


 CALGARY JULY 20 & 21, 2013

NELSON, BC JULY 23-25TH, 2013


The Sound of Being..March of 2014!


MARCH 29TH – APRIL 5TH, 2014

I am very excited to announce the Sound of Being in Mexico at a beautiful retreat centre called Xinalani on March 29th – April 5th, 2014.  Poster to come with details.

Please check out the website for more information at

Xinalani® is a one-of-a-kind Retreat Center bringing together the best yoga facilities, beautiful eco-chic accommodation, delicious healthy food, relaxing spa treatments and supporting staff to make this dream Sound of Being retreat come true, all set on a wide pristine beach and a jungle of breathtaking natural beauty. Xinalani means “seeds” in pre-hispanic language. It is pronounced shee-nah-lah-nee.

There are many amazing excursions through Xinalani including swimming with wild dolphins and jungle hiking to name a few.


It was a beautiful time spent together in sound, silence & surrender in March of this year, I do hope you will give yourself this gift and join us next year.

Please let me know if you have any questions, you can contact me

or call 780.499.6707



ANNA’S SUMMER SONG STAGENot your regular open mic! 

TUESDAY’S: JULY 9, 16 & 30, AUGUST 6 & 20TH

Sing your song and be coached before and after you sing…take the fear out of singing and express yourself freely!

Where: Storefront Studio 6324-106 Street

When: 7:00 – 9:00 pm  Dates:  JULY 9, 16 & 30, AUGUST 6 & 20TH

Cost: Drop in – $20 to sing and $10 to watch and enjoy

Anna will play piano for you or bring your guitar and accompany yourself

Please email to sign up – limit of 8 singers a night

Sing as though everyone is listening…


If you would like to sign up for my daily ‘Now & Zen’ meditations please email me and I will be happy to add you to the list!

Here is an example of a meditation…


Feel your breath moving in and out of your body

How are you feeling today?

What do you notice in your body? Sensations, feelings?

Say to yourself “I acknowledge a sensation of…” or, “I acknowledge a feeling in my…”

until you have scanned yourself head to toe




Take 10 breaths into your heart with these words




Now on your exhale begin to quietly moan and hum

Gentle releases of a stroking sound into your body

Like you are soothing a baby with sound


Feel your vibration go into your body with the words



Breath and vibration create motion and movement.

They contact the fluid/water in your body and help

to move energy


Where you seen as a child?

Now’s your chance :o )

I see you and I hear you…


In light,








The Sound of Being Retreat in Mexico March 9-16th, 2013

Mar de Jade, Mexico
March 9-16th, 2013

“A Note to SELF”

A retreat is a commitment to yourself. With distance and time away from daily routines and responsibilities, you can sing, play, study, learn, relax and bask in the hot Mexican sun in this stunning retreat center located right on the ocean…where the jungle meets the sea.

A Singing & Sound Retreat to connect your true resonant Being

with Facilitator Anna Beaumont

Our daily routine will be starting the day with yoga and meditation then moving into the Sound of your Being. We will learn about how sound can ground, balance and align us to heal and experience the beauty of the present moment.   Other activities include hiking, walking on the beach, swimming, exploring the nearby village, whale watching, massage, jacuzzi, lounging by the sea.

Where: Mar de Jade retreat center on the Pacific Coast, Mexico. A beautiful secluded ocean front retreat center at the foot of an extinct volcano.

Retreat schedule: March 9th we will gather in the evening to welcome each other and settle in to the Sound of Being in Mexico.

March 10-15: Morning: Yoga (optional), led by a teacher at the retreat center.

Experience the Ground of Your Being…Being Sound…

Daily March 10-15th: There will be 2 sound and singing sessions each day with a break on the Wednesday the 13th for rest and integration of the sound and vibration work.  We will gather as a group again that evening.

Relaxation: Each day there will be plenty of time for relaxing, use of outdoor pool, hiking on trails or semiprivate beach, massage and spa treatments, or simply taking in the ocean view whilst lying in a hammock. Temperatures will be in the low-mid 80’s F.

Meals: Delicious freshly prepared meals, local and mostly organic produce.

Time line: Places are filling now. If you are interested or have questions please contact Anna and her team so that we arrange for a chat to answer your questions about this sound retreat.

Everyone has a voice and every voice is unique and beautiful’ 780-499.6707

Cost: $375.00 for Sound of Being fee due February 1st, 2013 payable to Anna Beaumont
Early bird rate: $325.00 if paid before October 1st, 2012

Travel: You are responsible for arranging your own travel. Nearest airport is Puerto Vallarta.  There will be a van from the retreat centre that will be picking people up on the afternoon on the 9th. More info on this is available.

Accommodation: You are responsible for arranging your own accommodation with Mar de Jade. There is a range of accommodation options.


A Note about the facilitator Anna Beaumont….

Singer, songwriter, teacher and facilitator of Voice Connection workshops and Sound of Being retreats, Anna has been studying the voice and it’s powerful connection to life, harmony and vibration for twenty years.  A health professional in Integrative Body Psychotherapy and voice teacher Anna combines the worlds of the voice, the Chakra energy system, psychology and spirituality to connect you to your true resonant voice. Anna also brings compassion for the path each of you has been on on the way to your Sound of Being.

Please contact or call 780.499.6707 for more information. Or, or call 780.719.2304