8 thoughts on “[IMOG-012] Yamanaka Tomoe & Yamanaka Mayumi

    1. I think it might be either your media player or codec.
      I use VLC and k-lite codec pack. Both audio and video worked on all scenes for me.

  1. I have k-lite installed and tried this on vlc, mpc, powerdvd, and gom player all with same results (distorted video). Out of all the vids from your site I tried so far (there are many) only this and [IMOB-027] Tomoe Yamanaka – Bishoujo Gakuen – part 2 – disk 2 seem to play like this. I even redownloaded IMOG-012 and it still plays the same. I’m thinking somehow the mkv has become corrupted. I appreciate the tips however, Thanks for this awesome site.

  2. @corriente. This video is on my “to do” list, so I will postpone Miyuu Hoshi and put it first in my download queue for tomorrow morning. It is 83 minutes long, so is there a place (time) that it is particularly bad, or should the problems be visible all the way through?

    I use vlc (v2.0.7 Twoflower) on a fairly basic Windows 8 desktop pc (64 bit; 3.40 GHz CPU; 8 GB RAM), and I haven’t yet had any problems with videos on this site. But there is always a first time, I suppose!

    1. The problem for me is visible all the way through. After reading your message I checked my version of vlc and found it to be older (v.110. luggage) . I since updated it and the file plays fine now. Strange that the file does not play normally on any other player(s) but I apologize for any inconvenience and offer a warm thanks for all your efforts in maintaining this great site.

  3. Glad your problem is fixed. I’ll be able to get on with Miyuu tomorrow! Vlc is a pretty good player, and seems to handle all formats. I also use Media Player Classic – Home Cinema, but usually only to produce those thumbnail sheets. Actually, I found out that my own copy of vlc was out of date – they released v2.0.8 last month!

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