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Keeping it matte: three shine reducing beauty buys

I don’t know about you, but the weather right about now is at the height of humidity season. For me, it’s my least favorite time of the year (living in Florida). The moisture outside is potent: walking outdoors in the morning makes your skin feel a bit sticky, your face gets shiny, and your hair gets crazy.

As a long-time Floridian, I have discovered some products over time that have helped me to battle the season of shine. Today I wanted to share three of them that I absolutely cannot live without right about now:

matte face beauty products


Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread Muffins

Today, my sweet bread recipe gets some green…with zucchini.

chocolate chip zucchini bread muffins

Are you a fan of zucchini bread? I have to say: as a child I refused to eat it. I would wrinkle my nose at the unusual hue of the bread and pass on the opportunity to enjoy it. Oh how silly I was.

Because…if you aren’t aware – zucchini bread (or muffins, in this case) is amazing. Seriously amazing. If you enjoy banana bread, chances are you’ll enjoy zucchini bread as well. The flavor is slightly less sweet, but the texture is pretty darn similar. Plus, you get some gorgeous color flecked throughout your taste treat. And you can even say you’re eating your vegetables…kind of. Ok, that might be stretching it a little.

chocolate chip zucchini bread muffins (more…)

Stripes, floral, and studded accents

I’m going to have to start showing some “teacher style” posts very soon, but for today it’s about casual weekend wear.

Stripes and floral outfit

Mixing prints: I’m still doing it whenever I get the chance. These bold black and white stripes paired with the bright floral shorts are a classic combo from my wardrobe. This entire outfit is easy and breezy…great for a day of shopping, grabbing lunch with Justin, and taking a bit of time to relax. If this shirt happens to look familiar, that’s because it is. Are you tempted to purchase an item in multiple colors when you realize it’s a great piece? I stumbled upon a gray and white version of this shirt months ago at Marshalls and fell in love. As luck should have it, I happened upon its twin in black and white on a recent trip. I couldn’t resist adding it to my closet.

MMS studded crossbody bag

Stripes and floral outfit (more…)

A night of savory and sweet at William Dean Chocolates

Food, wine, sweets, and the chance to be social? Count me in.

Last week, William Dean Chocolates hosted an evening event filled with those exact components. To say it was a taste treat would be an understatement.

William Dean goat cheese puffs

If you recall my previous post about the French Tarts class I attended a few weeks ago, you will know that William Dean knows how to make an impressive presentation. Guests at this evening event were met with tables overflowing with both savory and sweet treats to enjoy.

William Dean Chocolates event food From crisps topped with bacon and sprouts, to ceviche shooters, to stuffed dates…

William Dean Chocolates event food (more…)