UFO Map: North America 1973

UFO Map: North America 1973

Something amazing.   Out of 403 *U* listings for North America in 1973, 370 are in the USA, and fully 327 of those were East of the 100th Meridian.     Contrast this map with 1947 or 1952 .

New states are suddenly busy while others quieted down.   Pennsylvania is active while New York looks oddly vacant.   Florida slows as Georgia and Mississippi join in.

Note Ohio and Southeast Missouri.   Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic show some reports.

Sightings in the West are few and scattered, New Mexico looks neglected.   Some states and Canadian Provinces show no sightings at all.

As the October 1973 UFO wave wound down in the USA, activity picked up in Europe most notably in December.    
(Counts updated January 2006)
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