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Facebook Fetish
Spells - NOVEMBER 27, 2011
Facebook Fetish is a spell that causes the target to seek out and check the status of their...
Ordinaries - NOVEMBER 27, 2011
A generic Celebrity ordinary archetype, Menace Manual style.
Deer Moreau
Races - NOVEMBER 27, 2011
The military applications of a blend of human and deer are questionable at best, but like feline...

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Listen Check
Custom d20 Modern Rules - JULY 12, 2011
Here is a more detailed Listen check DC list. It is based on decibels and ranges.
Hero Lab Dataset - Pathfinder RPG Conversion of d20 Modern
Conversions - JANUARY 17, 2011
Looking for a Pathfinder Conversion of d20 Modern? Check out this dataset for Hero Lab.
Purchase DCs and Cost of Living Revised
Custom d20 Modern Rules - JANUARY 17, 2011
This article presents alternate rules for Purchase Difficulty Class (PDC) to cash-value conversions and for comparing Wealth bonuses to lifestyles.

Notes from the Moderator

23 November 2010 - Pathfinder Modern
Kendril Shad (aka Chris) has graciously joined the site as the editor for the Pathfinder Modern ruleset. Keep watch on the Game Rules menu above to find d20 Modern SRD content converted to the Pathfinder Rules.

20 October 2010 - The Community Has Awakened!
The forums are open for public use! Woohoo! Again, a big warm welcome to Shesheyan and the guys from the modernd20unlimited forums. They're the ones who have kept discussions about d20 Modern alive and continue to bring improvements to the game.

Smog Toxyderm

( 3 Votes ) Composed of airborn pollutants, the Smog Toxyderm roams the skies of large cities, often hiding in cloud cover or mundane smog.

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