Universal controller 1611



The UVR1611 unit can practically be freely programmed to match every system configuration for heating space management through the use of function modules. As every function module can be called multiple times, even complex control systems such as solar systems with several collector fields and tanks or several weather-controlled heating circuits can be implemented. 

When used with the bootloader BL-NET, it is possible to operate and monitor this controller from the PC, to carry out program and operating system updates and to display an online flow scheme on the PC. By using a GSM module and the bootloader, it is possible to communicate with the controller by SMS. Using the CAN monitor, remote control of the controller (e.g. in living areas) is possible. Further CAN bus components make it possible to exchange information with a KNX/EIB bus network, to increase the number of inputs and outputs and to meter energy. 

Programming of the UVR1611 generally takes place using the T.A.P.P.S. programming software. This can be downloaded free of charge from our homepage.


  • 16 sensor inputs for KTY or • PT1000 sensors (two of them also serving as pulse input and one as an analog input 4-20mA or 0-10V)
  • 4 speed-adjustable outputs and 7 relay outputs
  • 2 further outputs retrofittable via relay module
  • Operation via scroll-wheel and large display
  • 2 control outputs (0-10 V and/or PWM)
  • CAN-Bus for data exchange to other and/or additional UVR1611 units
  • DL-Bus (for data evaluation on the PC using D-LOGG or BL-NET and for connection of external sensors)
  • Infrared interface for importing or read-out of function data

Technical data:

All sensor inputs For temperature sensors of type KTY (2 kΩ/25°C), PT1000 and room sensors RAS or RASPT, radiation sensors, voltages up to 5V DC, as well as digital input
Sensor input 8 Additional for current loop (4 -20 mA), voltage (0-10 V DC) or resistance (0-12.50kΩ)
Sensor input 15, 16 Additional pulse input, such as for volume flow encoder
Output 1 Speed-controlled for standard circulating pumps and ventilators.
Output 2,6,7 Speed-controlled for standard circulating pumps
Output 3,4,8-11 Relay outputs, partially with opener and closer
Output 5 Change-over contact relay – potential free
Outputs 12.13 Accommodation for later expansions by a double auxiliary relay module
Output 14

Data link (DL bus) to capture suitable sensors and log data (in special cases configurable with 12V relay as switch output)

Max. bus load (DL bus) 100%
Outputs 15,16 Analogue outputs 0-10V/20mA or PWM (10V/2kHz)
CAN- Bus Data 50 kb/sec., power supply for external units 12V= / 100mA
Differential temperatures Equipped with separate switch-on/off differential
Threshold values

Partially set up with an adjustable hysteresis or as an alternative with separate switch-on/off threshold

Temperature display -50 until +199°C with a dissolution of 0.1K
Accuracy Typ. 0.4 and max. +-1K for the range of 0 - 100°C
Max. breaking capacity A1: 230V/0,7A
A2, 6, 7: each 230V/1A
relay outputs max. each 230/ 3A
Connection 230V, 50- 60Hz, (outputs and units are fused along with 6.3A quickacting)
Supply cable

3x 1mm² H05VV-F conforming to EN 60730-1 (corresponding cable with safety plug contained in the basic package)

Power draw Max. 4 W (without accessory equipment)
Protection: IP40

Permissible amb. temp.:

+5 to +45°C

Dimension UVR1611K

Dimensions UVR1611K

Dimensions UVR1611S

Dimensions UVR1611S

Article numbers:

  • 01/UVR1611K
  • 01/UVR1611S


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