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Boxoffice Magazine (NATO's official magazine) has been serving the exhibition industry since before movies had sound.  Each month, Boxoffice keeps its readers up to date on the latest developments in The Business of Movies™, from films in production to digital cinema and everything in between.  Boxoffice  also offers news, data and analysis from leaders in all sectors of the film industry, including exclusive columns from NATO President John Fithian,  Vice President Gary Klein, and Director of Media and Resarch Patrick Corcoran. is the complete resource for the film professional.  The Exhibition Pages contain Boxoffice’s exclusive Booking Guide, updated daily with the latest release schedules from more than 30 distributors, and the Boxoffice Buyers Guide puts exhibitors in touch with more than 1,200 companies that provide goods and services to the exhibition industry.  Plus thousands of film reviews, exclusive interviews with filmmakers and industry leaders and Boxoffice Blogs from film festivals and other industry events around the world.

Encyclopedia of Exhibition

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Encyclopedia of Exhibition Online

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  • NATO's exclusive and exhaustive table of more than 700 North American cinema operators, ranked by screen count.
  • An alphabetical list of more than 600 cinema operators, including each home office's address, phone number and key personnel.
  • An index of  companies that service the cinema industry.
  • Comprehensive U.S. exhibition statistics and box-office data, including domestic theatrical grosses for all studio films released after 1984 and all independent films released after 1989.
  • A concise directory of U.S. motion picture distributors.
  • International exhibitor and distributor directories.
  • A "Statistics" section featuring current and historical data on ticket sales, moviegoer demographics, seasonal box-office performance, ticket prices, state-by-state screen counts, employment and distributor market shares.

Please note that while the Encyclopedia of Exhibition has perhaps the most comprehensive list of cinema companies ever published, it does not currently list individual cinema sites for those companies. Those with questions about the book are welcome to contact Patrick Corcoran at (818) 506-1778.


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