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Winamp Cloud Beta Mission

At Winamp, we understand that your music lives in multiple places. Whether it is on a personal computer, mobile phone, networked drive or a cloud storage locker, access to all your music can be difficult without continuously moving music around your various devices. Well, with Winamp Cloud, our mission is to help you easily access all your music libraries wherever they are stored. Winamp Cloud will allow you to aggregate and manage your entire music library with our cloud service from the following sources: Winamp Media Player on PC, Mac (in development), Android and even add to your library directly from our new Cloud Player.

Register for Winamp Cloud Beta Invite

Winamp Cloud is currently in “invite only” beta. To gain access, please register at We will be sending invites periodically over the next couple weeks.

The new Winamp Cloud Player supports Chrome 18 and above, Firefox version 4 and above, and Internet Explorer 9 and above.

This Llama May Bite

While the features in the beta cloud app have been in development for a while, these “beta” versions of the product are not yet “release” ready and crashes are possible. We are also potentially testing features that may or may not make the final release. As a beta tester, we ask that you try the new features and share your experience by sending feedback. Your participation could land you some limited edition Winamp SWAG. Thank you for helping us build a better Winamp!

Feedback, Tell Us Everything

The labs builds include features that are still under development and we are making them available for you to try out! Once you’ve had a chance to use the new features, please send us feedback on how you think they are working. You can provide us feedback by participating in the Winamp Cloud forum or by sending mail directly to