Table of Contents
The following excerpts from ABAG's 1995 "On Shaky Ground" report and 1998 "On Shaky Ground - Supplement" have been updated to reflect the 2003 version of the maps on this web site.
Background Information
Why Are Shaking Hazard Maps Important?
The Bay Area Is Earthquake Country
A Call to Action
How Big Is BIG? - Measuring Earthquake Size or MAGNITUDE
How Strong Is STRONG? - Measuring Shaking Strength or INTENSITY
View Modified Mercalli INTENSITY Scale
What Does Ground Shaking Intensity REALLY Mean ?
How Did We Choose Which Faults to Use as Earthquake Sources?
Map of Bay Area Faults Large Adobe Acrobat PDF
How Distance and Directivity Affect Shaking Intensity Has Animated Graphics!
How Geologic Materials Affect Shaking Intensity
What is the Role of Fault Segment Boundaries in Bay Area Earthquake Hazards?
What is the Role of Thrust Faulting in Bay Area Earthquake Hazards?
How Are ABAG's Shaking Intensity Maps Being Used or Not Used?
1995 Report References
1998 Report References
1995 Credits
1998 Credits

ABAG, the Association of Bay Area Governments, is the regional planning and services agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.
Source - 2003 "On Shaky Ground" documentation prepared by ABAG.

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